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FTD Top 40 October 2007

November 03, 2007 | Music
The Top 5 didn't change compared to last month, but Elvis Is Back! is getting real close to the #1 spot, we wouldn't be surprised if it takes it this month. From the July releases "Raised On Rock" and "I Sing All Kinds" are in the Top 30. At the very bottom of the list are (invisible) three soundtracks ("It Happened At The World's Fair", "Easy Come, Easy Go" and "Paradise, Hawaiian Style"), together with one live CD ("Summer Festival"). Sixtysix (out of 68) FTD releases have got votes so far.

1 (1) The Jungle Room Sessions (2000)
2 (2) Elvis Is Back! (2005)
3 (3) Nashville Marathon (2002)
4 (4) Memphis Sessions (2001)
5 (5) Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis (2004)

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Jerome wrote on November 03, 2007
I feel (hope/pray) FTD has got a lot more for us in store. Personally I like unreleased 70's material so therefore I cán't wait for Good Times, Fool, and especially a FTD on Promised Land, and finally don't let it take 10 years- I'm wishing for unreleased alternates/outtakes of songs like Love song of the year, Mr. Songman, My boy, Loving arms, Good Times Charlie's, Midnight, etc. for a long time, hope to see them one day..