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October 11, 2007 | Music
For our last poll we wanted to know your opinion on the upcoming FTD releases. 82 percent of the 288 voters thought "Girls! Girls! Girls!" and "Pot Luck" are great additions to their collections. 18 percent had a different opinion. Perhaps you can let us know why you voted "yes" or "no".

For our new poll we want to know if you think the "American Way" series is the kind of series the FTD label should release.
emjel wrote on October 12, 2007
I think FTD should give up on the 5" CD variants and release everything on 7". At least there's a chance that you can read some of the text without having to use a magnifying glass. And a few more pages would not go amiss either. A gripe I have with the FTD booklets is that they show some really interesting info, which is then truncated/cut off by a photo or other bit of info, and are padded out by photos of record labels from arould the world, many of which are basically identical. I haven't got any of the American Way series as I probably have most of it elsewhere anyhow, and I'd prefer the tracks in stereo, but the artwork looks tremendous.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on October 12, 2007
I agree that the printed text on the FTD releases is far too small, but I DO NOT LIKE the 7" releases. I much prefer the smaller ones, as they are much easier to store. I hope FTD does not stop making the standard sizes.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 12, 2007
I agree, they are a pain to store,and im not the biggest fan of them,and why cant they release the regular FTD releases like regular cds ,that being with liner notes and back artwork and comeing in a case,whats with the digi-pack? and whats with no artwork,yet the classis series comes with booklets? i do not like buying the same tracks more than once,How about FTD putting out a On Tour set? oh yes and put a booklet with it,and stop the darn books already,.i hate having my cd stuck in the back of a book,as for the subject at hand,FTD will not put out a set on the american sound sessions in my oppion,they will put all outtakes on the back in memphis and from elvis in memphis classic albums,FTD Needs more focus and less excuses!
emjel wrote on October 13, 2007
Well for those of your complaining about storage of the 7" discs, it's a good job that vinyl albums have all but gone otherwise you'd have a real problem on your hands. C'mon get real, I've got a complete UK and USA singles & EP collection all in a shelf space of about 4.5ft x 1.5ft. It's not like FTD are gonna release over 100 of these discs. Maybe this website should conduct a poll on 5" and 7" releases.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 13, 2007
If they keep going they might release a 100,we all dont like the same things,its that simple,what i never hear is a reaons for releasing classic albums with booklets and not giving you anything with the regular FTD releases,that questions is always avoided!
RonBaker wrote on October 14, 2007
I like the 7 inch format much better than the 5 inch format. They store quite easily next to my Elvis 45s and EPs...unlike the 5 inch ones that must be stored in a different place...along with other cds. I wish 7 inch cd packaging was the norm rather than the exception for all cds...not just Elvis'.