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I Sing All Kinds

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, July 19, 2007 | Music
After the throwaway soundtrack “Easy Come, Easy Go” I needed some real music to listen to. Since I always loved the “He Touched Me” album, I decided to give “I Sing All Kinds” a go first.


This time the design is simple yet tasteful. Two beautiful live shots on the front and back and a candid of Elvis and the gang arriving at Studio B behind the tray. The take info and musicians are all listed so absolutely no complaints here.


For starter we get take 4 of “Bosom Of Abraham”, which has always been one of my favourite classic up tempo gospels. He really rocks my soul here. “I’ve Got Confidence” (take 1) is another reason why I loved the before mentioned album. The next course during this delicious meal is “An Evening Prayer” (take 5). Not exactly my taste, but it is digestible.

Gordon Lightfoot’s “For Lovin’ Me” (take 10) and “Early Morning Rain” (take 11) bring my taste buds to a higher level. It tastes like more… why didn’t Elvis make that “Elvis sings Gordon Lightfoot” album (as he should have done with Dylan songs)?

“Fools Rush In” (take 14) and “Help Me Make It Through The Night” (take 6+7) are nice side dishes, but nothing more. Ivory Joe Hunter’s “It’s Still Here” (take 2, 3 and 1) and “I Will Be True” (take 1) are tasteful, yet they miss the finishing touch. “Until It’s Time For You” (takes 5 & 6) isn’t as soporific as the released version, but I could have done without it. Takes 6 and 7 of “It’s Only Love” are sliced and together with “I’m Leavin’” (take 3, “this thing is worth working on”) and “Love Me, Love The Life I Lead” (take 4) they form the main course for me. It’s a pity the taste is spoilt by the salt less “Padre” afterwards, but “Seeing Is Believing” (take 7, with a nice finishing touch) and “A Thing Called Love” (take 1) make up for that. “Put Your Hand In The Hand” (take 1) has an indefinable taste. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don’t. Thanks to Madison’s release of last year the “Johnny B. Goode” jam isn’t brand new, but still it is a nice sauce on the meal.

The desert is formed by a couple of Christmas tunes, which are all sweet except “Holy Leaves And Christmas Trees” which is not my piece of cake.


Describing the whole I can only say that Ernst & Co did a very good job in compiling the diner. A lot of variation on the known recipes. Gladly the cook’s mate Lene didn’t mess up this time. All together this plate was really delicious! Burp.

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Rob Wanders wrote on July 19, 2007
after listening to all new 3 FTD's after each other, i must say I'm really happy with them. Specially "i sing all kinds" is really great; It really ads something to the collection and the idea I have of the man and his music (like for example Jungle room sessions, Nashville Marathon and Memphissessions and Rhythm and country (not FTD)), so therefore a certain top 5 FTD for me. highlights for me: Love me, love the life I lead, Early morning rain, I've got confidence, An evening prayer (much better than the mastertake, less bombastic), It's only love, I'm leaving, I'll be home on xmas day. It's still here, I will be true. Specially with the last two, and also with Love me, love the life I lead and I'm leaving, you hear the working process. They need to be clean up a bit and sink more in his body, as the mastertakes were.
Jerome wrote on July 19, 2007
I consider Holly Leaves as a great but sad song and you Lex ignore the great If I get home on Christmas day, which I belive to be a great song! Agree on the statement that Leaving and Love me are the cherry on the cake!!
pasa-ryu wrote on July 19, 2007
10 of 10 f.t.d. lable!-the best album that ive listened to in many years(since the jungle room sessions in 2ooo)the most enjoyable cd ive put in my cd player this year,in fact ive not stopped playing it since i recieved it from the excellant 'now dig this' people,theire customer service is top rate and superior to any of its contenders..especially the awful bad service from 'essentialelvis' uk)I loved the better outtakes of 'its still here' and 'i will be true' much better than the versions on the 1995 box set from the 'essential 70's masters set'!-i loved the christmas outtakes,especially the red west penned xmas song 'holly leaves and christmas trees',which to me is a very emotional song from elvis and it always speaks to my heart..even better on this sepurb take..this cd has got 'everything you can demand from music;gospel,country,folk and xmas songs..the cd title is 100% true to its name "i sing all kinds"..elvis truely sings anything and ftd release finaly proves it!9fans always knew that fact anyway0
Ton Bruins wrote on July 19, 2007
Highlights for me: "Love Me, Love The Life I Lead", (I just love that song !) It's Still Here (perfect), Early Morning Rain, I'm Leaving, It's Only Love, I Will Be True.
Steve V wrote on July 19, 2007
totally right on review. I wish Padre was gone, CD is otherwise fine.
JerryNodak wrote on July 19, 2007
I'm sure it's a fine comp, but I see no reason to buy this release when it's quite likely the majority of (if not all) of this will show up on future "classic" album releases. I'll buy this material then.
Matt W wrote on July 20, 2007
As humorous as the most of the dinner analogies are is it possible to have a proper review of the content of this CD now? Something that delves deeper into the music itself such as how the outtakes vary from the master recordings?
JimmyCool wrote on July 20, 2007
I've really enjoyed this album, but they could have left out some Chistmas songs (why two versions of "I'll Be Home On Christmas Day"?) and include the complete "Merry Christmas Baby" and the complete "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" The sound is very good though. I liked the ending of "It's Only Love (S*x)"
PTCJones wrote on July 20, 2007
I agree Matt W. I found the food references annoying after a while. This is an excellent release though and I am glad that Padre finally makes an appearance. I think including 10 minutes of Merry Christmas Baby would have sacrificed some of the other wonderful titles here and to be honest, it kind of goes on too long for me even as an edited version.
japio wrote on July 20, 2007
I like all the songs.You can hear that the songs are different from the masters and thats need an altenate take. a good job.,because it´s hardworking to get every elvisfan satisfied
Rob Wanders wrote on July 20, 2007
my dear Jerry, we (or at least I) have waited for years for outtakes from nashville 1971. To wait for the perhaps-coming out in a future "classic"album, you maybe have to wait till Sint Juttemus. So buy it and enjoy!!!
JerryNodak wrote on July 20, 2007
Thanks, for the advice. But I'll wait. Waiting wets the appetite, increases anticipation and the arrival of these outtakes on their appropriate "classic" release will be that much more appreciated.
Tony C wrote on July 24, 2007
All three July FTD releases have one thing in common, in that Elvis wanted to be somewhere other than in the studio making these recordings. In 1966, he was recording the soundtrack to a film that he didn't want to make. In 1971, he was making a Christmas album only due to commercial pressure from RCA. In 1973, he didn't want to record at all but was shown the terms of his contract which stiplulated how many sides had to be delivered per year. Regardless of these facts, Elvis managed to give some fantastic vocal performances, some of which are on at least two out of the three new packages. Regarding an earlier comment, I would imagine that the reason two takes of "I'll Be Home on Christmas Day" are featured is because there were two attempts at recording the song, in May and June.
jenko wrote on July 24, 2007
i love 70;s outtakes rasied on rock and i sing all kinds r great...bring on promised land and good times
GEORGE (GK) wrote on July 24, 2007
Definately a CD .. worth buying. Where is the review, of the new "Raised on Rock" collection? I'd love to read a review.. on that one, as well.
Lex wrote on July 24, 2007
Well George, I have a life next to ElvisNews too :-), but you are served as you wish....
GEORGE (GK) wrote on July 25, 2007
Thanks Lex !! I appreciated the "Raised on Rock" review.. (-:
TBG wrote on July 28, 2007
I dont understand why everyone is blown away by this issue. There's not really any good songs on the album, and hardly any originals recorded by Elvis - except I'm Leavin, which isn't that great anyway. These 1971-sessions is not his best, far from it, mainly because of the throwaway-songs. Didn't the Colonel learn anything from the 69-sessions, paying the song-writers to get the good stuff?? And Elvis, why why why why didn't u ever do something to get better songs???
Dan wrote on July 29, 2007
I love Elvis' voice during this period in his career. The songs are somewhat somber, but inspiring nontheless. I could have done without the christmas songs. i know they were added for completeness, but , as in other albums, they just don't seem to fit with the regular stuff. Another fime release from FTD. Sound is smooth as satin. The first time we heard Elvis alone at the piano was in the 1980 box set, it's nice to have some outtakes of thise songs "It's still here" and "I will be true"...very moving, pure Elvis! I never cared for El's attempt at "christian Rock" with such songs as "Ive got confidence" and "seeing is believing". The outtake of "early morning rain' is nice to hear. It always takes me back to that field in Hawaii...nice song! It seems that the "incomplete" take of "Johnny B. Goode" is just a longer part of the "between take banter" we have heard before, very mellow version..E is coasting through this. "Padre" and "for loving me" are nice versions, mutch cleaner than the original releases. all in all, a nice release worthy of any collection...
Rob Wanders wrote on July 29, 2007
I agree with you Dan about the xmassongs, but they are the better ones. They really are good songs, and I skip the word xmas in my ears when i listen to them in the summer. I'm glad they didn't put "Silver Bells" or "The first Noel" or "O come al ye faithfull" on the cd, 'cause they are pretty bad.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 01, 2007
Anyone else not get a booklet with there sings all kind release? the release came with a booklet right? someone told me the ftd's dont have booklets,surely not?
Rob Wanders wrote on August 03, 2007
I don't have a booklet with the cd. Don't think it came with a booklet.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 05, 2007
The sound on some of the holiday music seems to have some flaws in it, but its a pretty cool cd,rob i was joking about a booklet,a booklet should be included with all releases not just the mighty classic series,with that said,im ready for a On tour box set done by ftd,anyone else on board with that?,because i believe a on tour set will not be released in stores!
boris wrote on August 06, 2007
When I got this album I felt like the time for such relases isver. We got used to getting whole albums with most outtakes from their related session(s) in a 7" format that gives an impression of both quality and real collector's product. Yes Elvis sounds fantastic all through this CD and I don't think he was often better vocally than during that period of time and yes the balance between gospel, pop, rock, country and christmas songs is impressive and well treated and yes the guys did a great job in restoring and remastering the original tapes but sadly I had the feeling that this isn't enough anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if we got the whole CD (plus other tracks) on a future FTD release as I'm not quite sure this one will make it to the top in terms of selling figures. Not quite fair for such a good and long awaited release.
JerryNodak wrote on August 06, 2007
Lucky7Jackson: This album has been in the pipeline for several years. This satisfies the fans who have been clamoring for Nashville '71 outtakes. I may be proven wrong, but I doubt this will change anything. I believe we will get the albums you mention as a part of the "classic" series eventually.