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Easy Come, Easy Go

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, July 18, 2007 | Music
Upon receiving the three new FTDs (finally) today I decided to begin with the one I expected least of. I can directly say that I was not disappointed in my expectations.


The original EP had a not too original design, like most of the (soundtrack) albums, singles and EPs it’s just a posed shot of Elvis at one half and the title(s) and advertisement for the movie at the other half. In this particular case it was even done in very poor quality.
The booklet is very thin, which is no surprise since there isn’t much to tell about one of Elvis’ weakest movies (that is an accomplishment in itself). It only has a few songs for an Elvis movie, but all the usual information can be found in it. A few nice candid shots are the highlight of this release.


The inspiring storyboard of the movie can be heard in Elvis’ voice. He sounds completely lack less on all of the tracks. It is a kind of a pity, since the songs aren’t too bad; disregarding the immortal “Yoga Is As Yoga Does”.

The title track isn’t by far the worst in my ears, but somehow it misses a singer who believes in it. The fact that we have it in stereo now can not cover that. I have to admit that there was a time, when I just had the Camden album with the same title it used to be one of my favourite Elvis tunes, but hey, I had only two or three albums back then. Or was it my – not even teenager – age?

“The Love Machine” and “You Gotta Stop” are the usual up tempo movie tunes, again lacking any inspiration. The same goes for the gospel like “Sing You Children”, which I always felt to be out of place on the Camden LP “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (yes, one of the other albums I had back then). “I’ll Take Love” is a catchy tune, but not more than that. “She’s A Machine” is a song I always liked, but as with the title track it just misses something.

The outtakes don’t add anything to these performances. I love outtakes of good material, but in this case it is almost a punishment to sit them out. I managed to do that once, but won’t go for it again.

The last track, the instrumental “Leave My Woman Alone”, doesn’t make me wish that Elvis did the lyrics…


Well, FTD started this series, and thus releases like this belong in it. Looking at the comments on this and other sites, there are people happy with it. Good for them, but for me it is nothing more than another cabinet filler.

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FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on July 18, 2007
One of my favorite soundtracks. I like all tracks on it,esp. You Gotta Stop,Sing You Children and I'll Take Love. There isn't a boring,slow track on it,all of them are very good and entertaining. The cover is beautiful.This is just my personal opinion,i know that most of you won't agree with me.
paso wrote on July 18, 2007
And how about the sound? I wished there would be a comment about these newly discovered stereo-sounds.
whetherman wrote on July 18, 2007
Well it isn't all bad news here. The sound is most definitely improved - all that echo on "She's a Machine" is gone for a start. I too, like FLY-TROUBLE, happen to like "I'll Take Love", "Sing You Children" and "Easy Come, Easy Go" as easy to listen to songs and am more than happy to have these better sounding masters and some new outtakes. Having said that, I must admit that I usually skip "Yoga Is" and I would NEVER play it if anyone was about, just too embarrassing.
Ronaldv wrote on July 18, 2007
The sound has improved compared to the import box celluloid rock 2 (cool romeo 1998). With this ftd we have much clearer sound. This ftd is not as bad as many fans assume. We have some nice outtakes here. Especially the song The love machine. But I must admit that I listen to I sing all kinds and raised on rock more often. Ftd you've done a marvelous job!
David Brys wrote on July 19, 2007
This album sounds great to me. Personally I liked the intro's of "Yoga": "Well I can see that you and yoga will never do..." He sings it beautifully!
JimmyCool wrote on July 19, 2007
Well, the sound is much clearer here than on any other release, but it has a stereo channel separation like on the Viva Las Vegas soundtrack that I dislike (Band on one channel and backup vocals on the other one, with Elvis on the center, but with some instruments leaking on the backup channel). But, that's all they can do, it was the way it was recorded back then... I've always like "She's A Machine" (Movie Master - Take 13) I think it's a very cool song! ;P
Rob Wanders wrote on July 19, 2007
yeah, I do agree with most of you. it's not Elvis at his best, but also not at his worst (like Confidence or He's your uncle not your aunt...). The soundquality is definetaly improved and the songs are enjoyable (with the exception of Yoga). So I will for sure play this cd more than once, but yes it's not the strongest of the 3 FTD's that came out this month.
pasa-ryu wrote on July 19, 2007
got mine from 'now dig this' and was not that impressed with track listing as there was not that many outtakes on it,and i already own the 'double features' version of this movie soundtrack,but to be a true collector i decided to get it anyway!-it was good to own a few more outtakes from this soundtrack(although its not one of elvis' better soundtracks)the booklet was nice and had some great pics of the album and elvis at the time of the sessions and the stereo sound is vastly improved to the previous rca cd release1-but i cant help thinking it was a little rip-off if the album has already been released with outtakes previously and that ftd could have and should have decided to release a far better movie soundtrack or album!9elvis country from 1971 would be nice one day with session outtakes included)i give this ftd cd a 8 of 10.
Steve V wrote on July 19, 2007
Easy Come, Easy Go, just like your money if you bought this dribble. Double Features CD was good enough and at a sensible price, plus you get another soundtrack!
Ton Bruins wrote on July 20, 2007
Of course I skipped this one...saved me 22 euro...those songs are so bad...
JerryNodak wrote on July 20, 2007
Since I had some extra money burning a hole my pocket I gladly added this soundtrack to the others in my FTD 7 inch deluxe packaging collection. Not great songs, but fun to listen anyway. Always great to hear movie music outtakes. Yes, Steve I have the Double Features version of this, but just wasn't enough for me. In fact, I have the entire Double Features series.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on July 20, 2007
Steve,if you are satisfied with the Double Features CD, then you are very-very austere. This new FTD is faaar superior. The sound quality,the cover, the artwork are all much better and it contains more outtakes and even 2 instrumental tracks-one of them is completely new to us! If you can't appreciate this, then you are not a real Elvis Presley fan. However, if you don't want to buy this FTD, that's your loss. Ton, from the 22 euros you've saved on this release, you can buy several sheets of toilet paper!
Steve V wrote on July 20, 2007
Listen Fly-Trouble. Dont ever tell me Im not an Elvis fan. I guess you are fan of what made Elvis physically ill, because thats what happened when he recorded these bunch of songs. He got sick, or didnt you ever hear that story? Also, did u go to the movies in 1966 and see people walking out on this flick? I did and it wasnt a pretty sight. I felt bad for my man at this point in his career. No amount of sound improvement on earth can make this music to my ears. Elvis was uninspired to say the least. The double features are good enough for me only because you get that many less outtakes and it didnt cost me a fortune. I will not play this soundtrack often enough in my life for it to make a difference. I dont care about instrumentals. Thats not part of his musical legacy. Unfort, the rest of these songs are! To think only 2 years before Viva Las Vegas was a great musical soundtrack, one Elvis fans could be proud of.
Adams wrote on July 20, 2007
Hey guys! You are free to buy or not to buy Easy come easy go FTD and to have your personal opinion on it. So, what's the problem? I, for example, am a music collector and always trying to get all studio outtakes and soundboard recordings that I can. From collector's point of view the "artistic" quality of these recordings doesn't matter for me at all. Of course I have my own opinion on everyone of them but even the worse opinion couldn't stop me from buying them. And, to be sure, I'm not a millionaire, and my wife is always angry when I tell her that a new FTD is coming. Buying or not buying Elvis' CD's has nothing to do with being or not being an Elvis fan. It's a matter of what kind of fan you are and that's all. Just try to understand that different kinds of taste often don't match to each other.
Rob Wanders wrote on July 20, 2007
it's always so childish to say : if you're not buying that cd you are not a real Elvisfan. it's so stupid. Tell me Fly-trouble what is your definition of an Elvis fan; and your definition, you think, is immediately "the" definition (if there is a "the" definition) or is it just a personal definition? And Steve, yes the movies were (in my opinion) very awfull those years. He was not really inspired in these recordingsessions also but I still like these songs more than songs from Harum Scarum for example. Has to do with memories of my own also, although not that far back (I was 3 in 1966) but around 10 years later when I bought those cheap Camden Elvis Presley collection vol 1-3 records.
theoldscudder wrote on July 20, 2007
Another lackluster release. How anyone can sit through 2nd rate out takes of 3rd rate songs is anyones guess. I love the King when he sings quality material. I can't stand it when he does this s_ _ t! This is as bad as Marlon Brando wasting his talent on garbage like Island of Dr. Maroue. So I'll save my $ till something worthwhile is released. That may never happen, as his company has released & re-released the entire catalogue infinitum. I can go on & on but have to, thinking about this release makes me need to take a bromo.
JimmyCool wrote on July 20, 2007
Steve V wrote "I dont care about instrumentals. That´s not part of his musical legacy." Well, in this case it is... If you listen carefully, you can hear Elvis on the backup vocals track on the Ray Charles cover, "Leave My Woman Alone"... I just wanted to point that.
Lex wrote on July 21, 2007
Yes Steve, you heard it finally! You're not an Elvis fan if you don't like everything he did. And in those rare cases there is a rightful comment on his (lack of) accomplishment, you always have to blame others for it. The Colonel, the Memphis Maffia, Dr. Nic, Priscilla, whoever... as long as you don't blame Elvis. As long as you don't get these lessons... you'll never be a true fan.
John4126 wrote on July 22, 2007
Steve V - i really don't know why you waste your time commenting on this site. It appears you have a few more brain cells than most on here. Whether there is improved sound, less echo, newly found stereo master or Elvis humming along to an instrumental this soundtrack like many is utter drivel. Personal opinion yes, but tell me how many of you would dare play this in the company of non elvis fans?
Steve V wrote on July 22, 2007
John4126, Lex - I was thinking the same thing! Elvis humming a barely audible backup vocal to an instrumental is part of his legacy? Better sound? Inferior outtakes of inferior songs? Reason enough for purchasing these 3rd rate tunes? Maybe I need another topic of conversation. I only play the cream of Elvis' recordings for non-fans. Nothing else will ever do. Opinions vary but I dont think any Elvis soundtracks from 1965-1967 were worthy of his talent. A good song here & there doesnt cut it. Music was changing too rapidly in those days for the King to be crooning about Yoga , Petunia, Clams, & Queenie Wahini. I'm even laughing while typing this! For shame I am not a real fan.
JerryNodak wrote on July 22, 2007
I'd dare. In fact, I have. Most non-fans I know are aware of the movie years. They've seen some movies. They're aware that not all the movies or songs were great. If you're going to have a free, open minded discussion about Elvis and teach them about his whole career you don't gloss over the "bad." In fact, I've had more than one fan tell me that they came away with a higher respect for Elvis' talent after listening to some of the movie "drivel" because "it took real talent to make junk like that listenable".
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on July 22, 2007
Steve V wrote: "Personal opinion yes, but tell me how many of you would dare play this in the company of non elvis fans?" This is a mindless question, considering that the FTD's are for the hardcore Elvis fans and not for Public Joe.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on July 22, 2007
Though there are MANY FTD's which even the general music lovers would appreciate. To name a few: The Jungle Room Sessions, Long Lonely Highway, One Night In Vegas, Easter Special, Memphis Sessions ´69, Fame And Fortune, The Nashville Marathon, Elvis At The International, Studio B, Viva Las Vegas, Elvis On Tour - The Rehearsals, Elvis Is Back, All Shook Up, Something For Everybody, Elvis Presley - Special Edition, His Hand In Mine, An American Trilogy, 50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong etc.
Steve V wrote on July 22, 2007
fly-trouble- That was not my quote. John4126 said that. And I believe he was was referring to Easy Come Easy Go, not FTD's like Elvis Is Back,etc. This is not a discussion on FTDs in general but this particluar title. And he is right, I wouldnt play this for a non-fan. Chances are they would become more of a non-fan. Why do that when u have a wealth of great material to choose from? Yoga Is versus Power Of My Love. Which one would you play?
davrid wrote on July 23, 2007
The stroy of Elvis being physically sick at these recording sessions is just that, a story - one which you can choose to believe or not, and given the source, I think I'll not. Elvis was 100% responsible for the music he chose to record, he could have said no;he could have chosen alternative songs from those offered; he could have recorded 'covers' as he did several times for films. But, no, he chose to record these and other inferior songs. So, if he sounds less than interested, there is only one person to blame -Elvis himself. Before anyone accuses me of being a 'non-fan', I have 10,000 Elvis lps and 3,000 cds taking-over my living room...
John4126 wrote on July 23, 2007
Since the FTD titles are now readily available from Amazon and other retailers that are not exclusive to the Elvis world then i would suggest that these releases are not necessarily aimed at the hardcore fan Fly -Trouble. So before you start banding out the word 'mindless', it would be useful if you checked your facts. It's sad but very true that like the latter jumpsuited Vegas years, many of Elvis movies and soundtracks are considered to be a joke and irrelevant as far as the public are concerned. This soundtrack marks the lowest of the lowest. As for why Jerrynodak would want to 'teach' non fans about aspects of Elvis' career is beyond me, when it's clear from the way some fans react on here in a negative way about the Beatles, Kurt Cobain etc..or whoever else should beat our man in a popularity poll it's them that need educating!
Tony C wrote on July 24, 2007
One comment I would like to make is about the quality of the cover photograph, which is poorly reproduced. Given than original artwork probably no longer exists after forty years, I think a better job could have been done.
FJE wrote on July 26, 2007
I thought I was the only one who noticed the poor quality of the cover photo. It looks like a 3rd generation copy, if you know what I mean. At the price these releases cost I think we deserve better.
TBG wrote on July 28, 2007
Reading all these opinions is interesting. It just goes to show that no matter what Elvis did there where a lot of fans out there who was digging it. I am sure we'll even find lots of fans who dig Harum Scarum! But that is what's so great about being an Elvis-fan - the big variety of songs he recorded. When I was a newbie back in the 80's I bought a lot of compilations on cassette, and one of them was Easy Come Easy Go. Back then I really liked the title song, You Gotta Stop - and even Yoga is..! Yeah, I am not kidding! But now, I haven't listened to those songs in years...
JerryNodak wrote on July 28, 2007
Find someone who digs Harum Scarum? You found him!! The soundtrack anyway. Can't stand the movie.
sohigh wrote on August 06, 2007
For me it's nice to have this one in my collection. A few years ago we all dreamed of a release like this. The material is surely not the best but it's part of the Elvis-History...
boris wrote on August 06, 2007
This record is neither Elvis' best nor is it a major record in record industry's history. Yes the cover picture looks like a fifth generation and yes I bought it and yes I enjoyed it. Things can always be better and this release is so much better than what we got a few years ago plus we've been having a lot of good and even excellent stuff through FTD. The question is : what if tomorrow there's no FTD label anymore? What if the only releases are a bunch of 10 to 12 albums that almost everybody seems to appreciate (or at least feel like buying)? These 7" releases reflect in the best possible way what came out by the time Elvis was alive. You may not appreciate it or fancy them all but in the end you feel like getting most of it... because you like the man, because you've got memories related to them records or movies or because you like Elvis so much that you can't help but collecting the whole collection. Again if musical objectivity were the only reason why you get to buy an Elvis record he wouldn't have sold a billion records.
Jeoliverm wrote on September 12, 2007
The cover is awful. I mean not the original one, is the FTD cover which is horrible because of the excesively saturated colours. I think that the original UK EP (or was it the french?) was much better balanced. About the content, great to listen to "Leave My Woman Alone" and a pity that Elvis never did the vocal track, I've been enjoying "I'll take love" since the first time I listened it (back in my childhood) and the stereo mix is so weak that makes me prefer the mono one that appeard in the Double Features series.
sugartummy wrote on February 23, 2013
The title song has an incredible guitar solo, but it's not by Scotty:he didn't play on this song. Elvis had a great band at the time. Elvis prefered you gotta stop over the Ray Charles tune; sing you children was supposed to have the title sing you sinner, but the Colonel didn't like that. The copyrights of the Nelson/Burch/Taylor songs were owned by Scotty Moore; perhaps that's why Elvis sang them, as a favour to an old friend. Just some random information that's floating around in my head. Do with it what you want.