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BMG Back Catalog Releases

June 21, 2007 | Music
Online shops like Amazon or CDUNiverse have added pre-order listings for around 30 back catalog albums to their sites. The release date is June 26, 2007.

It appears the listings are part of The Original Elvis Presley Collection, a 30 album box set which was available a few years back, and, according to the update in the E.I.N. website, has been in the works for the past few months.

The titles include:

Elvis Presley; Elvis; Loving You; King Creole, Elvis Is Back; G.I. Blues, Blue Hawaii, Something For Everybody, Pot Luck With Elvis; His Hand In Mine; How Great Thou Art; He Touched Me; Elvis' Christmas Album; Wonderful World of Christmas; Elvis That's The Way It Is; Elvis' Gold Records Volume 1,2,3 & 4; '68 Comeback Special; In Person; Back In Memphis; Madison Square Garden; Aloha From Hawaii; Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis; Raised On Rock; and Moody Blue.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Carl wrote on June 21, 2007
It's great to get the original releases on CD.I think you can only go so far with compilations. The albums here are classic masterpieces. How Great Thou Art is a masterpiece from 1967 which won a Grammy Award for Elvis and is one of his best albums ever. Blue Hawaii was no. 1 for 20 weeks on the Billboard Album Chart in 1961 and is still one of the greatest albums ever released. It is Elvis' best album and best concept album. It shows how Elvis pioneered in world music and how he could master any genre of music. It has not aged well and has not received the critical appreciation it deserves. Trust me, it is Elvis at his best. And no one could touch Elvis when he was in a zone. Elvis is Back was another classic Elvis album with Elvis in top form from 1960. Moody Blue from 1976 was Elvis' final studio album and was probably his best album in the 1970s with the title cut and Way Down. Elvis' last album was excellent. It's great for people to hear Elvis in the original context. Elvis jad some great albums. New fans should check out the original albums and avoid the compilations.
Martin DJ wrote on June 21, 2007
Those albums are a major part of the recorded legacy and ought to be widely available. If any of them were previously deleted, that was a big mistake, even if they were rereleased as FTD 'classic albums', since FTD-releases are supposedly not available in regular outlets.
lvisfan wrote on June 21, 2007
You are right! These cd's should be available all the time. A few are still in circulation like Moody Blue, He Touched Me, Aloha etc. One that is missing in my opinion is the "Today" album. That was the best mixed Elvis album of the 70's. Finally an album with Ronnie Tutt drumming standing out. T-R-O-U-B-L-E was a great rocker that at the time was practically unnoticed by radio. They basically let a bonified hit pass them by. And today it and many other cuts on that album stand the test of time.
byebye wrote on June 21, 2007
These albums are the true legacy of Elvis, and I sincerely mean that there oughtta be a law against releasing 90% compilations and 10% original albums.
theoldscudder wrote on June 21, 2007
Listening to the Lp's the way they were recorded is the best way. This will be a big ticket item. Some collectors have some of these. A great alternative is the Japaneese Paper Collection. You can get just the Lp's you need. They come in cardboard instead of the jewel cases. You can get these on Ebay from time to time. Check it out.
RonBaker wrote on June 22, 2007
I have several of these from before because the cd albums were not available in the United States and I had to order them from overseas. This is absolutely the best Elvis news of the year.
Sirbalkan wrote on June 22, 2007
what a lucky guy I am.. I have the complete collection ;full of 50 cds.. :) hehe
Juliepresleyfan wrote on June 22, 2007
me too he he but was costly at the time, over £300 as i recall , now when i order the old cds i get 1 of this set, so get doubles humph
JerryNodak wrote on June 22, 2007
I've already got some of these titles in expanded editions from FTD. I expect we'll probably get most (if not all) of the remaining titles in that format from FTD eventually. I'll wait for those.
Steve V wrote on June 22, 2007
Jerry - thought you were nostalgic and wanted the albums as you knew them when they came out, like the Camdens? In this case why wouldnt you want these albums the way they came out originally instead of the expanded FTD versions which cost way more? I'd like to get the back catalog this way.
Colonel wrote on June 22, 2007
Great news! I think the albums, as Elvis wanted them to be, should be available to the mass market, so I really dig this move by BMG. Will they be remasterd?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 22, 2007
Id think ftd wouldnt release titles such as Elvis Now,but since they have decided to become all about the The so called classic series,i guess anything is possible,these cd's here i doubt very much will be in stores!
JerryNodak wrote on June 23, 2007
First, I've only got so much storage space. Second, I don't have all the Camdens on CD. My aim is to collect all the albums issued in Elvis' lifetime on CD, if possible. Third, I've got all this on original vinyl. I have a functioning turntable. Fourth, I have all this on their original CD issues. Fifth, The FTD expanded editions will have the original tracklisting in the original running order before the outtakes. I like the "original", but I don't take it to the nth degree.
JerryNodak wrote on June 23, 2007
Sixth: I might change my mind and buy selected titles IF these are newly remastered DSD versions.
chicken wrote on June 23, 2007
From the pic it looks like their selling off individual CD's from the 50 CD box set, not DSD remastered, remixed or anything, and you can bet your bottom dollar FTD will re-release these.
benny scott wrote on June 23, 2007
Chicken, you could be right. Two examples : if, for instance, you order at amazon/uk or amazon/usa the CD's " back in memphis " and " the fool album " they show the picture of the original artwork. But when you find the CDs in your letterbox they have the artwork from the 50 cd-box with" the original elvis presley collection" and a number printed on it, which is a not so pleasant surprise. I hope the new releases will have the original artwork without text and number on it.
Colonel7 wrote on July 04, 2007
When can we buy Potluck-BurningL-GuitarMan-Now-LLetters and Country TTWII studio sessions outtakes ohn FTD Ernst ? Would be much better than RaisedonRock.
Colonel7 wrote on July 05, 2007
Don't like the budget Camden albums and they should not be part of the Classic series!Instead, the double feature CDs should be...but in another format: Now+LLetters, GTimes + Fool, EPBlvd+Raised on rock, PromLand+etdc etc. BMG should rethink strategy like StevV, mature EP fans, Paul, Lex a.o. write. We need urgently (we thought being able to buy those this 2007 year...) studio outtakes of 1970 sessions (Country+ TTWII* Now+ Letters), GMan, PromLand, BLove outtakes !! Also URGE BMG to release enhanced/ extended CDs of In person and On stage plus TTWII only live versions ! And Elvis folk: don't forget to ask BMG for the soundtrack outtakes of great unreleased material of GGGirls, Roust, KCousins etc plus complete sessions of KCreole, GIBlues, BHaw. Last but not least we want EonTour new CD with Concert songs plus DVD that goes with it of EP singing on stage (only Concert no interviews, etc) plus rehearsals! Could be a smashing hit if put on sale for General Public worldwide! Anyone listening out there after the July4th hangover??
JerryNodak wrote on July 06, 2007
Colonel7: Maybe I missed something, but where was it suggested that the Camden albums should/would be a part of the "classic" series. Six of said albums have been recently released individually on the BMG/Sony Special Products budget label. Did you miss that?Glad they're being released. I like them.