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Fire Down Below

June 07, 2007 | People
The British rock star Shakin’ Stevens has just released his new CD, “Now Listen”. It’s his first release in almost 10 years. One of the most interesting tracks on the CD, is the song “Fire Down Below”, which Jerry Scheff wrote for Elvis. It is really too bad that Elvis never put his vocals to the instrumental track, but if Shakin’ Stevens’s version makes up for that, is for you to judge.

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byebye wrote on June 07, 2007
I like Steven´s album "Shaky" from "81, and he does this "Way down formula" from Scheff justice. However I think another british fella named Billy Idol could have torn this song apart really. A kind of a 2007 "Dont need a gun".
dries wrote on June 07, 2007
I am no "shaky" fan, I like "This 'ol house" though. This particular song really sounds good to me. Will there be a 45' release? (cd single)? It's modern Rock, I think Jerry will be proud. Sure it's a shame Elvis never got the chance to sing it. He would have turned it in a new number 1 hit. Let's hope Shaky gets some luck.
RonBaker wrote on June 07, 2007
Thanks for the info! Shaky is one of my favorites...I've missed his records. It isn't just "This Ole House"...it's "Hot Dog", "How Many Tears Can You Hide", "Cry Just a Little Bit", "A Love Worth Waiting For", "A Letter to You"...Shaky made GREAT records! I'm glad he's recorded "Fire Down Below". Can't wait to get it!!!
Lex wrote on June 07, 2007
I have the album... it's great, not the old Shaky at all... much more mature (although I still listen to the old stuff regularly too).
Steve V wrote on June 07, 2007
Bought all of Shaky's stuff in the 80's which was hard to find in the USA. I only remember one USA TV appearance around 1981/82. Thought he was gonna take off. It never happened. I hope this is successful for him.
Lex wrote on June 07, 2007
Well... click the link :-)
gbalaban wrote on June 08, 2007
I just listened to the song and Elvis would have done a great job on it. Now this may not be a popular idea but I think that Lisa-Marie should put this song out on her next CD or just as a single. I think her style would fit this song very well plus it would be the song being passed on to his daughter. Just an idea, so don't go blowing me out of the water for my opinion. TCB all!
Paul Reno wrote on June 08, 2007
Shakin' Stevens started out after he had done a London Elvis musical in about 1979. Whenever he appeared on television in the early 80's he never once gave Elvis the credit for his style of dancing and music, when it was a direct copy of him. He probably didn't want to be known as an Elvis impersonator. Maybe it was his management? I don't know, but I recall seeing a magazine saying Shakin' Stevens was the new "king of rock 'n' Roll" on the front cover! I was still at school but remember thinking what the hell is that!? Maybe he has change his views now, but I won't be saving up for any Shakin' Stevens releases. I'll save my money for the real king. You would at least think he would give Elvis the credit for his style. A waster trying to re-invent himself.
Getlow wrote on June 08, 2007
Hey Lex, You really need to get out more!
Shakingruud wrote on June 08, 2007
Between 1981-1984 Shaky was HOT! In Japan he was called the new King Of Rock but Shaky always said: ´Theres Only One King- Thats Elvis´ . He had a great dancing style, Elvis way, but he moved much wilder on stage than Elvis ever did. Carl Perkings once said that Shaky moved on stage just like Elvis always wanted to. That said, i also believe, that Shaky ( who always said he wasn´t that much influenced by Elvis.....) should have told the true that he was just copying the great master. Stevens recorded some excellent rock n roll tunes, his 1979 album ´This Ole House´ is awesome ( i dig ´Marie Marie´ ). Shaky was the best Presley after Elvis... I met him a couple of times and he really is a nice man too! Sorry to say i don´t like this new stuff, not much rock n roll anymore. I believe his new single will be the title track ´Now Listen´ , which is in my opinion by far the best track on this album.
johnnygb wrote on June 08, 2007
I have been listening to the new Shaky album for about 6 months and it is superb. Fire Down Below really thunders along and it is such a change that Elvis never recorded it as I feel sure it would have been fantastic. I would recommend the album highly and while its true it is a bit mellower than some of Shaky's earlier work i believe it really suits Shaky's voice now. Paul, also Shaky was around a very long time before he portrayed Elvis, but I concede he owes much of his stardom to the exposure that Elvis The Musical gave him.
Toby Tyke wrote on June 08, 2007
Shakin' Stevens & the Sunsets got their break in 1969 on the same bill as The Rolling Stones. They got an album deal in '70 and were constantly touring and releasing albums, although non were major sellers. Stevens left in '77 to appear in Jack Good's Elvis musical. In 1981 he released an EP 'Shaky sings Elvis' which didn't sell very well. The new album does sound good.
Shakingruud wrote on June 08, 2007
Hi Toby, The ´Shaky Sings Elvis´ EP was NOT released by Shaky / Epic Records. It was released to cash in on Shakys´ chart success and contains recordings made for his ´Oh Boy´ and ´Lets Rock´ tv shows. Also there were tracks from the original ELVIS 1978 cast album. By the way, Shakys´early manager, Freya Miller, was also called The Female Colonel Parker. Just like Parker, Freya Miller made Shaky very succesful, but after the split with Stevens, his career went nowhere....
SuziB wrote on June 08, 2007
That isn't Shakin Stevens singing. SOunds nothing like him
Shakingruud wrote on June 08, 2007
Hi SuzyB. Its really is him. You have to realize that he hasn´t recorded a song in almost 15 years!
Jerome wrote on June 08, 2007
I listened to it. I don't know. Doesn't sound that rocking as the song should and could. Something is missing