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Elvis At The Movies Released

June 04, 2007 | Music
The "Elvis At The movies" compilation from SONY/ BMG has been released. In times of postponed releases, some items are gladly arriving on time.


The 2 CD "Elvis At The Movies" is a real must-have for the moviefans. The tracklist is compiled in such a way that even those that are not in to the sixties recordings will be pleasantly surprised with the selection of songs. The 40 tracks are placed in chronological order of recording, starting with "Love Me Tender" and ending with "Rubberneckin'" from the movie "Change Of Habit". Songs like "King Creole", "Bossa Nova Baby", "Viva Las Vegas" and "Kissin' Cousins" give the two discs an overall pleasant atmosphere, the perfect double-disc for a summer roadtrip with Elvis as companion.

The CD is available from Amazon or Elvis Matters.

The price at Elvis Matters:
Not a member of Elvis Matters: € 19.95
Silver Member Elvis Matters: € 17.95
Gold Member Elvis Matters: € 16.95

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Rob V wrote on June 04, 2007
Another Sony/BMG 'rip off'. This has 40 songs where 'Command Performances' has 62.
Jerome wrote on June 04, 2007
Why o why is 'Songs of the shrimp' not on it?!!
Steve V wrote on June 04, 2007
Gee another release with Love ME Tender on it! No need for this release after the great Command Performances set. That was the only movie compilation set to own. Why does SONY/BMG continue to water down the catalog to make it confusing and non-defining? What happened to their campaign for the definitive catalog set out years ago? What a mess.
JerryNodak wrote on June 05, 2007
The catolog cleanup is a thing of the past. Ain't happening. With the CD market dying Sony/BMG will just crank out the product and grab what they can get. Though I'm not buying this release I believe it will sell well enough. It's "new" and it will readily available.
Steve V wrote on June 05, 2007
JerryNodak- you bring out an excellent point. One which I never considered. The CD market is dying or even nearly dead. No more Tower, Sam Goody, etc. There is no catalog to restore anymore. Just bring out the product and go on to the next 'new' one.
DJB wrote on June 05, 2007
Don't tell me this is all we'll be getting from Sony/BMG's parent company re CD releases for this 30th anniversary year. 'Viva Las Vegas' was another 2CD title unofficially announced a month or so ago featuring a 'best of' compilation of live tracks and an unreleased concert from August '69 - we've had no confirmation of it since!! This is seriously worrying!!!
Bill (BW) wrote on June 05, 2007
The version of "I'm Yours" is the harmony vocal version with the narration by Elvis, not the version used in the movie "Tickle Me."
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 06, 2007
Another pointless release. But we all have to buy it to get Elvis back in the charts!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 07, 2007
Why on earth would i buy a cd in hopes of getting elvis on the charts?its not like hes going to enjoy the succes,as for the viva lasvegas,maybe its a rumor, who knows,and a unreleased concert could turn out to be a ftd release that for some reason they consider unreleased if its put out on the main label!