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Change In FTD Release Schedule

June 05, 2007 | Music
Ernst Jorgensen informed us about the fact that there will be no regular 5" releases each quarter anymore, like they used to do the last years.

There where some confusing articles on the internet the last days about the upcoming FTD releases. The three issues that are confirmed are "I Sing All Kinds" and 2 issues in the 7" Classic Series; "Easy Come, Easy Go" and "Raised On Rock".

The first single disc contains a collection of studio outtakes from the Nashville sessions in 1971. The soundtrack CD is also a single disc release and contains the recently discovered stereo mixes. "Raised On Rock" will be a 2-disc edition.

You can pre-order these releases through shop@elvismatters.com

Elvis Matters provides a special price if you order all 3 releases:
Price: € 64.95 / Silver Member: € 58.45 / Gold Member: € 55.20.

Price per release:
Price: € 22.00 / Silver Member: € 19.80 / Gold Member: € 18.70.

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dries wrote on June 05, 2007
Maybe I miss the point here, but what is the confusing? Sorry I have to ask this, but is this news? Or just promotion for the particular shop? I mean, everybody is buying the cd's where ever they like, so I don't really like being pushed towards who ever, in a hidden/sneaky way. I really hope I mis-interpreted this thing? I am really looking forward to buy this cd's, I hardly can't wait to hear the results.
ElvisNews wrote on June 05, 2007
Dries, the key line here is "Ernst Jorgensen informed us about the fact that there will be no regular 5" releases each quarter anymore, like they used to do the last years.". Allthough we admit that not many are worth visiting... there are more Elvis-sites than this one.
Sylvain wrote on June 05, 2007
Price 64.95? I buy them for 20 euro all 3 for 60 euro and I don't have to be a nember of nothing
dries wrote on June 05, 2007
Well this is exactly my point. The news was about Ernst confirming this, so why dragging all the prices for the silver/gold/platinum or whatever members. I don't even know what that's about and I really don't care for it either. I really don't care what those cd's cost me (as long as they won't go up to 50 euro, just kidding), I go to my regular dealer which I visited since the eighties. Then there where obivously no FTD's yet. I bought my vinyl's, books and video's there. So that's what I'll keep doing. I believe in loyalty to my friends, not only back then, but in the future too. There are some worthy news sites and some worthless, I agree. I always felt very good about this one, but lately I feel things have changed. Why for instance don't you mention the upcoming exhibition of my german friends who are coming to Belgium and Holland this weekend? Don't you like the memorablia of Elvis? I feel so proud that they are coming to my country to share this with all of us. And the TCB band will be there too. Is it getting just to ordinary to mentioning them? I certainly hope not! I read it on anohter worthy newssite today and a while ago, but you don't seem to care. Or did I miss the article (in that case sorry I asked). But hey, its your site, I don't want to be rude or something, it's just something I noticed. Keep up the good work sons!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 05, 2007
I figured this would happen,the classic albums taking over ftd,ftd has changed what there about,many may like this but others dont, but they dont dare voice there oppion on this subject,to me this is why some of the regular ftd's such as the studio outtakes lack any effort in content! a collectors label should never release stuff twice,but since they have changed there idea of what the label is about thats what is happening!
EarlyMorningRain wrote on June 05, 2007
Yes, i'm totall agree with you all. this news does not concern seriousness Ernst Jorgensen, this is pure advertisement. but news is it not at all. Elvisnews.com, Search for Good News Please. I want news about elvis, and no advertisement about a supporter club.
Jerome wrote on June 05, 2007
any tracklisting available for FTD's Raised on Rock? And why is this cd not available for pre-order at Amazon?
JerryNodak wrote on June 06, 2007
The "Classic" series has taken over FTD? Good!! Maybe they'll manage to release all of them before I'm too old to care.
Rob Wanders wrote on June 06, 2007
ohh people are complaining so much. For me it's wonderful news. Finally Nashville 71 outtakes!! A Willie Nelson song comes in my mind: "It's a dream come true". And Raised on Rock double cd. Wow!!! Also "Easy come easy go" in stereo mixes is great news!
marty wrote on June 06, 2007
I personally read the news and don't really care about the ads. As for the negative views I read after each release it's understandable, humans (myself included) are never satisfied. But I thing that we Elvis fans should feel very lucky with the all those fashinating releases coming out each year even 30 years after he made his last recordings! I thing that nowdays Elvis's music is treated (for the most part) from his company with the respect it deserves (and it hasn't always been that way). I am also collecting country music and there are important albums from giants of the genre (like Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins and Loretta Lynn) that have never been released on CD! Let's enjoy what we are getting and hope for more to come...
EarlyMorningRain wrote on June 06, 2007
It's Not a Negative vieuw, I don't care Who's selling this stuff, this is a elvisnewssite, and not a advertisement site, it don't care Who is selling this stuff, there are too much irritating stuff in the news about elvis and that's disturbs me. The news is the FTD releases, and not a supporter club. I don;t understand that Elvisnews doesn't sees that this way. I don't care about the supporter clubs, non of then. In almost each news concerning elvis advertisement is made, get a Job, this site is no longer what it was. I'll go to elvisinfonetwork, that's for me the only one real newssite that really concerning about elvis and that's EIN. This site has nothing more too do with news about elvis.
Tony D. wrote on June 06, 2007
That's right; there is no new about Elvis Presley any more; I don't know wether you noticed, but this could be to do with the fact that he died 30 years ago!!!??!
Sylvain wrote on June 06, 2007
I know a better name for this website "Elvis doesn't matter" if you know what I mean.
Mark S. wrote on June 07, 2007
What is everyone here talking about?! The people that own this website owe you guys (or fanclubs for that matter) NOTHING!
elvissessions wrote on June 07, 2007
I trust the operators of this site understand we're not ALL so rude, ungrateful and petty.
Lex wrote on June 07, 2007
Yep, they know. And they also know from which direction(s) these sour complaints come... Personally I take no one seriously who mentions decent and impersonator in one paragraph ;-).
Steve V wrote on June 07, 2007
What is all the fuss about this article? You either take what they offer or not , plain & simple. To buy or not to buy, that will be the question!
Lex wrote on June 07, 2007
To me it's pretty clear: not 4 "new" releases a year anymore. I guess the "classic" stuff will stay about the same.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 07, 2007
Yes im sure the classic series will stay the same, giving you the same outtakes you already bought! not that theres something wrong with that! lol
DJB wrote on June 08, 2007
'no regular 5" releases each quarter anymore', so whats the alternative regularity in this landmark decision? bi-monthly, 6 monthly, annually, irregularly - no matter what the change its frustrating receiving updates that only give one-sided information. It's like a joke without the punchline!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 08, 2007
My guess is we wont have any more studio outtake cd's and that leaves the regular ftd releases to be soundboards for the most part and of course the few multi tracks they have,so you will have to buy the classic series and purchase what u already bought,and unless they give complete sessions on those classic albums it will be run like the regular label was ran with reagrd to new material,thing is this is a collectors label,if u wont to release classic albums and not give the whole session at least leave off the outtakes already released and leave that room for unreleased outtakes,you cant just give the 50's and 60's sessions all the attention, some of us like the 70's sessions,yes i understand that ftd is great to have after so years of not having any new material, but the 80's are a while back now,so lets look at this without that point being made please! lol
Steve V wrote on June 08, 2007
Yes, we will soon have the privilege to buy those outtakes which we already own. And for a hefty price. If & when the Pot Luck LP comes out on the FTD classic album seriies, I'm sure it will contain a bunch of outtakes we already own from previous FTD and even some regular RCA releases, especially the boxsets. I dont know about you but I cant spend my money to gain a few more prob inferior outtakes. I have enough outtakes. And live shows. I may be done with FTD unless they do or find something really special. The Sun box is one I will buy if it ever comes out. Enjoy!
JerryNodak wrote on June 09, 2007
Don't listen to the complainers, Ernst. Bring out the soundtrack and "classic" releases as soon as you can. I want them all!!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 09, 2007
Dont worry he will,there all for reselling what u already have,im with steve on this one,going to be more choosy with my ftd purchases,by the way not wanting to buy what i already have from a collectors label is not complaining,if u like the classic series then more power to you,this is a hobby for me,nothing to get worked up about!
JerryNodak wrote on June 09, 2007
Not getting worked up. Just giving my opinion. As for being choosy, I'vs skipped a number of the regular 5 inch releases. But I plan on buying all the releases in the 7 inch packaging.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 10, 2007
And i was giving my oppion and was not complaining,theres a difference.i am just going to be more choosy with my ftd purchases!
Mofoca22 wrote on June 13, 2007
i guess size does matter lol