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May 27, 2007 | Other
Our last Quickpoll on the release of the Elvis Presley and Celine Dion duet had a clear result. From the 442 voters 82 percent was in favour of a release of this duet. Still 18 percent of the voters voted "no".

Our new poll deals with the upcoming "Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley" which is due in two weeks. It contains the first complete fifties concert footage with matching audio and video. Before the set is released we want to poll your expectations. Do you think "Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley" could be one of the most essential releases ever? Let us know.

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Santa Claus wrote on May 27, 2007
Let's just wait and see what this is. We've been betrayed too often to say something about a release that isn't out yet.
glynalone wrote on May 27, 2007
Of course it could be essential, but any vote would be pure speculation until we've seen it. I've been caught out pre-ordering too many "essential" releases over the years, only to be let down by the actual item....I'm still sorely tempted to pre-order this one though, it sounds like it could be one of the most essential releases ever....I'l never learn!
FJE wrote on May 27, 2007
I agree with Santa Claus. I think you submitted this poll too early to judge whether it's an essential release or not. Although I don't normally buy any of these DVDs I did place a pre-order from Play.com for this. I just hope it lives up to all the hype. Will vote when I receive it and see for myself.
Viva wrote on May 27, 2007
The key word here is "Could", and potentially this really should be a legendary release but, as stated earlier, we have been let down so many times before. I have voted "yes" as the question asked is not IS this an essential release but COULD this be an essential release. This is one of those items however which I am genuinely excited about getting, and we don't get too many of those these days. It's a pity that this title hasn't got the backing of a major label behind it, as I really do feel that with some major advertising we could have been looking at some seriously positive exposure, and with the 30th anniversary and it's associated tack coming up, I think our man is going to need it.
Steve V wrote on May 27, 2007
I ordered it. I'll take my chances. I'm a 50's freak!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on May 28, 2007
I voted NO, I meant YES !
Aron wrote on May 28, 2007
I will have it and I voted YES because "....... could be one of ....."
byebye wrote on May 28, 2007
I suspect the audio is a mere cd rip from the live recordings we allready have, and then digitally added to the pics we allready have, with MAYBE some unreleased footage.
Rev. Gerhard wrote on May 28, 2007
From the 442 voters 82 percent were in favour of the release of the duet with Elvis and Celine. That's GREAT! Would be nice, EPE, if you would give your okay releasing that wonderful song. You could sell us for example a lovely DVD of the activities of the 30th anniversary week + this song as a bonus song. And 2 dollars of the price can go to the donation against poverty in Africa.
RonBaker wrote on May 28, 2007
I saw a clip at another site...the sound quality is atrocious...simply synched up to existing footage. That it is in sync is good, but the sound...even on computer speakers is simply too horrible to listen to. This is something I wouldn't recommend to anyone except someone who has to have everything that's released (good or bad). The same person that would go into the shops week after week and buy all the generic 1956 recordings that have been repackaged into 150 new releases. Save your money!
Steve V wrote on May 28, 2007
Since the sound is atrocious, maybe the film should have been colorized for an added incentive to buy it. With today's technology it would prob look great & seem completely new & different. We all know what the black & white footage looks like.
benny scott wrote on May 28, 2007
What did some of you guys expect? The sound and footage were recorded 52 years ago!RCA wasn't there with mobile equipment to record the event in the (for this period ) best possible quality! This is pure Rock 'n' Roll History! We should be grateful that people of MRS put their time and energy in this project. Colorising? No thanks. This is the real stuff. Bad sound? So what? Do you really think that those who were there more than half a century ago heard this performance in Dolby Surround? I'm glad i'm still alive, having the possibilty to buy this fantastic piece of history. But don't forget: i do respect everybody's opinion, just gave mine. Wishing all Elvis-fans the very best.
Dixieland Rock wrote on May 28, 2007
Bad sound or not, I am looking forward to this. I am glad MRS put this together with the footage and sound available in one package. If there is anyone to blame for the bad sound & footage, it's the Coloniel. And what good will that do beating a dead horse? I just wished the Coloniel would have spent a little money to have these & most of Elvis' live shows both filmed & recorded. As with so many aspects of Elvis music, so many missed opportunities. That same line of thinking still lives on in 2007 by not doing a thing with the recent American Idol "duet' of spliced footage of Elvis & Celine. Despite those for or against releasing this on DVD, "If I Can Dream" would be a worldwide smash, if done right. In 1956, the Coloniel had more interest in selling trinkets and ignored the chance to film those shows right. The missed opportunities continue...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 28, 2007
Would been so cool to have this in great quality,ill skip this one,but hope the others enjoy it and yes something should be done to stop poverty with the wealth that is flashed in front of us every day,no one should be lviing in poverty,if the celine single was releaed it would be great to see some money go to helping others,even the download could generate money for those who really need it! if i can dream indeed