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July 2007 FTDs

May 30, 2007 | Music
The regular July 1 release is called "I Sing All Kinds" and contains a compilation of outtakes from the sessions in Nashville during 1971.

There will be two additional releases in the Classic Album Series for July; "Raised On Rock" (2CD) and "Easy Come Easy Go" (single disc), featuring the newly discovered original stereo mixes.

You can pre-order these releases through ElvisMatters.

I Sing All Kinds ( The Nashville 1971 Sessions )

Track listing :

1) Bosom Of Abraham - take 4 1:42
2) I’ve Got Confidence - take 1 3:07
(A. Crouch)
3) An Evening Prayer - take 5 1:58
4) (That’s What You Get) For Lovin’ Me - take 10 3:03
(Gordon Lightfoot)
5) Early Morning Rain - take 11 3:04
(Gordon Lightfoot)
6) Fools Rush In - take 14 2:49
(R. Bloom/J. Mercer)
7) Help Me Make It Through The Night - takes 6 & 7 3:26
(Kris Kristofferson)
8) It’s Still Here - takes 2,3 &1 3:49
(Ivory Joe Hunter)
9) I Will Be True - take 1 2:30
(Ivory Joe Hunter)
10) Until It’s Time For You To Go - (June version) takes 5 & 6 4:11
(Buffy Sainte-Marie)
11) It’s Only Love - take 7 (slated 6) 2:52
(Mark James/Steve Tyrell)
12) I’m Leavin’ - take 3 4:00
(Michael Jarrett/Sonny Charles)
13) Love Me, Love The Life I Lead - take 4 3:15
(Tony Macaulay/Roger Greenaway)
14) Padre - take 2 2:43
15) Seeing Is Believing - take 7 2:57
(Red West/Glen Spreen)
16) A Thing Called Love - take 1 2:40
(Jerry Reed)
17) Put Your Hand In The Hand - take 1 3:14
(Gene Maclellan)
18) Johnny B. Goode (incomplete) 1:06
(Chuck Berry)
19) I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day - take 3 4:55
(Michael Jarrett)
20) Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees - Take 4 2:23
(Red West/Glen Spreen)
21) If I Get Home On Christmas Day - take 1 2:55
(Tony Macaulay)
22) It Won’t Seem Like Christmas (Without You) - take 3 2:34
(J.A. Balthrop)
23) I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day (remake) - take 2 4:00
(Michael Jarrett) 2)
Source:For CD Collectors Only

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TBG wrote on May 30, 2007
Excellent Ernst, looking forward for this release. Finally Raised On Rock will be out in the "classic"-series - will be played on my cd-player quite a lot this summer :-)
Paulex wrote on May 30, 2007
I Sing All Kinds: what a freakin great cover!
MarkE wrote on May 30, 2007
yee i agree, great cover, but i wont be buying it, cant wait for Raised On Rock though! :-D
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 30, 2007
Raised on rock is one of my favorite 70's albums,while im more of a fan of outtake cd's than classic albums, ill get this one for sure, and nashville 71 has been on my list for awhile of ftd's id like to see,im guessing the dont think twice jam will come on the upgrade of the fool album,the johnny b good jam will have that snippet of noel im guessing,that was the one bright spot on the let it roll import that featured way too much released material,as for easy come, i like that soundtrack,and hope to hear some fun outtakes! july is for us 70's junkies (smile)
RonBaker wrote on May 30, 2007
These all sound like winners to me! Maybe they found "Leave My Woman Alone" or some other interesting outtakes from sessions for 'Easy Come, Easy Go'...at least I can dream!
You Dont Know Me wrote on May 30, 2007
This is TRULY EXCELLENT NEWS! Many of us have been wanting this kind of 1971 studio release for YEARS,...and here it comes(mostly) with unreleased earlier takes(apart from a later take 5 of 'An Evening Prayer') and a wonderful collection...boy i just cannot wait-THANK-YOU Ernst!
Greg Nolan wrote on May 31, 2007
"Mature'" : I'm glad your prayers for a Nashville sesions disc has been answered! FTD, still getting it done as always!
Santa Claus wrote on May 31, 2007
I would have kept the christmas outtakes for an alternate FTD Christmas in autmn. But I don't like to complain. This is exactly the tripple of FTD I was wishing for.
ElvisDayByDay wrote on May 31, 2007
Hey Santa, I expected you to be extra pleased with the release of "your" favourite tracks :-)
Brian Quinn wrote on May 31, 2007
All interesting releases. Particularly looking forward to the 'Raised On Rock' one. Love the cover on the 'I Sing All Kinds' album but the tracks are a little on the mellow side. Hope there is something inspiring on the 'Easy Come' one as I never liked the sound on the original release. Will buy them all as usual.
Ton Bruins wrote on May 31, 2007
Absolutely releases to look forward to, except for Easy Come, Easy Go. Will skipp the latter...
Ton Bruins wrote on May 31, 2007
I heard a rumor that "Raised On Rock" would be replaced by "Pot Luck".....(?)
Mark S. wrote on May 31, 2007
I hope they found some studio banter from the “Easy Come, Easy Go”-sessions where Elvis (supposedly) said “what are you supposed to do with sh*t like this?”! THAT would be worth the price of admission! :-)
Ton Bruins wrote on May 31, 2007
“What are you supposed to do with sh*t like this?” The reason I don't buy that one..lol.
artfromtex wrote on May 31, 2007
I'm real curious about the bonus tracks for Raised On Rock. I'll guess when we find out what they are we'll know if they plan on doing Good Times or Promised Land in the future. You'd think that they would. I hope in the future we get Pot Luck. I also think it would be cool to do the "From Memphis To Vegas/Vegas To Memphis". "In Person..." is my favorite live album, and "Elvis Is Back" doesn't really warrant a 2-cd treatment so putting them back together would be a cool deal. Maybe they could even include 2 4"x6" postcards of the original 8"x10"'s that were included with the album.
Bill (BW) wrote on May 31, 2007
You're in luck ArtFromTex, "Pot Luck" is reportedly being released in July, not "Raised on Rock."
Ton Bruins wrote on May 31, 2007
I hope that's not true...rather have Raised On Rock...Is it comfirmed yet or is it just a rumor..?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 31, 2007
How about ernst and company giving details on upcoming releases.and it be more known than someone reading it in a magazine, which seems to be how most ftd news is broke to the fans,that way we all will know whats being releases for real and not these rumors or speculation,but in this case i have heard that they have changed the release from raised on rock to pot luck? is that true? have a certain date that you give details on ftd and let it be on here before its in a magazine! just a thought!
Ronaldv wrote on May 31, 2007
It fortunately is Raised on rock, I just read that ernst had confirmed this
Jerome wrote on May 31, 2007
I sing all Kind, maybe a lousy title but a great great tracklisting!!
JerryNodak wrote on May 31, 2007
I believe that we'll see all the full priced albums released in Elvis' lifetime released in either the soundtrack or classic series on FTD eventually. It makes no difference to me what order they come in. Looking forward to ROR and Easy Come, Easy Go. Won't buy Nashville outtakes. Most (if not all) of that stuff is likely to find its way on to future FTD releases.
Ciscoking wrote on May 31, 2007
We don`t have many of these takes..therefore.. A sure winner...BRAVO, Ernst !!!
Iron Man wrote on May 31, 2007
Great releases - except for Easy Come, Easy Go - BUT where is the complete unedited version of Don't Think Twice It's All Right - we've been waiting for years to have it! the idea of (finally) releasing a CD with 71' sessions is great, but we could have certainly lived without Christmas outtakes if the reason is in the CD running time....
Bill (BW) wrote on May 31, 2007
I'm glad the Christmas outtakes are included. They are in keeping with the title, "I Sing All Kinds." Here we get a little gospel, a little Elvis at the piano, some ballads, some upbeat tunes and a little Christmas. I don't understand the clamor for longer versions of "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" and "Merry Christmas Baby." Aren't they long enough already? Longer doesn't make better!
Nimy wrote on May 31, 2007
For the "EASY COME EASY GO", will we have all the outtakes of "Yoga Is As Yoga Does".
SPK wrote on May 31, 2007
Great stuff! Keep the soundtracks coming. We need them all.
Matt W wrote on May 31, 2007
The concept of including the complete Don’t Think Twice jam and the complete Merry Christmas Baby jam on a single regular FTD release is baffling to say the least. Why would FTD decide to use a third of the available disc space up with 2 recordings, one of which would only be extended by a small amount? Thankfully they haven’t and this release looks like a winner for sure. Those jam sessions will surely find their home on future classic album releases.
ranskal wrote on June 01, 2007
It's Only Love, I'm Leavin'...I'm buying!!!
Greg Nolan wrote on June 01, 2007
Matt W. : send your complaints about "I Sing All Kinds" to Elvis - he was the one would tackle all kinds of music in one session. I look forward to getting all of these releases at one point. Sure, "Easy Come, Easy Go" is low-priority but it's terrific that even the dogs of the Elvis catalog are being remembered!
luckyjackson85 wrote on June 01, 2007
I'm glad another soundtrack is seeing the light of day. Even if it is a movie which I don't hold in much esteem. I was starting to worry if they were going to release any more, I will for sure buy this soundtrack. I just wish that FTD would and could come out with better soundtracks. I know I have mentioned them before so I won't again since I understand why they don't. Well, FTD thanks for putting my mind to ease on the soundtracks and I am just glad you are releasing another soundtrack. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
king al wrote on June 01, 2007
Great news! They finally release Raised On Rock with outtakes and also 1971 outtakes. Thanks Ernst!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 01, 2007
Lets also give credit to fellow fans who are the ones who really keep ftd going,for if no one was buying they would not be releasing,as for matt w commments, i believe he was saying that it was a good thing to not put the long extended mixes of some of those jams from the 71 sessions,he was being postative not negative!
Iron Man wrote on June 01, 2007
I don't think there's a much longer version of Merry Christmas, so I'm not asking for it. However, the 2 and a half minute version from Elvis 1973 album is way too short, whereas the Walk A Mile In My shoes version is not well mixed - all the energy is gone because the guitar is way too deep in the mix, And as for me , I'd preffer an inspired, complete and well mixed version of Don't Think Twice over any of this dull and uninspired Christmas songs that Elvis himself hated. The gospel materia, the folk material, the country material - they are great, but 12 minutes of pure joy rendition of Don't Think would be a greater decision than so many Christmas outtakes....
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 02, 2007
The merry christmas unedited performance from memories of christmas sounds rough in my oppion almost like it came from 2 differt sources,so a better mixed version id welcome, also dont think twice, the original edit released on the fool album is one of the worst edits ive ever heard, with all the fun of the song being taken out by,the version released on the box was better,and is heard in my oppion little better sound on the treasure 2 cd set from time life,i like that song even if ernst doesnt,or anyone for that matter,just a loose fun jam,so yes id take 2 less christmas or golpel cuts to have it!
JerryNodak wrote on June 02, 2007
I like the "Don't Think Twice" jam. But 4-5 minutes is enough. I don't need to hear 12 minutes of Elvis repeating the same thing over and over and over. Looooonger is not necessarily better. I believe that we will eventually get the "Elvis" (Fool) album in the "Classic" series and the unedited version of "Don't Think Twice" will be included in the bonus tracks/outtakes section.
Steve V wrote on June 02, 2007
Congrats mature. Your wish is finally granted. If ECEG contains one extra version of Yoga Is, ugh, cannot purchase. Hearing that song once in my lifetime was enough for me. To think another version exists boggles the mind. However, if Elvis' piece of sh&t comments precede Yoga, then its a different story. Also, if it contains Leave My Woman Alone, said to be recorded at that session, a definite purchase.
marco31768 wrote on June 03, 2007
Where is the duet of "The first time ever I saw your face" with Temple Riser? Where is the complete jam of "Don't think twice, it's all right"? Those CD are the welcome but I hope that FTD will work better next time...
Rob Wanders wrote on June 06, 2007
as I wrote in another reaction (on an article I read before this one). WOW... great news !!!Finally Nashville 1971 outtakes, with some of my favourites: "Love me, love the life I lead", "I'm leaving", "Early morning rain". Though I miss some songs: "We can make the morning", "Don't think twice", among them, but you cannot win them all I guess. They will probably come on the vol 2 version. I'm really happy with this one!! I like the title 'cause the songs are so different from each other. Wonderfull news also about the Raised on Rock!!! Yes!! Oh yes I'm going to buy these 2 TFD's. I'm also happy with the Easy come. Stereo and not so bad as some Clambake songs. (Well Yoga is not so good, but I like "The love machine", "Sing you children"and "She's a machine". So I 'm going to buy all 3 of these FTD's.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 06, 2007
Are they going edit the johhny b good song that ends with elvis saying leon leon, thats noel backwards man! lol
theoldscudder wrote on June 06, 2007
The Easy Come Easy Go is a new low. All the songs are garbage. So for your hard earned $'s you get a bunch of inferior outtakes of inferior songs. Elvis was the finest singer of his era. Just think had he been more interested in his art RATHER then the buck & been more discrimating in what he recorded how much greater his legacy would have been. Had the fans been more discriminating & boycotted this movie junk, his management would have gotten the message. Now 30 yrs after his death nothing has changed the fans still will buy any piece of junk as long as Elvis recorded it. Maybe when the future releases dry up FTD will release a cd of elvis coughing & burping. I'm absolutely positive that The Faithful out there will buy it. And a Vol 2 & 3 etc. I will play the 50's Elvis, The Elvis Is Back, Elvis In Memphis, Elvis Country. Life is too short to listen to Easy Come Easy Go. It should have Went a long time ago.
Steve V wrote on June 06, 2007
ECEG was one the low points of Elvis' movie career and one of his worst selling records, for sure the worst selling EP. In 1966/7 the music world was going thru massive changes and Elvis came out with this dribble. I bought it then & was greatly disappointed. It was even recorded badly. It had a terrible mix. Now, I do understand why FTD releases these things for collectors, but if it doesnt contain say, Leave My Woman Alone, why bother with it? Elvis certainly hated the material he was recording for his movies by then and his vocals here sound like it so the outtakes are prob not as good as the masters! To theoldscudder, the fans were starting to boycott the product by 1966/7, thus the poor sales. Thank goodness they did or we may not have gotten the 1968 TV special.
JerryNodak wrote on June 07, 2007
I always look forward to the soundtrack releases. Yes, Clambake and Easy Come, Easy Go included. ECEG will be the first release I play of this bunch.
Rob Wanders wrote on June 07, 2007
oh yes I agree totally with you :theoldscutter and Steve. Imagine what Elvis could have done in 1964-1967, getting new impulses of the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan and so many more. yes it was a real waste of time and talent those years, with the exception of the great How Great Thou Art-session, the Guitar man session and a few moviesongs. But we cannot change history. And for me, the songs of ECEG were on one of my first Elvisalbums I bought. Not the first, otherwise I probably wouldnot have buy more albums (I already owned the Forever album and Aloha album). But these songs have a special place in my own history. They were very poor mixed at that time. Actually unbelievable bad. So I hope and guess it will be much better this time. And I can't help liking the songs "This love machine" and "She's a machine". So maybe I will create my own compilation-cd with some songs of ECEG and the best songs from Clambake ( for example You don't know me). But I'm focussing on the other 2 : I sing all kinds and Raised on rock.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 08, 2007
Yes if only he would have tackled yellow submarine.now thats song writing at its best! lol,while i understand he recorded way too much fluff,alot of other bands did also,and dylan is not my cup of tea,but there are other material that would have been cool to see him cover!
theoldscudder wrote on June 08, 2007
Better Yellow Submarine than Old McDonald, Chesay, & maybe the worst of all Poison Ivy League & let's not forget the infamous Dominique. Elvis at his best was better than anybody including the Beatles. However for every clunker the Beatles recorded THe King recorded much more. I cringe that my favorite artist did so much that was beneath him. Had he pursued the artistic route he would have been regarded so much more highly by many more people. That's a shame.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 08, 2007
They both recorded rubbish & the beatless along with alot of other highly thought of artists recorded material that is overated,lets say he recorded more rubbish than anyone,is it not true that he also recorded more great work than anyone?
theoldscudder wrote on June 09, 2007
Of course he recorded a lot of great songs especially in the 1950's. A lot less great songs in the 60's & 70's. Erase all the 50's & he's not a trendsetter at all. That's Allright Mama was a ground breaking song! When as a teen I heard Heartbreak Hotel it was increadible. I can even today remember it was on a Sat. morning at my best friends house. Nothing before sounded like it. Now had his first effort been Petunia The Farmers Daughter he'd be considered a joke.Do you remember where you were when that piece of dribble came out?Elvis was # in the chrisma dept. HANDS DOWN. And because of that he got away recording those CRAPPY movie songs. Any other artrist would have been dead in the water. I only wish he had better advise from his mgt. But most of the blame was his. He should drawn the line & fired the fat old bast_ _ d.
JerryNodak wrote on June 09, 2007
Elvis got away with recording even the worst of the movie songs because he has loads of TALENT. The ability to make even the worst stuff at least listenable. Any other singer would have drowned. Charisma doesn't help you in the recording studio.
Steve V wrote on June 09, 2007
I think Elvis was still a trendsetter after the Army, with the great pop records and continental look, just not as explosive as the 50's were. But when the Beatles came out, lets face it, the pop world changed forever again and Elvis had nothing to do with it. He wasnt setting any trends with Do The Clam and soon became passe to most of the teenagers. I know because I was one in the mid-60's and my schoolmates couldnt give a hoot about Elvis. Lulu was more hip! So where was I when Petunia came out? In high school and rightly upset with this type of product. Elvis was no longer relevant and the public didnt take notice again until 1968. New fans were made, but the explosion was truly the 50's. Are The Beatles overrated? No, because the same type of Beatles fan thinks Elvis was overrated. They both are great and made great records, but I do think Elvis recorded more bad songs. Almost every sountrack had more than one. At least The Beatles had the sense and balls to give up movie making after 2 films and concentrate on their art.
theoldscudder wrote on June 09, 2007
Chrisma certaintly did have everything to do with his success. The fact that these subpar songs sold is a testiment to that. I do agree with you yes any other singer with a good voice couldn't have pulled it off. But Elvis had the IT FACTOR with tremendous sex appeal, he was cool.. Jerry, Im a fan & your a fan. I'm just not a fan of the movie schlock. Steve I agree with you that there was a lot of good songs in the 60's. They just got kinda lost with the crappy movie songs. For every good movie song eg. Viva Las Vegas, Can't Help Falling In Love there were a dozen or so awful songs. I wish he was given the oppuntunity to do good pictures with no music. Maybe one a year. Then he could still have time to put out great music. Maybe an Lp or two a year. But when you put out 3 to 4 Lp's a year the quality will suffer. Nobody can do that not even The King. Jerry, you say he made subpar material sound decent. That's not the point he was too fine a singer to even consider recording the junk he did. What good is making subpar material sound decent! Again as I said in a previous comment IT WAS FOR THE BUCK $$"S !
JerryNodak wrote on June 10, 2007
Why did Elvis record subpar material for the movies? Because he was getting paid up to $1,000,000 per picture. He may have hated most of the pictures and their songs, but back in the '60s that was a lot of money and Elvis always spent money like there was no tommorrow. More than once he took the money and ran (to purchase another new toy). He could have gotten out of the contracts (movies and later, Vegas) simply by hiring a few good lawyers, but he didn't. He just went along for the money. Everyone always blames the "Colonel" (and he isn't without blame), but it's time to take off the rose colored glasses and put some of the blame for career missteps on the artist, Elvis. Yes, I admit I do enjoy the soundtracks. The "movie years" are when I grew up. Nothing had a bigger impact on me than seeing Elvis up on the "Big" screen.
theoldscudder wrote on June 10, 2007
You make my point. It was for the money.
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 12, 2007
Looking foward to these releases. Good news about the newly discovered stereo recordings from "Easy Come Easy Go". Keep up the great work FTD.
JK wrote on June 12, 2007
Totaly agree with JerryNodak. I also enjoy the movie songs and my family to. A soundtrack like Fun In Acapulco always give us a "feel good" feeling. It's part of the legacy and part of the sentiment of wich a lot of us fans grew up with.