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That's The Way It Is Bonus Material?

May 21, 2007 | Video
According to an update on the Japanese Elvis World site this is the track listing for the bonus tracks on the upcoming "That's The Way it Is" deluxe edition:

(Never-before Seen Outtakes) 47 minutes:

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me;
Eating Burgers;
Cattle Call;
Baby Let's Play House;
Farther Along;
Oh Happy Day;
I Just Can't Help Believin';
Walk A Mile In My Shoes;
I've Lost You;
Sweet Caroline;
Little Sister;
Stranger In The Crowd;
Party Sequence.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum

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B_H wrote on May 21, 2007
IF this is true, it must be the best news we've gotten in a looooong time! Just too bad they didn't include a different version of polk salad, isn't it the same version in both the original and the special edition?
Mofoca22 wrote on May 21, 2007
how can they say dont, cattle call,and baby lets play house , and walk a mile in my shoes never before seen those are on the lost performance video and i just cant help believing, ive lost you, sweet caroline and youd ont have to say you love me thats on the orginal release of thats the way it is. im not dissapointed with the track listing but theres a lot more they could put there to make it worth while like are you lonesome tonight?, words, the next step is love its now or never to name a few.
Jerome wrote on May 22, 2007
nice deluxe edition. Personally, to me it's nothing new. Eating buergers and Cattle Call won't persuade me to buy this one. Not even the Party sequence..
Tony D. wrote on May 22, 2007
The "eating burgers" thing is cute. It is just Elvis and the band taking a spot of lunch between rehearsals and there is some amusing banter between the boys. Nice to see. Also, I wonder if the red shirt rehearsal of "Oh happy day" will have improved and properly balanced audio this time?!
JerryNodak wrote on May 22, 2007
The only reason I'll buy this is to get the original TWII on DVD. They say that the original will be on disc 2. And that better turn out to be the case or I'll be a very unhappy camper.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 22, 2007
Stranger in the crowd is the live version right? and the whole version? might sound like a silly question but who knows,get back has been edited out it seems,i think id rather have something else in little sister place then, something complete,hopefully the original ttwii will have been sound than the released version on dvd back in 97,i also would like lost performances on dvd,as already mentioned ,most of the bonus footage has been released hasnt it?
hankfnsw wrote on May 22, 2007
Dear Warner Bros, a few points, first get the audio correct in the original edition. Second is to have a better cover. The photoshop coloured cover & type is not dynamic enough. The word Elvis should not cover our main man. Use another pic of Elvis in original full colour. Thanks
Steve V wrote on May 22, 2007
Nice touch but where's Are U Lonesome Tonight which was promised on the Special Edt a few years ago? How about all The Lost Perfomances? Will we ever see those on DVD?
Sean Ryan wrote on May 22, 2007
I think they will bring out a lost Performences SE. Sounds logical to me.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 22, 2007
If its logical doesnt that mean it wont happen? do they still not have clearance on are you lonesome tonight? The last thing im concerned about is the cover,Add lost performances to the list of dvd releases!
Wiebe wrote on May 22, 2007
It's not as exciting as I had hoped, but there is some interesting stuff on there. I hope I Just Can't Help Believing and some of the other songs will be a different versions (since they said it was all previously unreleased). I'm sure Little Sister will not be edited, Get Back is also in the SE (rehearsal), so they already paid for it. Hopefully one day there will be a more spectacular release, not that we should complain, but having seen a lot of the material on bootleg video, we know what's out there. I hope they will release a complete show one day like opening night or aug. 12 midnight.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 22, 2007
If little sister is not edited then ill be happy for that,really wished they could just add are you lonesome tonight,stranger in the crowd will be cool ,the live version im guessing!
FJE wrote on May 22, 2007
Are these so called never-before-seen outtakes incorporated in any one of the feature films or did they take the lazy way out and just bundled them together as a bonus special feature? I bet it's the latter!
Maybellene wrote on May 22, 2007
Aas far as I know none of 9 shows (OS,11-14 DS&MS) on which MGM had cameras was filmed in complete video form.
Homie wrote on May 22, 2007
Interesting list of bonus tracks but not all of them are "neveer-before seen". Anyway "Stranger in the Crowd" and "I've Lost You" are two outtakes I'm looking forward to. Hopefully those outtakes will be in good quality with remastered picture and sound...
Wiebe wrote on May 24, 2007
It would be way too expensive to incorporate the bonus songs in the movies, and it wouldn't add to the movie, it would make it probably too long. I like it like this, a bonus disk. I think some of the shows where filmed at least almost in their entirety. Like aug 12, I've seen footage of all the songs except, Hound Dog, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (only the ending and part of the reprise), and Bridge Over Troubled Water. So at least this one is almost complete, there might be more.
king al wrote on May 24, 2007
Great news! Elvis's best performances of all time. Hope they will really release this ouutakes.
Juliepresleyfan wrote on May 25, 2007
great news now all we need is a uk release please please please on my knees oh please lol
marco31768 wrote on May 26, 2007
Why these outtakes wasn't released some years ago in the worldwide edition? Bmg/Sony is like Tom Parker...
Juliepresleyfan wrote on May 27, 2007
i guess they wanted more money they arent daft atall,i just hope it coms out on region 2 uk
JerryNodak wrote on May 27, 2007
Marco D.E.: The release of film outtakes has nothing to do with Sony/BMG. That's up to the film company that owns the rights to the outtakes.
Greg Nolan wrote on May 29, 2007
The prospect of these songs being issued in official "top-quality" quality is a big draw here, as well as having both the original and the "special edition" re-edit in one handy package. It's a pity they took so long with this. A year or so ago, these outtakes and many more leaked into the import market and to this day, there are some terrific versions that have been assembled under various titles. And of course, the 2001 launch of the re-edit was botched with the broadcast of it onto TMC before the disc hit the stores...! Still, many would argue that the King didn't get much better than he did in 1970, so like the '68 and Aloha special deluxe editions of 2004, this is a "no-brainer" purchase for hard-core fans. It deserves our support. I hope it does well.
marco31768 wrote on May 29, 2007
Dear JerryNodak, it 's only a matter of money! Only money, my friend...
JerryNodak wrote on May 29, 2007
Marco D.E.: It probably is all about the money, but even so the blame for not releasing film outtakes rests with the film company not Sony/BMG.