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Elvis At The Movies Delayed

May 10, 2007 | Music
The USA release date for “Elvis At The Movies” compilation has been put back one week to June 11th due to a problem with the master. If necessary the date will be delayed another week if the problem is not corrected as expected. Sony BMG Australia are also now planning to release “Elvis At The Movies” on June 11, 2007.
Source:Elvis Australia

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elvis-finland wrote on May 10, 2007
Release date in Finland is June 6, 2007 according to BMG Finland.
Brian Quinn wrote on May 10, 2007
Sony BMG just cannot seem to get anything right these days. I sincerely hope Bob Sillerman buys Elvis' back catalogue from them. Perhaps then we will see a resurgence of Elvis' albums, especially in the U.S. album charts.
JerryNodak wrote on May 10, 2007
If there's one thing I'm not worrying about in life it's when (or if) Sony/BMG ever releases this comp. I have absolutely zero interest.
Palle wrote on May 10, 2007
I, too, don't have any interest in this release and my money will stay in my wallet; but hopefully this release will attract some non-fan and make him/her a fan
Jerome wrote on May 10, 2007
delayed? No, problem. Take your time, I can wait..
Santa Claus wrote on May 11, 2007
World's greatest CD manufaction is too dumb to bring out a re-re-re-release in time.