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Elvis And Celine Dion Duet - The Clip

April 26, 2007 | Other
Here is the "If I Can Dream" duet Celine Dion "performed" with Elvis Presley on the American Idols show on April 25, 2007. Millions of American viewers watched as host Ryan Seacrest announced "Celine Dion is travelling back to the year she was born, 1968, to sing with the man who is and always will be the worlds Greatest Idol". Celine Dion was performing next to the Elvis impersonator Ryan Pelton from the Legends show in Las Vegas singing. This is what the live audience saw, for TV she was performing along side Elvis. For the close-ups they used the real Elvis. .

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ta2k wrote on April 26, 2007
Just looking at the above footage of Elvis has me punching the air with delight like a looney! Though i haven't heard it there must be a single release in this ! TCB.
CEP wrote on April 26, 2007
Just watched this on You Tube - wow! Really well done - Elvis looking cool and sounding great - even Celine Dion was in good form .There just has to be duets album in my view after this with some great video potential
Steve V wrote on April 26, 2007
This was excellent - the highlight of the show which was very good by the way. A potential hit in the making for sure! Technology is amazing.
Gabe wrote on April 26, 2007
This is a great duet, their voices are matching perfectly. I also think that Celine is certainly not overdoing her part and is humble to a piece of history which Elvis his part is of course. Perfectly balanced and amazing to see them together this way.
Dan wrote on April 26, 2007
The technical achievement was amazing. If i didn't know better, it seems as though Elvis was actually there singing live. You can see the shots from behind and to the side that were done with an impersonator. The clothes, the hair, everything was matched perfectly. I was VERY impressed! Great song, very powerfull. I think it summed up the theme of the show, helping others, walking "hand in hand". My only regret is that i had to sit through over and hour and a hlaf of that dreck to see our man.......ok, it was worth the wait! Elvis will never die!!!!!!
Andreas77 wrote on April 26, 2007
That was beautiful. It has to be followed by a single. Does anybody know?
miked wrote on April 26, 2007
Can only echo the sentiments of others, brilliant, similiar format to the British Radio 2 advert involving Stevie Wonder, Sugarbabes etc...........but with a song, and what a song. I think one of Elvis's best songs and well worth a proper release, and I think the "novelty value" if i can use that term, of this kind of video treatment will help enourmously..Brilliant, bring it on!!
Steve B. wrote on April 26, 2007
Just an amazing performance by both. Other than the "Aloha" telecast, I'm not sure if Elvis has ever sang to a larger audience.
elvisfreak wrote on April 26, 2007
one of the coolest and most impressive things I have ever seen and as much as I do not like her; I don't think anyone could have done a better job on that song with him and...it was just so amazing!
Brian Quinn wrote on April 26, 2007
At last. Something all fans can really be proud of. The technology for this duet was amazing. The audience for this programme was huge so just think how many new fans Elvis will pick up because of this. It was also a stroke of genius to use a contemporary song and not an old rocker. Both Celine Dion and Elvis complemented each other perfectly. It would be great if a single were released as I feel it would be a very big hit. Bob Sillerman has done more in 2 minutes than EPE/Sony BMG have done in the last 5 years.
PaulFromFrance wrote on April 26, 2007
Oh yes! Awesome! Overwhelming! I've just captured it from YouTube, and I can't stop to watch it. This is a wonderful exposure to the medias for our guy. Much more interesting that some remix made by a D.J. in a computer room. Wonderful! Thanks to Celine who is fantastic in this segment. GREAT !
Burninglove wrote on April 26, 2007
Just amazing...
byebye wrote on April 26, 2007
Awesome, and innovative! Too good to be wasted on AI, but I guess the kids today watch that crap, so at least they got a lesson from the 1:st divison.
Lex wrote on April 26, 2007
Normally I hate messing with Elvis' music... but now I can only say WOW! It is incredible. It asks for an album indeed... I can name a few... Bruce Springsteen, Tom Jones, Michael Bublé, Billy Joel, Michael Bublé, Tom Jones, Bruce Springsteen :-).
FJE wrote on April 26, 2007
Fantastic job by all concerned, whoever was responsible. This is what Elvis needs to be fully appreciated by today's young generation. So come on, wake up EPE! Pity yahoo says the song is "Peace In The Valley" instead of "If I Can Dream"!
RonBaker wrote on April 26, 2007
Absolutely the most amazing thing I've ever seen!!!! If RCA doesn't release this immediately, they are brain dead. This is a million seller for certain...no doubt!
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 26, 2007
Awesome!!! Back to the Man & His music. Excellant performance. Celine did an awesome job singing duet with Elvis. I hope there will be an immediate release of this performance both as a single as well as a video/DVD that the public can purchase. I have no doubt that this would be a Worldwide smash hit. I hope VH1 will show this too. Again great job. Well done.
Sean Ryan wrote on April 26, 2007
We Elvis fans are very hard to please but this has totally blown us all away.Im totally gobsmacked!!!! Im sure, after seeing this all of todays stars will be begging to perform with Elvis.
marco31768 wrote on April 26, 2007
Fantastic is my only word !!!
vivace160 wrote on April 26, 2007
Currently you can buy this clip through the iTunes Store (in the US section anyhow...not sure about other countries) for $1.99. Right now it's at the very top of the screen when you log into the store, but if you do a search for "Elvis Celine" you can find it that way as well. The whole thing really is amazing. The technology that is available these days is just unbelievable.
DEL BOY wrote on April 26, 2007
Absolutely AWESOME. This is how Elvis the Concert should have been produced. The song should now be released as a single, together with this video version. Celine is a perfect match for this song. Hopefully, with further coverage we may see a younger group of fans emerging.
Andreas wrote on April 26, 2007
Absolutly AMAZING!! Sent shivers down my spine. Elvis is one step ahead again, must be released just for the sheer WOW! factor.
My boy, my boy wrote on April 26, 2007
Well, as much as I can not stand Celine in the first place, I will agree with everybody about the fact that the performance itself is efficient. I was skeptical until I saw it. The illusion of a duet "live" could not have been better...these Ryan Pelton`s moves are quite uncanny ! I wish I could have seen Martin Fontaine from the Canadian production "Elvis story" doing it though. We would have had 2 Canadian artists on the stage....Bravo anyway !
Mystery Rider wrote on April 26, 2007
the song still blazes after 39 years and she makes it sizzle. truly just the beginning of what is ahead for Elvis Presley in the 21st century
losdemas wrote on April 26, 2007
WOW! One of the most exciting things here is that it looks like this is one of the few items on which absolutely all of us is agreed! Yes, it's an absolutely fabulous video, the song is a fan favourite, and Celine Dion gives a fantastic performance with lovely harmonies. Personally, I have never liked her music, but here she gives a very balanced performance, and approaches the whole thing as if it were a live duet with the King himself. I have to agree with everyone else and say that this (and more like it with other artists, if done with as much care as this - no last minute money-grabbing rush jobs, please!) would make a great and guaranteed addition to the charts.
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 27, 2007
This is a good opportunity to clarify my support for Elvis remixes. I am in favor of remixes when they are done in this quality and care. There is no question the originals should be preserved and be readily available to the public. But when I encourage remixes, the Celine Dion duet is a great example of what I'm talking about. I'm not in favor of just anyone with a mixing board throwing together a remix. When I talk in favor of remixes, I mean of this caliber. I hope BMG will look at the success of this fantastic duet and do more remixes of this caliber. All I can say is Excellant!!!!
Michael Comley wrote on April 27, 2007
In a word "FANTASTIC" & as someone has already posted, it is really nice to see that for once ALL the various message boards & groups seem to agree. It would be great to think that this awesome duet could spread a little bit of peace & harmony amongst us all. Well done to everyone involved. I must add though, PLEASE, PLEASE EPE listen to us, we want this on DVD, we want it released as a single. Do not waste such a golden opportunity, you have a potential worldwide hit in the palm of your hands. What better way to remember our man during the 30th Anniversay than a worldwide number one hit.
elvisfan1958 wrote on April 27, 2007
Unbelievable! Fantastic! Wow! Bravo to the people responsible for this great event. Chills went down my spine. It seemed like Elvis was back. Oh how we miss him. He showed everyone there, and everyone watching, what an American Idol is all about. None of the other performers on the show, even came close to his greatness. We need more of this on TV again. Thank you to everyone who had anything to do with getting this on the air. Thank you also to Ryan Seacrest for his intro, "The Worlds Greatest Idol". So true! We miss you Elvis!
Sandi wrote on April 27, 2007
What a wonderful way to show the world just how fantastic our MAN was & IS!!! Elvis was spectacular singing that poigent song & looked so, so very handsome! Let's all hope this will bring awareness to a new generation of fans! Myself, I don't ever watch AI, but I must give credit to them for that showcase & the fellow that had Elvis' moves down to a science~~~BRAVO!!! Long live THE KING!!!!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 27, 2007
I am not a fan of american idol,but i am glad to see Elvis getting such much deserved respect,and what a nice powerful message song,if only this world would listen to the words of this song,ill give idol credit for choosing to do this and a nice performance from dion,this was a great idea and should show those who doubt,that Elvis had the voice of all voices,TCB
Greg Nolan wrote on April 27, 2007
I don't watch the show regularly either, but the nice thing about it is that it tends to value actual singing, so what better place to have the King highlighted? It's a good move by Mr. Sillerman, who also owns "American Idol." I enjoyed it and technically it was well done. I'm sort of in the middle about Celine Dion, but she has been growing on me. I like how she harmonized with Elvis and how she pronounces or sings certain words. :-) It was a remarkably "pro-Elvis" moment, one we haven't had in about five years at least. About the only criticism that I could imagine is that it diminishes his "star" in the way that Colonel Parker protected him from direct competition with other artists. eeing "Celine Dion with Elvis Presley" as the title of this clip on many of the posts at "YouTube" would make his skin crawl. Given that it is 2007 and one can detect Elvis' star becoming slightly dimmer in the popular culture, this was a very smart -and enjoyable- move!
JimmyCool wrote on April 27, 2007
I didn't like it at all! No, I was just kidding! I'm speechless, when I saw it I got goosebumps all over my body. They did a very good special effect, it really looks like Elvis was there! They chose the right camera angles and everything... I'm so proud of Elvis, I wanna show this video to all people I know, this is big. I don't think anyone could not be surprised and thrilled by this. They should have done the same thing for "ELVIS - THE CONCERT" (At least on DVD) People behind Elvis' projects should follow this example, and make a duet album (not the lame import that came out a few days ago) and use this new AMAZING technology to see Elvis live more often :) I'm so happy!
Dan wrote on April 27, 2007
From what I understand , the technical proceedure they used to do this is called "rotoscoping". Frame by frame a computer program has to "Trace" around Elvis and"Separate" him from the original background, from there this "isolated" image is then re-inserted into the video of Celine. The size, placement, film or video "grain", everything must be perfect in order for it to be convincing. Seemlessly integrated with the impersonator, carefull to hid the face just enough to pull the whole thing off. The post editing alone must have been a nightmare! It is very time consuming and very labor intensive and very costly. To do an actual concert would be a very costly venture. I heard that they had to do 5 takes of this song as it was to get it right. But, it is flawless and perfect. Even my mother called and asked "How did they do that?" If this is the kind of stuff we can expect from the "New" Elvis Presley, Inc. ......then...bring it on, brother!!!!!
SuziB wrote on April 27, 2007
Celine Dion is simply awful - there is no emotion or soul in her voice on this at all and simply sings the song without feeling. BTW, this technique isn't new - we had a whole TV programme, seen to be series in the UK, doing the same thing...
old shep wrote on April 27, 2007
Great stuff! Let us have this as a single, it must be another number 1
EspenK wrote on April 27, 2007
Technically impressive, very impressive. Celine is a remarkably uninteresting voalist though - but oh well. As others has stated further down: This works as a good example of just one possible direction to go in regards remixes and new versions of Elvis recordings. They don't all have to be house/dance-productions, and they don't all have to have a very modern sound. This was a traditional arrangement, still refreshing to hear. Even the most purist of you gotta admit that?
Jerome wrote on April 27, 2007
I like this version, but why is the crowd acting as if they're in a football stadium?
Mark S. wrote on April 27, 2007
Just watched it on youtube… Don’t really know what to make of this. Technically (visually) very impressive. As for the music: not my thing. Celine is a good singer, but she’s not “getting” this song. The backing track is pretty much the same as the original, but isn’t nearly as intense. If Elvis had been there in person, there’s no doubt in my mind, he would’ve sung it differently. Because now it’s the intensity of his performance that is distracting. The music (and Celine) is simply too bland for it…
bastiaanvinke wrote on April 27, 2007
I have to agree with Mark S. Celines voice was not powerfull enough for this rendition of I can dream. I did like the clip seeing Elvis on stage.
TCB BABY! wrote on April 27, 2007
This just proves my point that these "Idol" programs and Celine Dion is what is WRONG with music today. What is next? A Beatles Hologram Tour?!?!?!?!
Macky wrote on April 27, 2007
Very Cool! Next: Polk Salad Annie with AC/DC!!
lvisfan wrote on April 27, 2007
I have to disagree with all the Celine bashing. She has great range and power and fortunately she didn't overpower Elvis on this performance (which she could easily have done). I think she put just the right amount of presence into the performance to give it a great balance. Would be great if RCA would release it, but you know how they are at good decision making. Not a stellar track record over the years. But we can still dream.
Mark S. wrote on April 27, 2007
lvisfan – It wasn’t my intention to bash Celine Dion. Saw her on Letterman a long time ago and she blew me away with her rendition of Ike & Tina Turner's "River Deep, Mountain High". She’s a good singer, but like I stated in my previous post: somehow she didn’t get “If I Can Dream”. She doesn’t match Elvis’ intensity at all. Which should’ve been the case in a duet. Her performance is alright though. On key, good timing, good voice. Elvis however is like a Fenix, rising from the ashes and singing his guts out Vocally (technically) he’s far from perfect, but his emotion on the track is what shines through. That’s what is missing in Celine’s vocal. Passion. She’s “just” singing the song…
Rev. Gerhard wrote on April 27, 2007
What a fantastic show ! Have we already had such a highlight as fans in the new century ? Thank you so much, Celine Dion!! But what must we read from Mr. Todd Morgan:" "This was a one-time, stand-alone event for last night's Idol Gives Back special and an iTunes video download only." Sorry. But I think this is absolute the wrong decision. This song has to go into the charts, last but not least because it has the right message for a suffering world.
old shep wrote on April 27, 2007
According to Todd Morgan at EPE there is no plans to release this as a single. Another opportunity missed!
Rev. Gerhard wrote on April 27, 2007
Yes, isn't it terrible ? Thank you for the supplement, Old Shep
EP1970 wrote on April 27, 2007
Really well done, great exposure for Elvis! Dion's a good singer in her own way and she did ok with the song but her voice and Elvis don't seem to go together that well when they sang together. She was fine when they alternated lines but I agree with Mark S. below - the intensity wasn't there. Her voice was too loud. There's a better match for Elvis' voice out there (maybe there isn't as he's on a different level). Dion would not be my first choice. My opinion only. Still, it was great for Elvis' popularity. think about it - he was showcased in front of over 30 million viewers. On my drive in to work the following morning the performance was being talked about on 2 radio stations in my city (Winnipeg, Canada). I was blown away by the compliments Elvis received. They even played clips of the duet. 30 years after his death he's still in the mainstream media. Only Elvis!
fllaw1 wrote on April 27, 2007
If your going to spread the word and keep the Man's Legend flourishing these things need to be done to a new generation and audience. Some of you sound so selfish sometimes. You know everyone of you would kill to be able to do that up on stage, just like I'm sure Celine Dion was very honored as well.
Robban wrote on April 27, 2007
This is the way to go, to get Elvis new fans. and spread his name worldwide.
old shep wrote on April 27, 2007
Perhaps the Elvis organization have something really interesting to commemorate 30 years since Elvis' passing instead of releasing this duet - like a hits compilation, we really need them don't we! What a pity these people have sh-t for brains
miked wrote on April 27, 2007
I know I'm in the best Elvis talking shop but I went to Elvis.com, the EPE site and I couldnt find anything about the subject. Did I miss it, or is this a glaring indication of what EPE interest there is, or should I say isn't, in the concept of getting this out to people on disc?
old shep wrote on April 27, 2007
You wont Elvis.com are a waste of time, they can't even keep up with the gold and platinum awards
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 27, 2007
How can they keep dropping the ball? All through Elvis music career and since his passing, soooo many opportunities have been missed by those with the power. This performance should be immediately available on DVD as well as a single. It should be shown on VH1. This is what the public wants, instead of the next ridiculas trinket with the "official" Elvis name on it. I hope they pull their heads out of the sand and capitalize on this. I believe this "If I Can Dream" duet will do far better than the "A Little Less Conversation" remix in the charts as well as sales if they'll push it now. Enough with the silly products like the Elvis duck & the Elvis "brand" coffee. Listen to the public and take advantage of this opportunity in front of you EPE.
old shep wrote on April 27, 2007
I agree all the way Dixie Rock, perhaps Todd slaughter could put some pressure on, The release of this as a cd single and video would be the best news this year.
secondrichard wrote on April 27, 2007
It should be released to put Elvis back on top of the charts. But I think it'll be a rights problem again. The rights for Celine's voice, the rights for Elvis' voice, songwriters who want their share etc. For a businessman to much costs and to little profit. They don't care about Elvis being on top of a list, they only care about the cashing. And along with that: is the duet that great ...? Celine ruins one of Elvis' finest songs ever. She simply can't keep up with him during this song. I watched it 2 times: first I was amazed and enthousiastic, the second time I hoped somebody could get that damn Dion voice of this Elvis classic.....Nice try Celine, but you've failed. Elvis is a league higher....
everett001 wrote on April 27, 2007
Isn't this great. I'm not a big Celine fan; but she has been very successful. This should definitly be a CD and a DVD project. EPE has dropped the ball on this one if they dont release it. Even the Colonel would see that.
Rob Nelson wrote on April 28, 2007
I am one of the million of Canadians that has enjoyed Celine Dion's career over the years. I have also enjoyed watching Celine Dion deliver powerful and truly entertaining live performances. In my opinion, during this special production duet with Elvis Presley, Celine's performance demonstrates to this viewer that she was respectfully aware of whom we shared the opportunity of the spotlight. To this viewer's ears Celine did not display an egotistical or grandiose approach. She sang as one of the team supporting and repecting our man. Thankyou Celine for taking the time to share a wonderful musical moment. I must also say I was thinking out loud how awesome a moment that would have been had the real Elvis been alive today to share the stage with you. The technology today is dazzling and amazing. I hope they will share more moments like this one in the future. Thanks for the privilege of sharing my comments.
benny scott wrote on April 28, 2007
Rob Nelson,everett001 and many others ( i can't name they all): you all are so richt. A week ago i wrote that Céline's voice is not my cup of tea but that she sure can sing. Well, i must admit that she did a wonderful performance. Whith a lot of recpect: hats off to Céline! Great lady! As for our man: what else can i say? He will always be the greatest.
Viva wrote on April 28, 2007
Raw, untamed, natural emotion. Unequalled power and PURE GENIUS coupled with a factory produced, whining, tacky, irritating emotionless insult to a truly great song. Impersonators on his front lawn, his face on a duck and now one of the finest examples of his unequalled talent has been relegated to that of a joke by the worlds most irritating vocalist. Awful, simply awful. 10 out of 10 for the video effect though.
Jim Turner wrote on April 28, 2007
i'm writing this as i am watching the duet. i think the technology is amazing, i think it works very well. the performance is always going to get mixed reviews no matter who sings with elvis, as we are back at the "no one is good enough to share the song". i don't agree, if this is what can be achieved think of the possible future duets, the list is endless as long as they pick people who can sing and not people who are out to jump on the bandwagon. i remember a duets album was planned in the late 70's early 80's and it was cancelled, probably money/ ownership etc. well i think there will be a market for one after this performance.
MR61 wrote on April 28, 2007
Give me a break please .
big heart wrote on April 29, 2007
to see elvis on stage again was amazing; loved the technology, however, did not care for celine's performance. could have gotten somebody else. just makes me realize how much elvis is missed.
tcbndixie wrote on April 29, 2007
Oh course, EP was at his all time best and glad for the exposure so the younger generation could see what real talent is...but...it would have been alsolutely awesome if Lisa Marie had done the duet with her dad. Celine is a great performer and LMP may not have the range needed for this song either...but she would have had the passion needed to pull this off. All in all...glad it was done...the technology is awesome!!
Indy5258 wrote on April 30, 2007
agree it would have been awesome if it had been Lisa dueting with Elvis and not Dion, I don't dislike Dion but EP's performance was passionate, hers was not. She didn't connect with the song or the way Elvis sang it. She was flat and in the wrong key and her voice just didn't go with Elvis'. However, having said that the concept of the duet (i.e. the hologram) was absolutely awesome and believable and should it be released it would be an instant number one!
Aron wrote on April 30, 2007
I totally agree, technically this is a great job. But I can't stand Dion, she performed like a robot. No emotion, no feelings, not passionate, her voice doesn't fit to EP's wonderful performance. Again I realize how much Elvis is missed!
Elvis wrote on May 05, 2007
Yes the video is great but it is really too bad that impossible to buy the video clip on itunes here in Europe. It's only reserved for the US. There is another thing that looks strange to me. On the official website, they don't speak anymore of this duet. Everything about the duet has been taken out.
get real wrote on May 11, 2007
there is a great clip on you tube that shows the making of the clip. It is interesting. And they said it could not have been easier to do. They said the white suite with the dark background made made it almost too easy to do. just FYI.