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April 11, 2007 | Other
For our last quick poll we wanted to know your opinion on EPE buying up property around Graceland. No less than 91 percent of the 317 voters thought that was a good idea. Guess we will have to wait and see what they do with it.

Our new poll is quite simple; the original release of "50 Millions Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong" was a classic, not the day it was released, but it became one very quickly, partly due to the often imitated but never surpassed cover. We want to know if you think the Follow That Dream edition is a "classic" too.

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Lex wrote on April 11, 2007
I voted no without listening, since I miss the booklet... or is that just my copy??
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on April 12, 2007
It happens sometimes...Sometimes even the disc is missing! Ask for a booklet,maybe you'll get that for free. Without listening,this is a classic in my opinion.
whetherman wrote on April 12, 2007
Think you just missed out there Lex. There IS a booklet and a fine one it is too. This is most definitely a Classic Album.