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A New Kind Of Rhythm!

March 19, 2007 | Music
The Madison label will release soon a new CD titled ''A New Kind Of Rhythm!'' featuring the March 21, 1976 evening show in Cincinnati, OH. For the first time, the whole performance will become available as originally recorded, in '' living binaural ''. This concert was recorded in binaural with Larrie Londin's drums separated on one track, which definitely gives a new life to that show with his heavy drumming style. The recording runs also a bit more longer since it contains the complete '' final announcements '', not featured on '' Holding Back The Years '' released in mono.

Elvis' performance that night at the Riverfront Coliseum was excellent by 1976 standard. His revamped TCB crew with Larrie Londin on drums and Shane Keister on piano certainly add that evening, a freshness that cannot be denied. Elvis was on stage to have fun and he did, but got serious on songs such as '' You Gave Me A Mountain '', '' America The Beautiful '', '' And I Love You So '' and '' Hurt '' ( including a full reprise ). His new musicians didn't let him down either on heavier numbers like '' Steamroller Blues '' and '' Polk Salad Annie ''. As the audio evidence proves, Larrie's powerhouse drumming and Shane's bright keyboard stylings gave the music a new spark, a new kind of rhythm for America's Bicentennial year.

The packaging will come with a 16 page booklet , picture disc, relevant liner notes and over 25 photographs from the actual concert. This is not a new show...but definitely a different and new kind of sound !

Tracks :

01 - Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra 0:36 ; 02 - C.C. Rider 4:06 ; 03 - I Got A Woman / Amen 4:37 ; 04 - Love Me (w/false start) 1:57 ; 05 - Let Me Be There 2:48 ; 06 - Love Me Tender 1:44 ; 07 - Steamroller Blues 3:03 ; 08 - All Shook Up 1:00 ; 09 - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 2:05 ; 10 - You Gave Me A Mountain 3:23 ; 11 - Polk Salad Annie 3:41 ; 12 - Introductions by Elvis of vocalists, band (incomplete) 0:39 ; 13 - What I'd Say? (James Burton) 0:47 ; 14 - Drum solo (Larrie Londin) 0:43 ; 15 - Bass solo (Jerry Scheff) 1:00 ; 16 - Piano solo (Shane Keister) 0:59 ; 17 - Electric piano solo (David "Bobby" Briggs) 0:45 ; 18 - Introduction by Elvis of orchestra 0:18 ; 19 - School Day (Joe Guercio Orchestra) 0:59 ; 20 - And I Love You So (w/false start) 4:00 ; 21 - Hurt 2:17 ; 22 - Hurt (full reprise) 2:11 ; 23 - Emergency Announcement (Elvis) 0:29 ; 24 - Burning Love 3:05 ; 25 - America The Beautiful 2:12 ; 26 - Hound Dog 1:58 ; 27 - Funny How Time Slips Away 3:07 ; 28 - Can't Help Falling In Love 1:49 ; 29 - Closing vamp 1:14 ; 30 - "Elvis Has Left The Building" and Final Announcements (Al Dvorin) 3:10
Source:For CD Collectors Only
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 19, 2007
Come on madison, weres the 75 shows that were talked about? not a reissue again!
Ronaldv wrote on March 19, 2007
Oh gee, not a re-release again!! DAE released this fabulous concert back in 1995 in already splendid sound! It's in my collection for years now. all those crap about improved sound quality, I don't need this! Bring on an unreleased concert from this short tour, what about a soundboard from Johnson City???
Ciscoking wrote on March 19, 2007
A step backwards, Madison !!
Jerome wrote on March 19, 2007
I don't know the contect.. but a terrible, terrible cover
RJ wrote on March 19, 2007
Thank god I own the original boot. Mixed down to mono resulted in the best sounding soundboard to date. This will not be an improvement, but still interesting for those who don't have the original though...
Tony D. wrote on March 19, 2007
I don't agree the cover is "terrible"; it's from the actual show and Elvis didn't look his absolute best at this time. It's difficult to think what you expect on the cover, Jerome.
ranskal wrote on March 20, 2007
For some reason...I really like this show. You definitely get a different "feel" on the songs with the different drummer. A few personal highlights are And I Love You So (after the false start), Hurt w/ reprise, and America the Beautiful. If you don't have the show, I recommend it.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 20, 2007
If you dont own Holding back the years then yes this would be a great cd for you,i love the show myself,but i think madison is off course,many of there releases now feature very little new material,i dont know about all this binaral stuff but if there thinking fans will buy this show again because of that then i think there mistaken,in fact i like the sound on the holding back the years cd ,really differt and nice change of pace from tutt, even though i think tutt is a great drummer,just make it a straight copy of holding back the years and call it a day,all this so called improved sound etc is a bit annyoing, when i doubt its the case!
Lex wrote on March 20, 2007
baggypants, I guess you'd rather settle for a cover without E? :-)
RonBaker wrote on March 20, 2007
Binaural has to sound better than mono. At least it is one complete concert from beginning to end and not bits and pieces of shows patched together. The hard part will be finding this cd to buy.
Anton wrote on March 20, 2007
BMG should purchase ALL shows or part of it and bring it all out on FTD label ! But at good prices i.e. US$25 (in 2007 and only 20 dollars in 2008). If this kind of Concert is marketable, then we believe that EonTour (12 concerts of 1972 as filmed by MGM, not the entire movie) should then also be on CD for FTD together with DVD that goes with it....and then BMG can raise price to US$45. Also, why not release complete show as recorded in Memphis 74 and bring it out in 2007 on FTD?? Just upgrading, editing and enhancing the existing CD would only cost BMG one dollar and a-half but BMG would collect huge profits! The same goes for EinPerson and EonStage both in Vegas and TTWII full show (not entire movie) from Vegas filming done by MGM and put it on DVD that could be sold together with same CD - all for only US$45 or 50 streching it allright. Let's face it boys: 1972 concerts and 1070 shows are much better quality than 1976/77 so why wait BMG and EPE? Until older elvis fans have died and no longer buy those that you might want to release in 2025? C'mon on ev'rybody !
Mark S. wrote on March 20, 2007
Anton wrote: "Also, why not release complete show as recorded in Memphis 74 and bring it out in 2007 on FTD??" Ehmmm...I dunno... Maybe because they already released it in 2004???
asd123 wrote on March 20, 2007
Have you all forgotten about the fabolous "One night only" release? I think this will be a winner as well, even if it has been released before a decade (!!) ago. By the way... it is already out!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 20, 2007
Yes, that was a great release,but the difference here is there was great room for improvment on that release from the original release(power of zham) but here we have a concert that has been released in great sound already and im not sure about the bineral thing it doesnt make me want to rebuy a show i have,now for those who dont own holding back the years then this is probally a no brainer, and id pick it up if u dont own it on the other mentioned cd!
You Dont Know Me wrote on March 20, 2007
I WILL be getting this release because i already liked the sound on 'let me be there'-binaural! Also photos from actual show are a great and expected idea-looking forward to this one!
stanton wrote on March 23, 2007
I just might get it..I think this might be worth a try. Besides: I got pics of Elvis looking very handsome from 1977 even. Much more handsome than others do while being healthy - so that`s that.
Jerome wrote on March 24, 2007
you're right stanton, that's something most people seem to forget. They give a lot of comments about Elvis his looks while they perhaps should look in the mirror themselves. Anyway, although Elvis perhaps looked, for his standards, not good, therefore I think this cover S*CKS! There are other pictures more worthy (of the sames show) that can be used for a cover, poor taste I guess.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 24, 2007
Does anyone care about the sound of a cd, or is everyone too focused on the covers to care? i myself dont sit and compare pics of elvis and say gee he looks sexy here but this one he looks alful,maybe im just crazy and am more intersted in the sound of a cd,i do like liner notes and yes a nice pic is always welcome, in this case, i dont see what the big deal is,its too bad this concert has already been released as the sound cant be topped from that release,bineral? ok whatever!
You Dont Know Me wrote on March 26, 2007
Well i got this CD and after listening last night and again this morning i'm 'BLOWN AWAY' by the shows energy + sounds FANTASTIC and boy Als marketing speech after the show is incredable! this is a CD you simply HAVE to own to appreciate what an incredable package it is!! and yes booklet it 'great' too another winner from Madison!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 27, 2007
Marketing speech is incredable? your kidding right?
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on March 30, 2007
I just got it,the sound quality is very good and the booklet is nice,too! The original boot was good,but this is much better. And i agree with You Dont Know Me,the marketing speech is very interesting,it's nice to have.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 30, 2007
What makes it better than the original? The booklet? The marketing speech?
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on March 31, 2007
1. The booklet 2. The better sound quality 3. The originally missing parts (3 minutes). Isn't it enough? However,if you already have the original,then it's not very important to buy this reissue. But for those who don't have the original,this reissue is very useful.
You Dont Know Me wrote on April 02, 2007
100% perfectly said FLY TROUBLE!
briget wrote on April 04, 2007
Ok those who have already purchased this Madison release ,where did you get it from because I cant find it anywhere !!