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Elvis Sails

By ElvisNews.com / Kees, February 27, 2007 | Music
Reissued by the Dutch Elvis For Everyone fan club are three versions is the 1958 EP “Elvis Sails”. The three CDs were announced as replicas of the original EP releases, are they?

For starters, I like the idea of reissues, especially for us younger fans it is nice to collect “original” releases. It was fun to go to the record shop and buy the UK #1 reissue singles and seeing them pop up in the chart and making it to #1. These reissues were reissued in a limited edition of 500 copies, so they probably won't chart.

These three CDs were announced as replicas of the original E.P. releases but the first error the producers made was the use of jewel cases. If you reissue an EP, why not use cardboard sleeves? The back is a new design so the designer of this reissue misses out here too, it should simply be the back cover of the original release.
In stead of three versions, why not add a booklet with all covers and background information? The quality of the covers of the three versions – US, German and Japanese – are o.k., but the Japanese edition is a bad scan, this makes the reproduction cheap.


Elvis was hot when the original was released, he could release a pressconference, sell close to 1 million copies and peak at #2 on the chart with it.

As for the content on this reissue; it is all talking and it is all Elvis, recorded September 22 1958 - Brooklyn, New York, nothing new, but that was not to be expected. The bonus material is just filling, when reissuing, stick to the original content, especially with material like this. The audio has been remastered and sounds good.


A nice idea, unfortunately not realized in a way that makes it a fun item to collect. Hopefully future reissues will be better, we know this fan club can do it correctly; they did a nice job – design wise – on their reissues of the SUN singles.

You can also get the Follow That Dream Classic Album reissue of "50,000,000 Million Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong" which features "Elvis Sails" too.

Track listing:

September 22 1958 - Brooklyn, New York

The Original EP
1. Press Interview with Elvis Presley
2. Elvis Presley`s Newsreel Interview
3. Pat Hernon Interviews Elvis

The Press Meets Elvis

4. highlights From The Press Conference

The Press Conference Excerpts

5. About The Army Days
6. 25 Gold records
7. German Language
8. From Ford Hood To Brooklin
9. About His Fanclubs And mail

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Mystery Rider wrote on March 30, 2007
what would be nice is all the tape of the conferance filmed at the BAT on sept 22.