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Sports Illustrated: Swimsuits In Memphis

February 15, 2007 | Other
This years swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated was partly shot in Memphis, Graceland was visited by the models too. Here is the update from EPE:

Girls! Girls! Girls! Grab your beach towel, Graceland makes a splash in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Elvis starred with bombshells in bikinis when he filmed GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! in 1962, but in 2007, his beloved Memphis mansion is one the stars of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

The magazine and SI.com feature 20 of the world’s most beautiful supermodels posing at spectacular locations around the world as well as some of the biggest stars in the world of music, including Elvis Presley’s Memphis mansion. SI newcomer Tori Praver and favorite Oluchi Onweagba sizzled on the hot streets of Memphis and in the hallowed halls of Graceland with photographer Walter Chin.

The much anticipated stand-alone edition will reach more than 67 million adults in the U.S. alone and is the most widely-read issue of any magazine in the world. This year’s issue is the ninth orchestrated by Swimsuit Editor Diane Smith. The annual search for paradisiacal locales took the magazine to ten unique locations which all played into the issue’s music theme: Arizona, Brazil, Florida, Jamaica, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Maui, Memphis, New York and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

The 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special premieres on TNT this Saturday, February 17, at 11 p.m. ET. The special, hosted by Brooklyn Decker and Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, takes an exciting behind-the-scenes look at the making of the issue with exclusive footage and model interviews.

You can see more shots of the model Tori Paver in Graceland and Memphis on the Sports Illustrated website.

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JimmyCool wrote on February 15, 2007
One word: Yummy! Elvis sure would loved to be there... after all, it's his home! LOL
Jazz wrote on February 15, 2007
What does that have to do with Elvis's talent?! hope EPE can start promoting Elvis!
gbalaban wrote on February 15, 2007
She goes real nice with the furniture. :}
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on February 15, 2007
Screensaver, folks?!
mikem wrote on February 16, 2007
this chick should be there everyday in my opinion. it gives graceland a updated look!
jamiecoyne wrote on February 16, 2007
ranskal wrote on February 16, 2007
I think it's great idea...having some pictures done at Graceland. I really don't see any harm with it...it's not like they filmed a porno in the jungle room!! I wonder if she is "Moody Blue"???
PaulFromFrance wrote on February 16, 2007
It's better than Oprah and some lunatics having a meal in the dining room. Of course, here, as all the women are topless on the beaches and wear some revealing clothes in the streets, these kind of pictures appears to be very "soft". A calendar for children, maybe. Not a big deal, but doing nothing to promote Elvis as an artist.
CEP wrote on February 16, 2007
My boy,My boy - like the song says - there's a pretty little thing, waiting for the King, down in the Jungle Room -This is a great idea for trying to make Elvis and his kingdom modern and cool again
Devon wrote on February 16, 2007
Like i always have said, Elvis may be gone but it only gets better. The King lives and this will show the world who is still # 1 in the world.
tigerpawl wrote on February 16, 2007
"What in the world! Who would had thought Sports Illustrated shooting inside Graceland. Another way to market Graceland and Elvis. Another beauty inside Graceland. I wonder what our model was thinking while being photographed in the jungle room. Graceland is the most visited house in the US and the Jungle Room is becoming the most famous room in anyones house. I wil have to say myself that when I visited I felt like the Jungle Room was my favorite.
kev11467 wrote on February 16, 2007
Ahhhh...it's good to be The King LOL........
stanton wrote on February 17, 2007
I think it`s a sexy and thrilling idea to keep Elvis memories alive not only as a music legend and the monarch of rock, but also as a very handsome man who had lots of women adore him all his life...so I think it is good to remind the rest of the world that "our man" was a very handsome and attractive guy, not a withdrawn Howard Huge or a living bordom, how some sources meanwhile try explain him. Of course the idea was taken from Linda Thompson pics in the Jungle Room looking something like the pic you`re showing, but that one is not very popular so I guess you could call the idea innovative, after all. Basically the idea was Elvis`idea with his beloved Polaroid and Linda, though.
jitterbug3577 wrote on February 19, 2007
No!!! and I do mean no. Elvis is Elvis... and like other have said, what's this got to do with the music and his voice. This is utterly outragous. How dare you to even think of such an idea.......
SPK wrote on February 20, 2007
It is very saddening to see that Humes High School and Graceland agreed to let Sport's Illustrated use their campus and Elvis' beloved home for risque' photos that are now appearing on Elvis Presley websites. Please use wisdom now and in the future. This is a terrible temptation for lust and greed. Actually, everything Elvis did not believe in.
kev11467 wrote on February 22, 2007
I don't get you people.......something associated with Elvis being "risque"??? Elvis WAS risque!!! How soon you forget the swiveling hips, the sneer, the hair, the clothes....that's what made Elvis "ELVIS".....I think it's cool as hell these beauties are posing in the Jungle Room and other Elvis places, and don't think for a minute he's not up there somewhere smirking saying "My girl my girl"......