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Elvis Christmas Promotion

November 28, 2006 | Music
BMG created a mini site / e-card for the upcoming release "Elvis Christmas". This card also promotes the TV Guide editions from early december with an Elvis promotional CD (the TV Guide site does not feature the Elvis edition yet).

BMG also promotes this CD through a commercial which was shown on the Game Show Network on Satelitte TV in the U.S.

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MauriceColgan wrote on November 29, 2006
A welcome developement. An Elvis Christmas album promoted on TV! That will surely help the sales of the excellent Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show DVDs? Elvis message boards should be alive with the good news even here in Irelandtoo.
Devon wrote on November 30, 2006
I have every Xmas song Elvis ever did. Not for me Thank you very much.
MauriceColgan wrote on November 30, 2006
Devon, I too have all the Elvis Christmas songs....... a couple of times:-) Don't you think it would be nice to see other people get the opportunity to aquire them? I first heard Elvis's "Santa Claus is Back in Town" played loud at an open air market in the UK, and it was snowing, December 1957! Those were the days..and now we are looking at Elvis Calenders and DVDs in our shops 50 years later.........here in Irelandtoo:-)
Jerry 79 wrote on December 04, 2006
I think that "If every day was like Christmas" is the best Christmas CD. Very good content - interesting cover. The others are just money makers...
lvisfan wrote on December 04, 2006
I got the "Blue Christmas" 8 song compilation just because I buy every variation there is every year. I think I'm sick or something. Anyway, I'm glad I bought this one because on the 70's tracks, I noticed they had been remixed. No longer were the drums and bass in the left or right channel, they were more centered. Plus on "Winter Wonderland" the lead guitar has some special effects, making it sound a little distant. Sounded good to me and refreshing at the same time. I'm wondering if this CD is all done the same way. If It is, I'll have to buy it too. Those old early 70's mixes are a bit annoying to me with they way they panned the drums and backup singers. I'd love to see more remixes like this using the original masters.