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New Walmart Elvis CD

November 12, 2006 | Music
Here is the 'Elvis Christmas'' CD from Wal-Mart. As mentioned earlier this edition comes with an extra bonus track. It contains the previously unreleased take 12 of "Somebody Bigger Than You And I". This CD features 24 songs and sticker on front states ''As Seen On TV - Elvis's 2 original Christmas albums available for the first time on one CD! ''
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Gabe wrote on November 12, 2006
Take 12 of ''Somebody Bigger'' isn't unreleased, it is available on the FTD cd ''Easter Special'' of 2001.
PTCJones wrote on November 12, 2006
Yes and continuing with the misinformation, as mentioned on earlier articles, these tracks have been released many times before together. I think the way they are getting around this claim is by omitting If Every Day Was Like Christmas.
JerryNodak wrote on November 12, 2006
The term unreleased in this case refers to the general public. FTDs are priced in the general range of $25.00-$65.00 (USD) on the web. Most casual buyers don't have these. Omitting If Everyday Was Like Christmas has nothing to do with it. That track wasn't included on either of the two original Christmas albums. t's just mis-information pure and simple. If they had included If Everyday Was Like Christmas as the bonus tracck, I might have bought this release.
PTCJones wrote on November 12, 2006
Most humble apologies JerryNodak. Once again, I bow to your expertise in everything as usual. If I may be so bold as to mention that you misunderstood my point. By omitting If Everyday Was Like Christmas, they could be telling the truth in that it is the first time this particular compilation may have been used (but I may be wrong, in which case I'm sure someone will correct me). It also appears that the tracks are in their original order on both albums, this may also be a way of making this claim. Finally, using the thought process that because FTD is expensive gives them the right to label it as "unreleased" I think is simplistic and probably illegal. As mentioned on articles on this website before, FTD is released in Denmark and so an official U.S. release could be classed as unreleased for the U.S. only.
Carl wrote on November 14, 2006
An interesting question is: Will this release count toward an RIAA Diamond award? After all, this is just the 1957 RCA Christmas album and the 1971 Wonderful World of Christmas albums plus a bonus track. If not, then why didn't BMG/Sony put the Camden "repackage" or the so-called 1970 package tracklist on here, ship a million copies and get the RIAA Diamond certification? Is the 1970 package still available or is it a dead end release? BMG/Sony need to discuss this with representatives of the RIAA and get it cleared up so a Diamond award could be granted. This release should be a huge seller at Wal-Mart and should get Elvis over the Diamond hump. Moreover, the RIAA goes buy copies "Shipped" and not by copies "sold". It is about time Elvis received a Diamond Award. The Beatles have many Diamond Awards. The Stones have one for Hot Rocks. Led Zeppelin and AC/DC have them. Elvis should receive one for the 1957 Christmas album. They are such boneheads at BMG. Why not put the two bonus tracks from the "1970 Camden package" on there just for good measure...and to play it safe with the RIAA certifications. That way it would ensure that the 1970 package goes Diamond. This is covering all the bases. If the 1970 cheapho budget Camden album is at 9X Platinum (hard to believe), would putting the bonus tracks, "If Every Day Was Like Christmas" and "Mama Liked the Roses", get us a 10X Platinum and a Diamond? It would be outsmarting the RIAA people and beat them at their own game. But then you have the problem of: Was the Camden album in Mono or Stereo? Does this album have to be in Mono to qualify as a re-release of the 1970 package? Would going Stereo disqualify the release? I do think that BMG should have had an eye on the Diamond award and not let the chance go by.
JerryNodak wrote on November 14, 2006
Carl:Great points. It would be interesting to hear the answers from Ernst/BMG/Sony/EPE/RIAA.
MR61 wrote on November 15, 2006
the 1970's elvis christmas album is still available i bought a copy while i was in memhis from the graceland shop . i have just bought elvis christmas from woolworths for £3.79 cheap if you ask me it has a different track list to the one from 1970's and christmas peace from last year .