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FTD Plans 2007

November 16, 2006 | Music
In January 2007 FTD will release a complete soundboard from February 1977 called 'Unchained Melody'. In April they will release 'An American Trilogy' containing live recordings from Las Vegas February 1972. Also planned are two other releases.
Source:Elvis Australia
MarkE wrote on November 16, 2006
nothing to get excited about then, i hope the classic albums are much better choices
elVis112 wrote on November 16, 2006
"Nothing to get excited about"? I don't know about you, but I have been waiting for a proper release of the February '72 recordings for ages. This is one of the soundwise best and most brilliant Elvis recordings ever achieved live-wise and some of Elvis performances show him on his very peak. I really do hope they have enough "complete recordings" to put together an exciting command performance from this material - then, I am absolutely sure, we all will be in for a real treat.
RJ wrote on November 16, 2006
Rumours indicate either Montgomery or Charlotte are chosen. Nice, but already available on soundboard.. but maybe this time a complete show indeed. Let's wait and see.....
MarkE wrote on November 16, 2006
I have alot of the Feb 72 shows on bootlegs, and Elvis sounds bored and uninspired, i'll leave this one.....
asd123 wrote on November 16, 2006
In my opinion... great news!! Feb 1977 was a great time!! Just listen to Cajun Tornado and the Baxter release...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 16, 2006
Wow i never knew that those feb vegas recordings are also on bootleg,i welcome a relase from vegas 72,as for the first title i doubt they will use a show that has been bootlegged even if its not been bootlegged completely,and back to the vegas 72,another reason i think the book writing for the king is not a smart idea,the july 69,august 70 and feb 72 recordings should be on there on seperate release, as for those classic albums, i wish they would drop that idea and concentrate on regular releasees,so i look forward to vegas feb 72 ,only wish it was the jan release,and also still waiting on that 71 nashville outtake cd1 ernst ernst,i know they will get around to it, later folks
genedin wrote on November 16, 2006
as always i welcome every release and if it doesn appeal to me i wont buy it but that doesnt mean thousands of others wont also. and when you buy this from a dealer do you get to preview it,no you dont so your taking chances on just being a true elvis fan then arent you? i think the ftd collection has been a blast with some releases better than others but somehow someway they all find there way into my player,yes even too much monkey business. keep em coming to me for one,
JerryNodak wrote on November 16, 2006
What's the source of this info? Has any of this been confirmed by reliable sources? 'Til then I'm not going to get excited about any of this. Actually, I'm most curious about the two other planned releases.
acmeruya wrote on November 17, 2006
While I am grateful to Ernst & BMG for everything new that is put out on the FTD label, my mouth waters at the thought of new releases on the 'Classic Album' series, Soundtracks and other miscellaneous sessions. I hope these soundboard releases will be complemented with something sweet for us session collectors - Stax '73, Jungle Room Vol. 2, Nashville '71, Pot Luck.... I'd even settle for an extended version of Blue Hawaii or GI Blues (how about a triple CD set for these?)...
Lefty wrote on November 17, 2006
I'm excited about both potential releases. It means a lot when FTD releases material from 77, especially since RCA/BMG and Graceland have stayed away from that part of Elvis' career for so long. Maybe, just maybe, this release is a front runner to an upcoming "In Concert" DVD and CD package. It would be great if an entire concert from 72 was also in the works. My guess is that this project will contain the unreleased recordings for the defunct "Standing Room Only" project. What has been released on "Burning Love" is awesome, both in delivery and in sound quality. Hopefully, this will be a front runner to the "On Tour" material we all want so badly.
Rob Wanders wrote on November 17, 2006
sounds promising. And then in june/july the long expected cd with the 71 Nashville recordings!!! Oh yes......!!!! To dream the not so impossible dream...!
Wiebe wrote on November 17, 2006
I think 1972 is a great year, happy with the release. The feb 1977 is also something to look forward to. Rob, I'll drink a glass of lilac wine to that.
RonBaker wrote on November 17, 2006
I agree that 77 needs better representation. I really liked 'Shaking up the Great Lakes'. I thought Elvis sounded great. What I'm hoping for from FTD is: 'The Sun Years', 'Elvis'--the second album--in the classic series mode, 'Pot Luck', 'Stax sessions'....I think I've heard enough of Blue Hawaii and GI Blues on the standard cds. Another idea might be to group all the 50s binaural recordings into one set. Maybe even tinkering with the tracks to get a better 'stereo' image. There are some masters among them: 'Jailhouse Rock' for example.
jcorley wrote on November 17, 2006
I must say that I look forward to these releases and I will purchase these without any thought. I am eager to learn of the "two other releases". Sounds promising so far.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 17, 2006
Falchro1 what feedback are you reading? everyone has had postative things to say about these forthcoming releases,they gave ideas but also said they look forward to these releases,does those ideas make them spoiled and complainers? as for the dont buy it if you dont like,isnt that like saying well theres no good movies to go see,so i wont wish they make better ones, ill just set and keep my mouth shut and save my money,ideas are what turn in to ftd releases,on that note the only thing i dont like with ftd is the classic series,problem is i wont those unreleased tracks but dont like buying what i already have,so its a little more complicated than if u dont like dont buy,as for these 2 releases i like the idea,and also think a feb vegas cd will be cool,illo only add that a nashville 71 disc is long over due,so i look forward to it also, thats all!
MR61 wrote on November 17, 2006
More from 77 please and also 72 most of my 72 collection is on vinyl, and theres not enough 77 out there need more from the june tour also the spring tours as well his last tour would be great in a box set.
Rob Wanders wrote on November 17, 2006
Wiebe let's do that, For Old Times Sake.
SPK wrote on November 18, 2006
All sounds great I also agree with others - please keep soundtracks and classic albums series coming. We love them! Any news, Ernst on the Sun project and Live 1956 show that you spoke of a while back. Anybody know?
pasa-ryu wrote on November 29, 2006
its good to have soundboards,but studio outtakes are my personal favorite and i think its about time they released the f.t.d. version of the classic How great thou art album 1967!-i own the excellant import cds called "the how great thoa art sessions2 but it would far better to own all the studio alternate takes officialy and remastered..please. ftd release hgta and he touvhed me gospel alums on the excellant ftd lable,with outtakes and good pics of the session..i think most fans love elvis' gospel?(ftd are well over due to release more gospel) p.s.i am looking foward to up-coming 'his hand in mine' ftd edition!,hopefully hoe great thoa artis next??.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 30, 2006
Now these live recordings rom feb,72 have become multitrack recordings fron the studio in 72?