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Elvis: The Ultimate Film Collection - Graceland Edition

September 22, 2006 | Video
The "Elvis: The Ultimate Film Collection – Graceland Edition" DVD set has just been released and EPE created a website for it. From the EPE website: It is not available in stores and is available first to you -- Elvis’s most loyal fans. This incredible collection contains 9 DVD movies, 2 special DVD’s (including Elvis: Black Leather Concert and never before seen home movies), a music rarities CD, movie posters and photos, collectible booklets, copy of the Jailhouse Rock Script and confidential movie files. All presented in a beautiful collectors’ case. You can find all the details, covers and so on at www.elvis.com/movies.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
E.J.F... wrote on September 22, 2006
Unless they are ready to trade with the DVDs of these same films I already own they can scrap the whole project for all I care. And that's saying it nicely as I have to adhere to the ElvisNews Guidelines and refrain from using bad language!
corey3rd wrote on September 22, 2006
Shame they couldn't make a deal for them to mix the Paramount with the better Warner titles.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 22, 2006
We, you may be able to find it at www.elvis.com/movies. but I can't! Can anyone else?!
losdemas wrote on September 22, 2006
Bernard, Yeah, no problem. You didn't type in the full stop (period), at the end of the url did you, by any chance? HTH
salpas wrote on September 22, 2006
Just business...!!! Why... why EPE make a little more effort and trade release in films like "Tickle me", "Charro", "Live a little...", "Girl happy"... You know what I mean.
luckyjackson85 wrote on September 22, 2006
I totally agree with salpas on this article. The other Elvis movies should be released and they are not. Except EPE is not really to blame we should be blaming Warner Bros Home Video since they own the rights to the remaining movies. If you go to www.tcm.com (Turner Classic Movies website) and you search the movie database you can type in the remaining Elvis movies titles and they a section on the right hand side where you can vote for a film to come out and the more people who vote the better chance that it will be released.
gbalaban wrote on September 22, 2006
Is there ever going to be Elvis movies released that have extra content like outtakes and such?
PTCJones wrote on September 23, 2006
$120 for what amounts to nothing new.
SuziB wrote on September 23, 2006
If this gets a European release at the equivalent of $120, then will definitely buy it as its not much money to pay for such a nice collector's item - even on an individually based comparison, $120 is a bargain, regardless of whether you already have the films or not.
PTCJones wrote on September 23, 2006
No, it's a real bargain for material we have already and a whopping 5 minutes of unseen footage. In fact, I think I will buy two.
SuziB wrote on September 23, 2006
Given the luxurious packaging and presentation, this really is a bargain at €120, they could have charged far more...If you don't want it,or you dont think it offers value, simple,dont buy it.......This is the best packaging of any Elvis product issued for a very long time...
PTCJones wrote on September 23, 2006
While I agree "if you don't want it, don't buy it", which I for one will be in that category. I certainly can't agree it's a bargain. Walmart recently had all these movies at $5 each and I have just checked EBay and someone is selling 4 of these titles for $8. Unfortunately, most of us are not Management Consultants and probably can't really afford to spend $120 on glossy photos and fancy packaging. EPE love people like you, hence $40 for a pop-up book as described in an earlier article. All I can say is I wish you all the happiness in your purchase.
SPK wrote on September 23, 2006
Hi Everyone, Take a look at the note by LuckyJackson85 below and the tip about TCM.com - We all want the last six movies released so go to tcm.com, put in the movie title and vote for it. I just did for all six. Maybe we will get somewhere with Warner. ElvisNews, perhaps you can promote this idea.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 24, 2006
At today's conversion rate, WITH postage to the UK, this comes to £86.00. (& yes losdemas, I did paste over the full stop too!)