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A New Remix Album?

September 18, 2006 | Music
A remixed version of Elvis' classic "Burning Love" is currently used in Japan for a Honda CR-V commercial. According the remixer "Mowo": "Ive just done a remix of "HUNK OF BURNIN LOVE". funky new beats, gospel sounding piano, THE KING getting his whoops and hollahs in and me, little old stupid me... rocking the funkiness. Initially the remix is going to be featured in a HONDA CR-V ad... and then it will be released as a full version on an ELVIS remixed album."
Source:Mocean Worker

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Viva wrote on September 17, 2006
Of course the unfortunate, and rather predictable, answer is a resounding "NO, there will not be a new album of re-mixes", well, not an official release anyway. Why? Easy: Because a whole album dedicated to re-mixes would be an excellent idea which would carry on where ALLC left off and make Elvis even more popular among younger, image concious people; the powers that be could never allow that. I mean this type of person wouldn't even consider buying the endless line of tat and tasteless trinkets EPE and BMG peddle these days, and so they are not interested in recruiting them as fans. OK, that is a bit too cynical to be true but the sad fact is EPE, BMG, CKX and god knows who else, simply do not have the commitment, understanding, bravery or the passion to do the concept justice and make it work. By the way, on first hearing the short snippet of Burning Love on the Honda ad, I have to say it sounds superb, if not a little similar to a re-mix doing the rounds on the CDR market about 3 years ago. All the same, well done Mowo!
JerryNodak wrote on September 17, 2006
The powers that be can release a remix album. If it sells well, fine. If not, I could care less. Personally, I'll buy a remix album when Hell freezes over!!
joemin wrote on September 18, 2006
I sure hope this happens. Elvis could have a mjor hit next year...
Lex wrote on September 18, 2006
Something to avoid, especially if the guy remixes like he writes. That way of writing is forbidden over here :-). A complete fool fooling around with Elvis' music... oh, lord.
Pedro Nuno wrote on September 18, 2006
Release it and I'll buy It, except, of couse if, like Lex says, the Guy remixes like he writes!TCB all
Pedro Nuno wrote on September 18, 2006
As far as what i heard in the commercial spot, I’m forced to change my mind!! If the Remix is what you have in the Mowo site, forget it… You don't touch gold, unless you know what to do with it,and apparently,the guy remixes like he writes.
RonBaker wrote on September 18, 2006
Not a good remix at all!!! Neither was the official release of "Rubberneckin'". The job is to update the musical backing without destroying the song in the process. Felton Jarvis did a good job on the tracks he remixed. Time to let someone like Linkin Park try.
ext_mnx wrote on September 18, 2006
Yes Joemim! Elvis could be and could have a major hit next year! I want "Burning Love" currently used in Japan for a Honda CR-V commercial as a NRA (New Remix Album). I would love the the Elvis´s voice at the classic "Burning Love" in the NRA.
Dixieland Rock wrote on September 18, 2006
Yes Remixes to reach the new generation. Obviously done with care and quality. A Good Remix album could have "Burning Love", Patch It Up", "Long Legged Girl", "For The Heart", "Big Boss Man", "Johnny Be Goode" from the 1970 rehearsals. Those would be a great start. How many times can you release a retrospective compilation collection? There needs to be more good quality remixes to appeal to the younger ages like "A Little Less Conversation" did. Ok "Rubberneckin" did not do as well. So what? It put Elvis BACK in the spotlite and BACK in the Charts. I think that in itself is great. There needs to be a new Album called "Elvis Golden Records Volume 6" filled with Golden Records made in the 21st century remixes & targeted for the crowd that that bought "A Little Less Conversation". Now THAT would be awesome..
Steve V wrote on September 18, 2006
D. Rock - I agree completely. The remixes , if done right , can win a whole new generation of fans. I like your song choices. The recylced comps just arent cutting it anymore. Of course when u put a remix like ALLC on 30 #1 Hits, that comp works! We need a real talented person to pick unknown gems and do them justice without killing the integrity of the basic song.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2006
The only reason the young people would like is because of the beat and newly addes sales,dont cheapen elvis anymore with this crap.amd im sorry if it goes to number 1 its not really the same as a number 1 as it has been doctored big time!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2006
Sorry for my goof,this is how it should have read, the only reason young people will like it,is because of the beat and newly added sounds,dont cheapen elvis anymore,and if it does go to number 1 its not the same as it has been doctored big time and the young people are more into hearing the beat than elvis,i dont see these fans going out and wanting the whole elvis catalog because of a remix and if they do buy more elvis titles then they would probally not like because the rest are originals as they should be!
Steve V wrote on September 19, 2006
Sorry to disagree - If it helps keep Elvis's name in ink and current, I'm for it. it doesnt cheapen anything if done right. We are not talking duets here, just a remix on the back track which on a song like Patch It Up could use it. That mix sucked and Elvis way too far back. I'm talking about giving good songs new life and new chart life. No one can predict a person would go back and buy a CD from the catalog if they like the remixes. And I am talking hidden gems here, not Dont Be Cruel. That you dont mess with,
PTCJones wrote on September 19, 2006
I like the thought of a remixed album. I think though that we should look away from ALLC as that has been done and I don't believe we could equal the popularity of that song anyway. Besides, JXL said he will not do anymore and that's probably a wise choice. What would be nice perhaps is to say lift the Elvis vocal on some bin-aural tracks and completely redo the backing with modern orchestration. I wouldn't like to deviate too much from the original song, but tracks like Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender and Young & Beautiful would sound marvelous in my opinion.
Dixieland Rock wrote on September 19, 2006
I don't think remixes done with care, quality and integrety would hurt Elvis music at all. Even early on Elvis himself was aware of the fact that a singer must stay up with the changes in music. I liked the scene in "Jailhouse Rock" where he points that out. I know that was a scene in a film but still Elvis knew that styles change and so forth. Even in one of his interviews during the Elvis On Tour, Elvis said that he liked it when the band explored different ways of bringing out a song. In fact Elvis saw the need for change in sound by letting go of his original musicians for new ones in the late 1960s and it worked well for Elvis music legacy. I think Elvis voice will endure and I don't see a thing wrong with remixes as long as they are done in prestine quality. I agree with Steve V that there are alot of gems that would be great remixes that would reach this generation. I like many of the compilations and nothing will replace the original recordings as Elvis recorded them. The remixes will keep Elvis in the charts and in the public eye. ALLC worked well and showed the power of Elvis music in the 21st century.
Emiel Maier wrote on September 19, 2006
It has been reported before that JXL was offered the job to produce a remix-album with Elvis songs. It was on Dutch television, and he said that he turned down the offer. Now this guy "Mowo" announces that there will be an Elvis remix-album. So it is obvious that the people at BMG that are in charge of the Elvis-strategy are currently very busy with the 2007 campaign. (Thirty Years After). I myself think it is a very wise thing to release another remix, and though this Burning Love add gives just a little snippet of the entire release, I think it has potential! But bear in mind..., a major Elvis-release can only be done with the help of a big company who can spend a big amount of money on advertising. Without the help of Nike, and without the big exposure during the WorldCup Football, ALLC wouldn't be as big a success as it turned out to be. Now we see another big company like Honda that uses an Elvis record. In this case I think it would be wise to jump on the bandwagon! To conclude this posting: Let's stop guessing! It is time to ask Ernst Jorgensen whether BMG are in the progress of doing an Elvis Remix Album! As far as I can remember he wasn't in favour of it a few years ago.
Lex wrote on September 19, 2006
"remixes done with care, quality and integrety" is a contradictio in terminis.
EspenK wrote on September 19, 2006
Thats bullshit Lex. You have absolutely no relation to the club scene or insight in modern electronic music, and should know better than posting respectless comments like that.
ger wrote on September 19, 2006
My sons didnt like Elvis untill LLC came out they think he's great now
Dixieland Rock wrote on September 19, 2006
"Remixes done with care, quality and integrety" in not a "contradictio". It was actually very clear and to the point. In other words, Elvis remixes shouldn't just be thrown together to fill up an album. They should be done with care and done right and be of quality. As far as integrety, I mean't don't just get any person to do the remixes. Maybe have people originally connected to or worked with Elvis in studio. Remixes do work. The remixes work great in clubs. Go in a club and chances are you are not going to hear "Heartbreak Hotel" or any of Elvis other original hits. But you will hear the ALLC remix and Rubberneckin'. People dance to them and it fits in the 21st century. Elvis' voice is what will make the hit anyways. Remixes are a way to carry his voice to the people that will probably never buy an original Elvis album or a compilation album. But at least the remixes introduce those people to Elvis' music and who knows, they may begin checking out his other songs.
Steve V wrote on September 19, 2006
D Rock - agreed again. Also my son didnt get into Elvis until ALLC was played on the radio - He took to the song real fast. He likes Rubberneckin as well simply because it fits today's sound. Remixes arent being done for die hard fans like us, but for a younger generation. A good example of remixes that didnt work (for me anyway) was the I Was The One album. Sound was very muddled and I dont know what the purpse of that LP was. I thought it was awful. Yet , Felton's Guitar Man remix album I thought was great. Had a modern country/rock sound All the songs sounded fresh. Thats what we need again.
Lex wrote on September 20, 2006
Tsk, tsk, Espen, you should know better than use such language if someone doesn't agree with your point of view. And boy, am I glad that I have no relation to that rubbish. Well, it's all a matter of taste... and some have more of it than others. If my kids need a remix to like Elvis... that's their loss, as long as they don't play it in my house (or at least avoid having me to hear those rapes).
EspenK wrote on September 20, 2006
Problem is, Lex, that you cant have a discussion with someone who doesnt have any knowledge or insight on the subject. It's like discussing classical music with someone who simply have no basic knowledge about classical music. May I also remind you what the older generation said about Elvis back in the 50s. Especially as an Elvis fan you should know better than to attack music that you do not understand.
Lex wrote on September 20, 2006
Espen, you are completely right! Taste can't be discussed, so why do you even react on my opinion? I don't give a *beep* about stupid computerized noise, and even less about how Elvis' music was welcomed back in the 50s. BTW classical music is at least music, I don't like it either in general, but it is music ;-)
efan4ever wrote on September 21, 2006
What is your problem Espenk. Only ingnorant people have to use profanity to get their point across. Or lack their of. Take a Midol or an exlax
EspenK wrote on September 21, 2006
Geez - profanity? I used the word "bullshit"...?
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on September 21, 2006
I don't like these remix's. A Little Less Conversation was rubbish, I did prefer the next one. I alway's refer to the original anyway.
PTCJones wrote on September 21, 2006
Hey Espen. I applaude your passion. Besides, if your profanity was that bad the powers above would have wiped out your posts. I am enjoying all the condescending replies you are getting though.
Steve V wrote on September 22, 2006
A number 1 worldwide hit is called rubbish? I was so happy to see Elvis back on top in '02. I'll take that kind of success anyday! Bring it on.
EspenK wrote on September 22, 2006
On the quickpoll right now: "A remix album in 2007 is a good idea." - I voted yes, *but* that depends on who's doing the production. If the question were "do you think BMG/Ernst will hire the right producers for the remix album" my vote would be a huge "NO" - unfortunately.
JerryNodak wrote on September 22, 2006
EspenK: Has it been confirmed that this remix album will be an official release?
EspenK wrote on September 23, 2006
Nope. And quite frankly I have my doubts until I see at least 2-3 more remixes popping up the next few months. That being said, for those of us that is enthusastic about such a release there is hoping that Mowo *may* have said more than he's supposed to. What would be interesting to know, is exactly how this remix became reality. Who decided what song to pick? Who hired Mowo to do the job? What level of involvement was there from BMG? This would be really interesting to know. You hear, Kees and Lex? :)
Keriaboo wrote on September 23, 2006
A remix album is something I have been bleating on about for ages. I would love to hear the Burning Love remix and if released how could it fail? What is it with the purists? Do you think ALLC would have been a worldwide smash in it's original form? No it would have sold zilch. A remix is a fresh approach, although I would prefer little known tracks rather than well known ones. But that being said it is exciting and is something we should look forward to. Perhaps well known artists could take a track each - who knows. I for one welcome it. We all now the originals but a frsh approach is at least something different. Lets embrace it and perhpas we could have anothe 2002, with the King back on top.
Keriaboo wrote on September 23, 2006
I have just listened to part of the Burning Love remix on the Mocean Worker official website. It is FANTASTIC - very subtle changes and still sounds very much like The King - no big major changes at all (the way remixes should be). If this is released as a single we are talking SMASH HIT here!
Steve V wrote on September 29, 2006
Has anyone heard the new Jerry Lee CD? Its great. Jerry Lee is not really dueting but working with the other artists. I'm sure many of these artists would love to do a similar type CD with Elvis songs. Strip away all the msuic, leave Elvis' vocal just as it was, and have all these great artists play and sing behind him. Now that would garner respect in the music world just as Jerry Lee's cd is doing. Its even getting airplay, something which he hasnt had in years! Elvis working with highly regarded rock stars. I can dream cant I?
Greg Nolan wrote on October 01, 2006
I've heard some of the Jerry Lee Lewis "comeback" album and I'm happy for him and may pick it up. Still, he's alive and Elvis has been long gone. Remixes, while novel and occasionally successfull (I liked the '02/'03 ones, by and large) can be fun but the notion that any of them will again "bring back" Elvis is wishful thinking. "ALLC" was a bit of a fluke, and to do it over and over again guarentees misfires. The "Honda" remix of "Burning Love" was pretty weak. Works for a 20-30 second TV advertisement but beyond that, it would do nothing. The remix album "moment" was explored by RCA/BMG a few years ago and it was surely nixed. Elvis is a catalog artist at this point and we can expect more compilations, some novel and some totally useless. I say we ought to just enjoy FTD and import releases and face up to the fact that Elvis' days on the charts are already part of history. We don't need to whore out his legacy.