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Sony BMG Ad For The Complete Million Dollar Quartet

September 07, 2006 | Music
This is the Sony/BMG official ad for The Complete Million Dollar Quartet release scheduled for October, 2006. It gives the complete track listing and an overview for this release.

Sony BMG will release The Complete Million Dollar Quartet recordings in September or October. Using a better quality and complete tape found in Elvis' private collection, for the first time this release is in it's complete form and will run in the correct sequence, approximately 12 minutes longer than previous releases.

Kevan Budd who did the audio restoration work on the releases; Elvis At Sun, Elvis Presley and Loving You has again been hard at work on the audio restoration of this tape.
bray1977 wrote on September 07, 2006
I'm looking forward to this one. It looks like a really worthwhile release.
Jth wrote on September 07, 2006
An ugly looking ad - propably meant to have the '50s feeling over it. But "found in Elvis' private collection"?!!! I wonder who found it!
Pedro Nuno wrote on September 07, 2006
Don’t find this release that fantastic, since i have one Million Dollar Cd, from Charly/Artisty Music, from 2004, which has almost all tracks as this one, but the instrumentals and Reconsider Baby. Jth you're right, wonder who found this and, more than that, what else can be found!!!!
corey3rd wrote on September 07, 2006
is this even up for pre-order online? They really should have come up with a better title since there seems to be a lot of Complete Million Dollar Quartets being offered.
GeeBee wrote on September 07, 2006
Ok, i'm confused. I recently purchased The Complete Million Dollar Session.......is that different from The Complete Million Dollar Quartet? Since this says it will be released in Sept. or October it makes me think they are two different CDs, but I thought that the "Session" CD I bought last month was supposed to be the "new" "complete" item. ??
byebye wrote on September 07, 2006
Presumably you´ve bought the "almost" complete MD Quartet GeeBee.. Dont worry, "a best of" will surely also see the light and so on...
John4126 wrote on September 08, 2006
Jesper - you are right. Anyway, to me the version of the recording i have has pretty good sound - wouldn't have thought it could be improved that much. I note that on the ad it states 'features rock legends...Johnny Cash...' I know he always claimed to have been involved but i thought the concensus usually was that he left before the tapes were switched on. Are they saying he was involved now?
ElvisAhlgren wrote on September 08, 2006
It says features Johnny Cash ??? Does that mean they officially say Johnny is present and can be heard? Does Johnny Cashs company get paid for this release? Johnny has stated that he is present but that he sings higher than usual and that he was far from the mike so it's hard to recognize him...
John4126 wrote on September 08, 2006
Having just compared the track listing with the copy i have - i see what is 'new' are some instrumentals and the inclusion of reconsider baby. Unless i am swayed otherwise, i probably wont be parting with my cash for this one.
see see rider wrote on September 08, 2006
Well..I will be buying this since I never got the first one.
byebye wrote on September 08, 2006
Does anyone know if they used DSD transfer along with this release. In that case I might buy it...
GeeBee wrote on September 08, 2006
RATS! My copy "The Complete Million Dollar Sessions" does not have Reconsider Baby! That's one of my favorite songs. I wish the tracl list here was more clear so that one could do a proper comparision. I think I read some where that this was NOT DSD, however, since what I read before told me that what I purchased was the definitive..........who to believe??
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 08, 2006
DSD?would it really help the sound from these kind of tapes?
byebye wrote on September 08, 2006
Absolutely Mature. Old recordings benefits more with a technology like DSD, rather than newly sophisticated recordings of today I believe. There is so much more to gain in trying to get closer to old original tapes, regardless of it´s quality. You dont get better sound than whats on the tape from the beginning,! but if you compare the Elvis Presly first album against the same release with DSD, you´ll know what the difference might be like. The K Budd and Vic Anesi remasterings with DSD transfer is the best Elvis records I´ve ever heard soundwise.
byebye wrote on September 08, 2006
Or look at it this way.. Would you prefer watching a Charlie Chaplin movie on VHS or DVD?
Lucky wrote on September 10, 2006
I have the new 2 cd set The Million Dollar Quartet, 50th Anniversary Special Edition, and it does have Reconsider Baby on it.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 11, 2006
Oh i love my vhs tapes,what has everyone here switched to dvd, lol,ok so it should sound great,are all the songs on this release, someone mentioned that one was missing!
corey3rd wrote on September 11, 2006
we interviewed Johnny Cash back in the late 80s and asked him about the Million Dollar Quartet. he said he was dead tired when they dragged him out of the hotel for the photo op. He didn't stick around to sing. He went back to get more sleep.