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Cover Art Elvis Christmas 2006?

August 26, 2006 | Music
The Japanese Elvis World site added this cover to the previously announced details of the upcoming 'Elvis Christmas" CD which is due for release October 3, 2006. The SONY / BMG site does not show a cover yet.

Track listing Elvis Presley - Elvis Christmas

1. Santa Claus Is Back In Town
2. White Christmas
3. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
4. I'll Be Home For Christmas
5. Blue Christmas
6. Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)
7. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
8. Silent Night
9. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)
10. I Believe
11. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
12. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
13. O Come, All Ye Faithful
14. The First Noel
15. On A Snowy Christmas Night
16. Winter Wonderland
17. The Wonderful World Of Christmas
18. It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)
19. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day
20. If I Get Home On Christmas Day
21. Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees
22. Merry Christmas Baby
23. Silver Bells
Source:Elvis World Japan
E.J.F... wrote on August 26, 2006
So, how much is this "new" cover going to cost me, since there's nothing new in the track listing??!!
Lex wrote on August 26, 2006
I bet you'll be able to find it on one of the many cover sites on the internet for free, so you don't have to buy it.
Rusty wrote on August 26, 2006
Let's be honest do we really this Christmas Album ? it's the same compilation we've had for years with a different cover each year, even the general buying public must have got wise to this one by now, the collectors gave up about two issues back, I wonder if this compilation will have the Kevin Budd treatment, I doubt it, that would be the only attraction for buying this album yet again or if the artwork is so spectacular.
Shaky wrote on August 27, 2006
How can you have an Elvis Christmas Album without the beautiful Red West composition 'If Everyday Was Like Christmas' criminal!?!?
PTCJones wrote on August 27, 2006
Inspired title. Puts Christmas Peace to shame.
JerryNodak wrote on August 27, 2006
I'm not in love with the cover, but I don't hate it either. PJones: The title "Christmas" fits right in with the rest of the "genre" titles. Sony/BMG may or may not consider this a "genre" album, but it is. Shaky: This is a straight re-issue of his two Christmas albums. Same tracks. Same running order. No extras. Hence, no "If Everday Was Like Christmas". Nothing criminal. Besides you can get the same tracks in the same running order with the additions of "IF Everyday Was Like Christmas" and "Mama Liked The Roses" on "White Christmas".
Shaky wrote on August 27, 2006
Jerry its criminal to me to make a compilation of ALL of Elvis' Christmas songs without 'If Everyday Was Like Christmas' especially when you have some Gospel fillers (I know they were on the original album, BUT the general public would not care about that they just want all of Elvis' Christmas Songs in one disc) Its not rocket science.
JerryNodak wrote on August 27, 2006
Shaky: I understand where you're coming from (and I mostly agree about the sacred songs), but I also can also see where BMG/Sony is at. The last main label Christmas release, "White Christmas", came out about five years ago. So, come about 2011 or thereabouts the powers that be will be looking for a "new" way to package Elvis' Christmas songs. Perhaps that's when we'll get Elvis: All Christmas, Nothing But Christmas".
Lex wrote on August 27, 2006
Just take a look at the sales of those Christmas packages... once again, they are not for us, but for the general public. Obviously the general public likes Elvis' Christmas songs.
Carl wrote on August 27, 2006
Looking at the tracklisting of this release, it looks like it is just the 1957 RCA Elvis Christms album and the 1971 RCA Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas albums. They just put the two albums together on a single CD. This is a twofer of the two classic Elvis Christmas albums. They are such boneheads at BMG. Why not market this release as a twofer of the two classic Elvis Christmas albums. Why not put that on the title? They should perhaps have the covers of the original albums too. Why not just promote it as a special album that puts Elvis' two albums on a single disc. That would be much better that saying that this is a "new" Elvis Christmas "compilation". It is just the two albums put together on a single disc! WHy not promote it that way? BMG is marketing this album all wrong. That is a nice cover. They should promote it for what it is though, a twofer of the 1957 and 1971 albums.
MarkE wrote on August 27, 2006
the only christmas cds i will buy again will be the FTD classic album remasters with alternate takes, hopefully soon!
Steve V wrote on August 27, 2006
Carl you are right - but I think the strategy here is to follow the recent Elvis genre CD's, Elvis R&B, Elvis Country, etc. So I think thats what's behind the title. IN either case an unnecessary release! There is enough Elvis Christmas product to choose from. Be prepared these genre releases may keep on coming! Just imagine all the milking that can be had from the great Elvis catalog!!
PTCJones wrote on August 27, 2006
Jerry, can't someone just have an opinion without you debating them. the other segment about about RIAA status bored me to tears.
Mystery Rider wrote on August 28, 2006
amazing cover art...they cant even get that right, the photo of elvis is from the year 1960 , non of the songs are from 1960, do something right or dont do it at all. Ernest or what ever you name is you should have been around in the good times instead of throwing all this re-used Junk at us year after year. Elvis hair in this photo is same as the cover of Its now or never US release. Thus not even a Christmas photo.
Mystery Rider wrote on August 28, 2006
also i might add is that when Elvis returned home in march of 1960 the Christmas tree was up for his return home so maybe its the March celebration of christmas 1959 but did not happen until march 1960, also you will notice the hair is the same a the famous press conference done in his office in the back of graceland.. If your gonna get the cover right do it right or dont do it at all....there are people out here who followed Elvis through the years not the "new comers" who you could sell anything too, how would they know the time line.
RonBaker wrote on August 28, 2006
I like the photo...it's one I hadn't seen. I already have the "If Everyday Was LIke Christmas" release, so I'll pass on this (even though the cover is far better). And I, too, will be awaiting an FTD Christmas package.
Carl wrote on August 28, 2006
Jerry has a point about BMG releasing theme or generic albums, although Elvis himself hated labels and limitng himself to a certain pre-set category or genre. The title for the collection, "Elvis Christmas", is a good title. They should keep that title. But my problem is that BMG is just putting the 1957 and 1971 albums on a single disc and calling it a new compilation. Why not emphasize the fact that this collection has the two original Elvis Christmas albums on a single disc? This would be great in the liner notes and in the promo ads and even on the album itself. It is kind of silly to put the two albums on a disc and pretend no one is going to be able to notice what they did. Does BMG think no one can tell that they just put the two albums on a single disc? Why not promote that fact? You get two classic albums on one CD. That is much better than claiming falsely that this is some new compilation of Christmas songs. It isn't. It's just the two albums placed on one CD. BMG just isn't being realistic here. They are pretending that this is some new creation when it isn't. They fool fans into thinking there is something new here when there isn't. Why do that?
Greg Nolan wrote on August 28, 2006
Well said, Carl. I thought they were joking when this was announced. The stores around Christmas time are already full of stock of numeous other Elvis Yule "titles" when in reality, he did just two LPs worth....THis is worth celebrating and playing up, not obscuring with meaningless new titles. I guess we should brace ourselves for "new" Love song compilation in '07 as well. Ugh.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on August 28, 2006
Very nice album cover. It will appeal to the casual buyer and it will, sell well ! However not including the song ... "If everyday was like Christmas" on this collection, is a crime !! (big mistake) Its a song that is well liked and played on Radio at Christmas time. I guess, its not included, so that Customers (fans) will have to buy the CD collecion "If everyday was like Christmas-CD" which was released some years ago.. just to get the song !!
Jerome wrote on August 28, 2006
Great picture, But I'm not going to buy a cd just for a cover. Personally, I've got nothing with a re-re-re-re-release. I've got a friend who's got hundreds of Elvis cd's. I ask: "Why are you keep buying the same songs, on different cd's, in different quality, in different order and in different packaging?" Is it the music? Or the wannahave?? Please do something useful with your money. Help the world instead of collecting expensive cd's that bring nothing new instead of a different order in tracking list
PTCJones wrote on August 28, 2006
I don't think there is anything good about Elvis Christmas as a title. It's a bland title to a bland release. But I don't suppose it's really meant for us as fans anyway, rather aiming at the other Christmas titles by greats such as Bing Crosby etc that occupy the shelves every year. Perhaps some people were put off with the Peace aspect of the last release and Sony thought 1 CD with everything on it may be the answer instead of the 2 CD format. Either way, they must sell otherwise we wouldn't see the wheel reinvented every couple of years.