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Updates From Ernst Jorgensen At Insiders Conference

August 13, 2006 | Music
According to a posting on the FECC Forum Ernst Jorgensen made a brief appearance at the "Insider's Conference". He said BMG is releasing "The Million Dollar Quartet" in it's complete form from a tape copy found in Elvis' collection, which he said is better quality and complete. Also, this Christmas, BMG will release a "new" Christmas CD.

He also mentioned the The " 1961 Hawaii concert’" – a sensational and important performance that deserves a re-release with upgraded sound.

On the FTD label they are working on: (1) The "His Hand In Mine" Sessions; and (2) a song writer's double CD with one side devoted to demos and the other side devoted to Elvis' original versions. He did not mention any outtakes, but did mention "Teddy Bear" sung by Otis Blackwell and "Slowly But Surely" by P. J. Proby.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
E.J.F... wrote on August 13, 2006
M$Q sounds interesting but don't we have enough Christmas Albums in circulation? The 2 FTD in the works also sound good, as long as they're loaded with previously unreleased outtakes. But what happened to the previously mentioned revised Raised On Rock Album?Wasn't that on the list for a possible October release? Or has it it been shelved. Does anyone know?
Santa Claus wrote on August 13, 2006
Demos by other artists on the FTD label? No mention of outtakes? I think this is an all time low in this series! It's running itself to death. While we are waiting for the real stuff (Raised On Rock, Promised Land, Raised On Rock, The 70s Christmas Sessions, The 70s Gospel Sessions, The 71 sessions, The On Tour Boxed Set etc.) Ernst surprises us with news like this? Ernst, the time for 'fillers' in this series has run out. More and more of my friends already stopped buying FTD regulary. By the way: March 2007 will bring us a new FTD CD called: "The songs Otis Blackwell grew up with - The favorite music of the man that later sang demos for Elvis" (lol).
MarkE wrote on August 13, 2006
His Hand In Mine sounds like a great addition to the collection, but what the hell is the other crap, i wont buy other artists versions. how about releasing the great albums listed below with outtakes: Elvis, Elvis' Christmas Album, Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender, Pot Luck, From Elvis In Memphis, Back In Memphis, The Wonderful World Of Christmas, How Great THou Art, He Touched Me, Promised Land.
Lex wrote on August 13, 2006
Santa is very optimistic. I think we will see a collection like Artist of the Century first, with the title "Only unreleased on FTD", or something like that. And still... I have them all. FTD know their audience better than the audience itself. ;-)
byebye wrote on August 13, 2006
Way to go Ernst, fresh thinking! What a musical driving force Sony/Bmg has in you... Your responsible for so many quality releases there.
Mr Scrapbook wrote on August 13, 2006
The angle on this release is the songwriters behind Elvis and I for one would LOVE to hear the demos and songs just as they were presented to Elvis. I will hear them as he heard them (for the first time) and from this I can see just how he articulated the songs and arrangements to create HIS ultimate versions. Ernst has already stated that the Elvis studio out-takes are drying up and so this is an imaginative and original way to present some of what little is left to us. I would place money on Elvis out-takes being on the Elvis CD songwriters project. Oh please, don't be so negative, give it a chance before you start spouting off !
Santa Claus wrote on August 13, 2006
So you want to hear the original versions that Elvis was influenced by? Well, turn to a lokal Oldie-Radiostation and send the 22 Euro for the saved FTD CD to my account.
corey3rd wrote on August 13, 2006
another Christmas collection? Has anyone figured out how many times they've repackaged the same holiday songs in the last decade? Is there really any songs that aren't featured on "If Everyday Was Like Christmas." Maybe they should offer up a DVD of a burning Yule log with the Elvis Christmas songs playing in the background?
Steve V wrote on August 13, 2006
All good news except for another Christmas CD release. I was joking when I said I bet there will be another Christmas collection this year. Now I cant believe there will be! Anyway, the other mentioned releases are very good indeed, especially the 1961 concert which in another topic, I wrote was long overdue for proper attention. Historic!
Mr Scrapbook wrote on August 13, 2006
Santa Claus, you said "So you want to hear the original versions that Elvis was influenced by? Well, turn to a lokal Oldie-Radiostation" No I said DEMOS, these are not available on any oldie station I know of? Please tell me any oldies station that play TEDDY BEAR by Otis Blackwell, Slowly But Surely by P J Proby, Burning Love by Dennis Linde and Devil In Disgiuse by Bill Giant and I'll glady tune in and send the money to your FTD account.
PTCJones wrote on August 13, 2006
The French arm of BMG released CD's by songwriters several years back. I have a 2 CD set of Elvis Chante Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett. There are 4 tracks on it sung by the writers including one never recorded by Elvis I believe originally intended for Harum Scarum called "Wife Number 99". Believe me, it ain't that good listening to mediocre Elvis tracks recorded by someone else, even if they did write it.
Mr Scrapbook wrote on August 13, 2006
Yes, Chante Tepper & Bennett, Chante Pomus & Shuman and Chante Leiber & Stoller. Also out there is 'Then I wrote songs for Elvis' by Don Robertson. Some of the demos on these releases show just what a craftsman in the studio Elvis really was and to me it's worth it for that. Hey, if you're not interested in the stories (or demos) behind the tunes Elvis cut that's fine with me but I for one am looking forward to this immensely. Bravo FTD/BMG Ernst and Ken !
Jerome wrote on August 13, 2006
I don't know about others, but I for sure like to have the gospel and 70's classic albums of FTD coming up. Just make a outtake album of Good Times, Promised Land, Raised on Rock, Now etc. Where are the alternate takes of songs like, 'We can make the morning, Love me, Love the Life I lead, Love song of the year? Does anyone know?
RonBaker wrote on August 13, 2006
Hey, you never know. We may get the 70's Christmas album in glorious 5.1 surround sound. It wouldn't take much effort to put together a video to go along with it either. I'm sure there's footage of Elvis driving home to Graceland during the winter..."If I Get Home on Christmas Day" seems like a natural song to do a video for. SACD is alive and well overseas...can't say the same for DualDisc or dvd audio. I realize I keep saying do something in surround sound! It certainly worked for the 30 #1 cd. I didn't realize that "The Million Dollar Quartet" cd was going to be a mainstream BMG release. I doubt it will sell very well...it's been out before. Does anybody know if they found the Sun outtakes for "Tennessee Saturday Night" which was originally going to be on 'Elvis for Everyone' or "Satisfied" which got lost in the 80's???
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 13, 2006
If the new book set does not include anything ,as in outtakes,it will be the first release from the ftd label that i dont buy,i have no interest in hearing other artists in a elvis release,and i already have the originals sungs by elvis,so im not shelling out $65 to get what i have and demos i dont need,i wish they would go back to the orignal concept and stop the so called classic series,it seems the ideas were fresher then,i love the collectors label and have bought every release,but so far one of this news excites me,nor does the benefit from 61,unless they have found some great souding tape,really looking forward to a nashville 71 disc and more from nashville 70,also a on tour concert is longggggggg overdue!i has the oct releases been confirmed or are the ones mentioned the picks? reconsider ernst
CD King wrote on August 13, 2006
I am looking forward to the Song Writer's double CD with one side devoted to rare Elvis Demos and the other side devoted the Elvis' Original versions. Even though there are no mention of Alternate takes, since it's a FTD special release - I am quite sure Mr.Creative Ernst will include outtakes as well to show how Elvis worked his way up with a skeleton of a song to the finish Master, maybe something like the recent LOVING YOU outtakes on FTD..maybe not that long but at least a few, more interesting and essesential outakes, etc Like Mr.Scrapbook - I also love to hear and own those Elvis Demos, thanks to Ernst's brilliant idea, soon we will be able to. Yes, BRAVO to all at FTD/BMG.
PTCJones wrote on August 14, 2006
I think the songwriter's CD may be like special edition DVD's. Hear it once then never play it again. But kudos to you if you wish to buy it.
see see rider wrote on August 14, 2006
If the tape copy of "Million Dollar Quartet" is a better copy..that's a plus. The '61 concert released with upgraded sound..that's a plus. "His Hand In Mine" with whatever Bonus stuff would be great, but what the heck is up with this song writer's CD? And last but not least..We don't need another Christmas CD..how many times can you repackage the same song's with different covers. Unless they have a mess load of unreleased track's and so fourth that's fine but otherwise..I won't bother.
John4126 wrote on August 14, 2006
Upgraded sound? I'll wait until my 'must have' mate Steve buys em. I'll give them a listen but i doubt whether i'll need to replace the Silver box set or the 1987 Charley CD 'Complete Million Dollar session'. And if there is an additional 90 seconds of Elvis burping - i'll rip and burn it!
untamedhawk wrote on August 15, 2006
Do we remember the release of THE MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET way back when? Do we also remember the release of bonus material found from THE MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET that was added to the Complete 50's Box Set? That was supposed to be lost tape - funny though! Some of what was lost was also on the Original release. Ernst? If your going to do "Bootlegs" Please do it the way we do...... we don't play around, if it's a good show, we add all of it. I wonder if there will come a day when "We the Fans" will get Quality treatment, as well as product. This re re re re re release of releases is just beating us down. If Elvis ever goes under, it'll be because of the treatment the fans are getting over his music. We're not stupid, so stop giving us B.S. Some of the attempts were great, just enough to make us think something worth investing in had approached. Were we wrong? If you're going to do movie albums, give us the unreleased, we'll treat it as if it were just recorded by Elvis. But keep giving us the same old songs with a taste of honey. The bee will eventually sting you. We need to start a petition for Elvis' music to get treated with more respect, as well as the fans. Maybe I'm the only one sick of same game that'll be played on us again in a few years when they find that he farted in the middle of a take that's already been released 100 times - but they thought they'd release this NEWLY found material as ..... Discovered!!! Just a little aggravated at the money we waste year after year just to whine about it. Oh, and to listen to those that read this kind of opinion, and say "You don't have to buy it", or "It's good material" (?) How many times do you want to purchase the same songs ? ? Those of us that want to VENT want to be left alone by those of you that think everything RCA puts out is a treasure - You can make your own covers if that's all you like about them, cause that's the only new thing I see. I do give credit to the few attempts at DVD boxes though. Someone tell me how we can get in contact with each other, those of you interested in talking let me know.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 15, 2006
Oh im in your corner,i have voiced my oppion on this many many times,only to be toldi can choose not to buy it,which has nothing to do with my argument,i want to buy elvis music,i just dont care to spend money on rehashed material,there are many things wrong with the regualr label as well as the collectors label,i for also think that the communication to the elvis fans leaves alot to be desired,to me it seems its like a game,and i still feel that elvis fans are thought of as people who you can stick anything in front of with a picture of elvis and well gladly but it,even it if oferrs nothing at all new,your argument is a good one, but im afraid to few elvis fans well voice there oppion on this subject afraid of the silly comments they might get. the catalog is better than it use to be, but it still could do alot better were quality is concerned,and alot more respect needs to be given to us elvis fans who supports elvis music and thal regular label as well as the collectors label!!
Greg Nolan wrote on August 15, 2006
I don't quite get the hostility to the songwriter / demo album concept, save (maybe) for having to pay for Elvis' masters if that's what disc 2 is, but usually the doubles go for the single price anyway. It informs and enlarges your knowledge and appreciation of Elvis to here the original versions and demos. A significant number of hard-core fans (here and elsewhere) do in fact care about the process that led Elvis to record as he did. Granted, you may not cue up this disc many times, but surely we all have Elvis discs that we don't return to often just because of the sheer number we now have - on FTD alone. Besides, you don't throw out a good book just because you haven't listened to it lately. It's an Elvis collection and this fits the part. It's something there that you digest, and perhaps come back to again and maybe again. In any event, you have experienced it and learned from it. This will go for this release as well as any renewed "Million Dollar Quartet" upgrade. I also have the French RCA/BMG "Elvis Chante (Sings) Pomus & Shuman" and really enjoyed hearing the demos, plus the masters in this "new" setting, with great packaging and notes. After all, the well is drying up but I don't think this is an undeserving project. I share the disdain some of you have with BMG regarding the process of dragging out the release of rare tracks and "newly-found" tapes, but apparently this has happened in recent years, from "Loving You" on down. Frankly, I'm fine with it and rather enjoy the excitement assuming it's not totally bogus, such as the calling of tracks on the dismal "Love, Elvis" album "unreleased" when they had actually been on FTD already. And the "new" Christmas album really sticks in my craw as well. So bravo to FTD ...and shame on big brother RCA/Sony/BMG for flogging Elvis' original albums (and event recent comps) into the ground. But the '80s were far worse, people. I'm resigned to thinking of it that way...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 15, 2006
Of course its better than it was,its even better than it was in the 90's,i know about the many years that nothing new was released and that all there was to choose from was onc compilation after another,as for the book,it would be the first ftd that i didnt buy,as im not much for book on elvis and have no interest in demos of anyone,of course ftd has the right to release whatever that want,i do think other projects are far overdue,im not even exicted about a sun book project,and im sure many here will think how dare i,but it just doesnt interest me,i have enough material from that era. The one great thing about a collectors labal ,is theres something for everyone,it just seems that its getting close to were some releases are going to be for the somebodys out theree and not me,the MDQ doesnt excite me, but ill pick it up as im sure it will be at a decent price!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 15, 2006
By the way theres no hostility towards this project,just that if it includes no new music,im not interested,my oppion is the collectors label was started for unreleased material,now a elvos on tour book,now that excites me!
Narek wrote on August 15, 2006
The demo CD idea is just great! As for the Hawaii 61 I still think that its too good to be true. We might get a better sound quality than on the one we have now, but all in all it will still be below average live sound
untamedhawk wrote on August 15, 2006
I can't complain about the Hawaii 61, nor am I in the least hostile either.......lol (That was funny). My Hawaii 61 is an excellent quality concert - far surpassing RCAs. The topic continues, and always will - As an Elvis fan, I (we) want New material with 1 re-release, not 1 unreleased with 10-15 re-releases. We may as well lay our money down on the steps of whoever is in charge of counting Elvis money. This is the one and only gripe I have! I get hostile when I see all of these "New" LOL HAHAHA Albums of Elvis called "Rock" "Soul" It may as well be "Who cares" as long as you fools buy it. I'll get excited when someone gets this thing back on track..... release albums that make the fan proud to buy, not look on the back and see what's new (If anything). Man I wish they'd actually read this stuff. BTW Thank You MATURE_Elvis_Fan_75 for your feedback.
PTCJones wrote on August 16, 2006
Reading the various opinions, I can't seem to find where the hostility is towards the Songwriters CD as stated by Greg Nolan. In my humble opinion and may I profess not to be as well educated or philosophical as other posts here, I don't really care to listen to songs by original songwriters or even cover versions when the Elvis track was not that hot to begin with and I did say (and not imply) good luck to whoever wants to buy it. With regards to the 80's, in actual fact I remember some pretty classy releases such as "Elvis Aron Presley, A Golden Celebration, the Rare Elvis collection, Reconsider Baby, A Valentine Gift, The All Time Greatest Hits, The Memphis Record, Return Of The Rocker" etc and remember not being deluged with the same albums year in year out albeit with different covers, but that gripe is on another article.
untamedhawk wrote on August 16, 2006
Well PJone, Mature_Elvis_Fan75 I sang you praises, when I clicked on Save... It was all gone!! Anyway Thank you both for the understanding, I do agree with the 80s releases as well, I just wonder what we'd have to do to get releases such as the first that FTD brought us to our knees with. Now we have Clambake with original material, and some good 'unreleased' material. I myself have more unreleased material that could have been placed on this CD - in place of the already released album material (Original stuff). Like the two of you, I'd like to start seeing the Man that created this movement in music treated with a little more respect, rather than a marketing ploy called "Elvis sales everything, so put anything out". Oh, in my opinion - Greg, if you want to buy everything that has Elvis' name on it, that's up to you. I'm just taking the stand from a knowledge point, if you feed your mind with the same thing day in and day out - you get bored, you don't progress in your goal to achieve. So, with Elvis music..... We're bored!!! And what little they give us to feed our Musical hunger creates an ulcer of worry due to the way we're basically being animal tested. Someone please tell me this makes sense............ Hawk
untamedhawk wrote on August 16, 2006
Time for a funny, if I may. I hope Elvis didn't take the time to cut Johnny Cash from his tapes as well as they were cut from RCAs. Johnny Cash has been quoted as saying, and can be seen pictured - that he sang a few songs with the group before he had to leave.......hmmmm I wonder (strumming fingers) Will Johnny be on this: >"The Million Dollar Quartet" in it's complete form from a tape copy found in Elvis' collection, which he said is better quality and complete.< (?) Stay tuned folks to this same Bat time, same Bat channel for the conclusion of this mystery.
Greg Nolan wrote on August 16, 2006
Guys, check out my posts on the FECC site as "Gregory Nolan Jr." and you'll see I'm about as big a critic of BMG as there is, from all of their countless re-treaded X-mas, Gospel and and hit compilations. Look up a guy named "Peter Franks" and the long thread from 2003 he strarted called "Cutting the Catalogue" and you'll see that I hammer this issue all the time. But with FTD, it's intended for hard-core fans, even self-styled "scholars." Some of you may skip this one (and that's fine) but many of us are interested in *all* aspects of the Elvis legacy. It's a true revelation to listen even to his inspirations, let alone the demos of his actual songs. 1987 was a fine year at RCA, but too many of the compilations of those years were devoid of the unreleased tracks we knew they were sitting on. I just know that many others have also commented on the '80s as a mostly lean time, save for the rather ho-hum "Elvis Aron Presley" in 1980, the excellent gold box of '84-85, and the '87 reissues. I also wonder if some of you can ever step away from just listening to Elvis. After all, all the sad truth is that outtakes are just that (usually very close to the master and we've heard the best of the lot, I'm betting) and the live shows, too, we can sing and "hear" in our sleep at this point. I collect them all, but I'll give the demo FTD a shot, too. In the case of the demos, it's not for everyone but I think it's one of the best ways to understand Elvis the musician. Given how many of us have countless barely different live shows, surely there'll be room for a new "concept" FTD. Bravo, Ersnt.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 16, 2006
I for one dont just listen to elvis, that has nothing to do with me or others not wanting demos,ernst has done some good work,but how he acts towards the fans annoys me a bit,i dont think he or people running the elvis catalog take us as adults sometimes,the ftd label started out great but with the classic albums it has lost its original idea,i like other who speak up and many who dont,wish that cd's were put out with outtakes only,as untamed hawk said we dont want what we already have that only fills up a cd,many of you love the classic series but i am more for the regular edition cd's as it seems they have gotten lost in all the classic albums! as for that other site u mentioned, they dont like good guys like me!
PTCJones wrote on August 16, 2006
I don't agree Greg Nolan about the Elvis Aron Presley box-set being "Ho-hum". It was a great release which made an even bigger hit of "It's Only Love" reaching number 3 in the UK charts when 7" singles were still popular, had an unreleased track, unreleased concert material, and studio out-takes. If it was that droll, why was it re-released as a CD set in 1998? In my mind it set the standard for "Platinum", "Close Up" and "Today, Tomorrow & Forever". I also disagree with your opinions about the 80's in general. We had the highly original Guitar Man, Essential Elvis volume 1 & 2, A Legendary Performer Vol. 4, Alternate Aloha, The Great Performances and Rare Elvis volumes 1-4. That doesn't include unreleased alternate takes on Reconsider Baby, This Is Elvis and Memories of Christmas. Forgive me if I seem to be reciting from a book, but I have all these lps as many here probably do and think they are great inspired releases. If I can be so bold, I think you underestimate the Elvis fan. I am pretty sure most of us listen to other music and I am not driven by the next unreleased take, rather I'm looking forward to some quality releases such as the 80's and early 90's. I can't seem to keep up with the current FTD stuff. They are expensive, they are released in batches and I'm ashamed to say can be repetitive.
Greg Nolan wrote on August 19, 2006
You make some good points about the strengths of the '80s releases, Mr. Jones, and I can also see it your way, as I too enjoyed those '80s releases. Still, many have reminded me that even since the late '90s, we've had it *way* better as far as finally seeing unreleased material released in droves. They sat on piles of unreleased stuff for years. I like the '80 EAP silver box, but that Dallas concert was not that great when you think about all they had at the time or even compared to many other great '75 shows. But you remind me that I truly enjoyed that boxset. It's probably not fair to compare today's standard's to then. I recall Rolling Stone panning it, but most fans liked it. There's no doubt, however, that we've been on a whole 'nother plane since Ernst took over. He has gotten a bit of a free ride about releases like the annual (or so it seems) "new" Elvis Christmas albums and new hit compilations. It's hard not to remain critical of the main label RCA/BMG/Sony retreads (and that's where I take issue with some Elvis "fans" who snap up anything with his picture), but I do like the FTDs almost without exception. I agree it's hard to keep up with and they do get very expensive for many of us. (I've also written previously on how pricey a single FTD disc can be. I'm less bothered by the overlap of the classic album series, although it's true it makes some older FTD titles like "Fame and Fortune" a bit redundant. Overall, I could have stayed with the original Lps (as I did for years) and I'd still be happy. I consider this level of fandom all just obsessive good fun for hard-core Elvis fanatics. "Mature_Elvis_Fan_75", good to see you around again.
JerryNodak wrote on August 20, 2006
Greg: I enjoyed the EAP box set a lot back then. Haven't played any part of it in quite some time. Will have to re-visit it soon. I remember I really enjoyed the movie outtakes. Something rare back then. But was disappointed with the sound quality of the Hawaii Pearl Harbor Benefit. Hopefully the sound will be much improved on the promised "new" source tape. I tend too cut Joan Deary some slack when it comes to what was used (or not) on the projects she headed because I know from conversations with her that she often wanted to do things in a different way, but the "suits" wuoldn't allow it. Gregg Geller was NOT one of her favorite people. See 'ya on the "other" board.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 20, 2006
Speaking of that silver set,it should still be in print if only in small limited numbers,all fans dont hjave this stuff and dont care to pay $100 for it because its now rare and out of print,theres a phrase thats overused!
see see rider wrote on August 22, 2006
The box sets that have been released over the years are a nice touch for they do have songs that were unreleased, but really for myself, I would have rather seen FTD release all the albums that were released in Elvis's life time first with whatever extras they had for that particular album..Then once those were out of the way..Then do the other stuff such as the Soundboards, Jungle room sessions etc. Don't get me wrong those are great to have, but I think the original albums should have been done first
JerryNodak wrote on August 23, 2006
I agree with you, ssr. But when has RCA/BMG/Sony/FTD ever done anything in a logial manner?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 24, 2006
Would someone tell me why other like buying what they have? i wish i had never heard of the so called classic series,i love cd's like jungle room sessions,i am not at all a fan of the classic series,of course im not a vinl lover either,yes the booklets are nice,but they still for the most part offer too much releeased material,i mean you get the original album which most fans have and then you get same outtakes you already have,uggg, ernst give the regualr ftd releases the attention they once had and just say no to the classic series! and all the box sets should be in print and take all this crap off the shelves like 10 holiday greatest hits they have out there and love elvis and the list goes on and on and on and on and on!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 24, 2006
Yes i know i have typos,have fun correcting them(laughs) hahaha goodnight
PTCJones wrote on August 26, 2006
I do agree Greg, that we have been spoilt by recent releases of unreleased material. But I think you sum it up perfectly by saying we are seeing this material in droves and now we have got to the stage now where the well has almost dried up. When we do see new releases, for me they really don't have the same impact as they did in the 80's and early 90's. I remember when Essential Elvis Vol.2 was released, there was such excitement about these binaural alternate takes and I even managed to hear selections on national radio. FTD releases, as good as they are have deluged the market and I have become blasé about them. Loving you is one of my favourite albums, but I do not have any desire to hear 50 takes of the title track at one time. Yes, I should be grateful that they are released for me to enjoy but not in that context. It's true the Dallas 75 concert on the silver box set was not that great, but neither is listening to Southern Nights or Dragonheart (I apologise to people who do like these CD's, just my humble opinion), but unfortunately this looks like all we have left to look forward to.
Steve V wrote on August 26, 2006
I agree with PJones. If FTD never releases another live mid 70's show again, I wouldnt care. We have enough now. After 1970, excpet for a few occasions I feel the shows were very routine and became boring. Sorry to offend anyone who likes the mid-70's shows, but just listen to Elvis Feb 1970, then listen again to 74-77. The raw energy is gone, the intensity is gone. Please FTD no more. A complete Feb 1970 show from start to finish is what I'd like to see. One show complete, with no breaks. Or how about a show from his first tour in the fall of 1970, or a Houston Astrodome show? I guess those dont exist?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 26, 2006
So how about those great july 75 shows? thing is ftd has some of these shows,but its there choices that leave alot to be desired,there is still things to look forward to,but they have for most part showed no imagination with the soundboard from the 70's,as for the those classic albums series there not needed,things should have stayed the way they were,they still have shows from aug of 70 and other great shows from 70's,again its there choices!
Mystery Rider wrote on August 27, 2006
The million dollar quartet is fine just the way it is, informal so who need another 90 seconds, the only ones who are going to enjoy the additional 90 seconds is FTD (fleece the dopes) so they can make more money off us. Also the concerts every time elvis went on tour the songs were basically the same, when the tour changed then the songs changed, how many times are we going to hear the same stuff over and over again. Give the collectors something different, i remember waiting as a kid for the next elvis release to hear a different song and get a new picture cover for my collection wheather it was a 45 or a 45 EPA or an LP (which was a lot of money in those days) and on the quartet tell the people where Johnny Cash was because he wasant on the tapes, also Jerry Lee's being there was only because at the time he was a sessions piano player for Sun records and had not even cut his first single.. maybe it should be called the Perkins Sessions with guest star Elvis Presley. after all the time did belong to Carl Perkins for this session.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 28, 2006
I agree! they have better stuff to choose from,i mean if the importers can come up with better stuff cant they? ftd i still say is looseing its audiance a little at a time!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 28, 2006
If only the his hand in mine sessions meant a cd devoted just to outtakes,but im sure it means classic series! less outtakes more of what i have! is these the oct releases from ftd?maybe im the only one who also finds it funny that he mentiones no elvis outtakes on the book release but somehow fans are suppose to say but gosh there teddy bear sung by otis blackwell,didnt know it was his collectors label! just me little oppion