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Loving You - Original Classic Edition

July 09, 2006 | Music
Here is another reissue of the "Loving You" soundtrack. This time reissued in the "Original Album Classics" series. The CD has been remastered using the DSD technology.
Mr Scrapbook wrote on July 09, 2006
I'm sorry to say that I feel this is just a way (via new marketing) of getting rid of the overstocks on the initial Kevan Budd re-mastered Loving You. I feel it should also not be titled as an original classic album, how can this be, it contains the bonus tracks. A classic album YES, original classic NO. How many versions of Loving You on CD is this now? Do we really need this, IMO a BIG No ! I can live without this one thank you very much BMG.
JerryNodak wrote on July 09, 2006
One the one hand we have the fans who complain that most of Elvis' catologue albums are out of print. Now we have the fans who complain because some are back in print, but not really the original albums because they contain bonus tracks. Hello!!! It doesn't matter. What matters is that the MUSIC is in print and available to the general public at an affordable price. John Q. Public doesn't care about any of the things the "fan"atics obsess over. I'm sure Mr Scrapbook doesn't need this. But he should be glad it's available for those who feel they do.
Mr Scrapbook wrote on July 09, 2006
JerryNodak, I am glad it's available for those who don't already have it (general joe public), but how many times does it have to be re-packaged? It's ridiculous ! Right now I can go to a store and buy 3 different versions of the Loving You album if you include this one. You are right, general joe public doesn't care about any of the things the "fan"atics obsess over but to have to choose between three albums that are (to them) the same. I think ElvisNews.com sum it up with perfection: "Here is another reissue of the "Loving You" soundtrack." Here is another reissue of the "Loving You" soundtrack.
PTCJones wrote on July 09, 2006
Mr Scrapbook, I would not bother making the argument. I made similar comments on a previous release and people cut me down. It's their opinion only that seems to matter and woe betide you if you disagree. You see, friendly differences are Ok, but it's much better if you border on insulting someone. It doesn't matter that the same Cd's are re-released time and time again because apparently Joe Public keeps buying the same three albums and there's nothing they want to see more than a fancy cardboard sleeve. I have been led to believe that they throw away the content and just keep the card.
RonBaker wrote on July 09, 2006
It hasn't been so long ago I bought "Loving You" on cd at Wal Mart. But, heck, it's a good album. If this reissue (which should be budget priced) helps bring new Elvis fans...then I'm all for it! I think ALL his original albums should be in print on cd.
JerryNodak wrote on July 09, 2006
Don't know where you live, but where I reside if it ain't E1 or E2 it's not in stock. If Joe Public has the choice of 3 versions of 'Loving You' too choose from where you live hopefully he's smart enough to choose this one. It should be the least expensive.
PTCJones wrote on July 09, 2006
I agree RonBaker. I would love to see more of the original CD's in print. It was great to see the release of Flaming Star and Almost In Love. I would love to see the release of Let's Be Friends with IMO a better mix of Let's Forget About The Stars than the Double Features version in 1995.
Kenneth wrote on July 10, 2006
to you people who can get these cd's, you are very lucky because like jerrynodac where i live, it's e1,e2 and the odd hayride cd all of which are very expensive. i would love to have these cd's but they are not to found,so to you who can walk in to a store and get them, stop complaining.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on July 10, 2006
This is fine but ....how about the alternative ending on video or DVD.I like millions of other fan's have never ever seen this ending, for those who don't know there is an alternative ending to LY where Elvis is seen on the stage leaning back on his bended knee's arm's outstreched surrounded by the Jordaniare's, I belive two people have this on video Yoko Ono to be one of them. .....also, what about the film version's of "Mean Woman Blues" with that great start before Elvis start's to sing. I do have this, but would love to have an official recording of it.
PTCJones wrote on July 11, 2006
To be honest, most of the Wal-Mart stores where I live have a good selection which is pretty much what has been described already. But I also see Loving You, Elvis Presley, 50,000,000 Elvis Fans etc. I don't see albums such as LP Fans Only or A Date With Elvis anymore. The demand is dwindling because, in my opinion, there is no variety; it's the same albums. If I go to FYE, Sam Goody, Borders, whatever, it's the same. When I was a kid, I could hunt from store to store and buy any release. Now it's just crappy quality early live recordings as Kenneth said and the above mentioned releases. Unlike Kenneth though, I have seen these CD's very cheap, they can't seem get rid of them. In one of the aforementioned mall record stores, I have seen 30#1's for $7. With regards to Mean Woman Blues Deke Rivers, isn't that version on Essential Elvis Vol.1?
Jim Hoff wrote on July 11, 2006
I will spend my whole life through, robbing you, just robbing you. -:)
Tony C wrote on July 18, 2006
Where does the robbery aspect come into things? I have not noticed BMG/Sony holding a gun to anyone's head to force them to buy a copy.
Greg Nolan wrote on July 19, 2006
Correct! They may have put the '05 discs in a new sleeve, but why complain about having Elvis' classic original albums in print? There are many others that I'd love to see back, to say nothing of Kevan Budd's great remastering. Jerry's right: these days the selection in many places in the US is awful. This is a positive step to change that, along with the first two albums being reissued.