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Tickle Me DVD Release?

July 01, 2006 | Video
Several sources mention that the Elvis movie "Tickle Me" is amongst titles scheduled for UK release this August. There are no details available yet on screen ratio, extras or sound. Only the title was listed in the UK DVD Review magazines volume 19 (with a 12.99 pound price).
newyorknewyork wrote on July 01, 2006
Fantastic, this is the last one for me to collect.
E.J.F... wrote on July 01, 2006
And about time too. Judging by previous releases, extra features, although very much welcomed, are doubtful. The soundtrack was probably recorded in mono so I don't expect a DTS 5.1 audio stream. It would be a fake if it is. Let us hope at least the original screen aspect ratio is retained. The film was shot in Panavision which carries a ratio of 2.35:1. And what happened to the promised releases for the other remaining films? Does anyone has any idea when will they see the light of day?
emjel wrote on July 01, 2006
The other releases??!! I expect Warners are holding off until the 30th Anniversary next year. That's when a revamped This Is Elvis has been pencilled in.
SPK wrote on July 01, 2006
How about the 6 titles we need in the USA? Were these ever released as promised? In the USA, we still not have Tickle Me, Girl Happy, Charro, Live A Little, Kissin Cousins and Stay Away Joe.
emjel wrote on July 02, 2006
spk - see my comments below. Another 12 months I am afraid.
Steve V wrote on July 02, 2006
They should just all come out on DVD. Why the hell are they waiting? They released the video tapes of all his movies in several different covers with several diff ad campaigns. I know 30 yrs is a big anniv but we already had the 10th, the 25th, not to mention his 50th birthday when these videos were first released in a major promotion. It doesnt matter anymore. Put them out!! The fans are getting old.
CD King wrote on July 03, 2006
It's high time they release TICKLE ME onto DVD. This is a very entertaining fun movie with some realy great songs. I am looking forward to this and also the remaining 5 more Elvis movies that are still not on Official DVDs. They are: Kissin Cousins, Charro, Live A Little Love A Little, Stay Away Joe and Girl Happy
emjel wrote on July 03, 2006
Don't forget folks - these movies will only come out as long as they've got over the copyright clearance with the songs. Warner's will not put them out unless they are complete - Kissin Cousins & Girl Happy had songs cut because the song writers wanted more money than the studios were willing to pay.
luckyjackson85 wrote on July 04, 2006
I'm happy for Elvis fans out in the UK, however what about the US the last Elvis film that wasn't a rehash of previous Elvis material was in December of last year with "Kid Galahad". Another thing to August would be the perfect time to release the final six, in doing this all of Elvis' films will be released pefectly in time for Elvis week. Elvis fans in the UK and US should have seen the final six comeout about a year ago. Elvis fans are getting sick and tired of waiting for the final six ( Kissin' Cousins, Girl Happy, Tickle Me, Stay Away Joe, Live A Little Love A Little and Charro!) and they should be released ASAP.
Tony C wrote on July 04, 2006
So far 11% of the 104 people who have voted with regard to a DVD release have voted no. I wonder who these 11 people are and whether they have actually seen "Tickle Me" or not. It was one of Elvis' better mid sixties films, and the soundtrack culled from earlier sessions was very strong. If a person does not like Elvis' films, they can simply choose not to buy them, it just surprises me that anybody would think that "Tickle Me" should not be released.
Tony D. wrote on July 04, 2006
"FREE" TICKLE ME DVD!! If you order both the forthcoming single disc versions of the 68 TV special and the "Aloha from Hawaii" DVD, from the UK Fan Club, you will recieve a "free" "Tickle me" DVD. (The only catch is the dvd's are full price at £13.99 each and the postage total is 6 POUNDS!!!)
Marten wrote on July 04, 2006
Finally! This must be the funniest of all Elvis movies! Will definately get this one. Lucky, isn't it possible to get a region free DVD player in US? That is no problem here in Europe.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on July 08, 2006
If they don't hurry up releasing all Elvis movies on DVD, the two new DVD formats, Blue-ray & HD, will have superceded the current standard! Which new format will win? My money is on Blue-ray!