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A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Gold

May 30, 2006 | Music
The RIAA website added a Gold certification for the digital download single "A Little Less Conversation". The digital single was awarded Gold on 03-31-2006.
Source:Elvis 2nd To None

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PTCJones wrote on June 01, 2006
Oh!Oh! I have a feeling yet another version of 30#1 Hits is going to be released.
kev11467 wrote on June 01, 2006
This song is HUGE. I hear it on tv shows, baseball games, radio spots, commercials, etc. They should really start thinking about releasing other songs in this format....
PTCJones wrote on June 01, 2006
I think they tried kev11467 with Rubberneckin' the following year. In fact there were 2 remixed versions (Paul Oakenfield and Jason Nevins which is available for download through i-Tunes). I guess they also tried with Guitar Man in 1980 (Too Much Monkey Business on FTD).
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 02, 2006
Didn't the 1980's version of "Guitar Man" reach Number 1 on the Country Charts? I like the remixes like "Guitar Man" & "A Little Less Conversation". I would like to see more remixes. "Guitar Man" & "A Little Less Conversation" proved that Elvis can still do well in the charts with the remixes. Even if the "Rubberneckin" remix didn't do as well, I am happy they released it. I wish BMG would get away from the retrospective thinking by always re-re-re-releasing the same Greatest Hits songs over & over under a new cover. I think it would be great if BMG focused on a brand new album with remixes.
Steve V wrote on June 02, 2006
Dixieland Rock - Once again you are correct. The re-re-releases of the same stuff is becoming boring to say the least. Imagine a CD of remixes with songs that are great but are lesser known. Possiblities are endless, Patch It Up, Power Of My Love, Wearing That Loved ON Look, and so many more. The problem is getting someone talented committed to doing this. It's prob not as easy as it sounds.
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 02, 2006
Steve V I agree. "Patch It Up" would make an awesome remix. And there is some great film footage of Elvis knocking that song out of the park. That is another potential Gold Record waiting to happen. What made the remixes of "A Little Less Conversation" & "Guitar Man" work well was they were both excellant remixes backed with great promotion. That has always been the 2 ingredients to Elvis having his biggest hits. Great quality recordings backed with the right amount of good promotion. As much as I like "Hound Dog" & "Jailhouse Rock", it gets old seeing these same songs show up on every other album. "A Little Less Conversation" proved that Elvis can hold up in today's market & in the charts. The public went for it, the song went Gold & there needs to be more quality remixes today. Then we could look forward to an album called "Elvis Golden Records Volume 6".
PTCJones wrote on June 03, 2006
Hey Steve V and Dixieland Rock, all this agreeing is making me queasy. I always liked the Elvis Medley but it would be nice to hear the aforementioned tracks released as original takes before we start adding funky backing to it. The master of Power Of My Love was last released on The Memphis Anthology back in 1999 along with Wearin' That Loved On Look. Patch It Up was remixed in 1995 on the 70's box set and I think it was awful, all I hear is that shrill trumpet and it still goes through me, it sounded better on That's The Way It Is special edition in 2000. Finally, Hound Dog was remixed on the This Is Elvis album with a great beat (I think it was the Milton Berle performance), which later ended up on Rare Elvis Volume 2.
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 03, 2006
Two people agree on something & even that causes some to gripe....lol.
Steve V wrote on June 03, 2006
Hey thats what makes the world go around - LOL. Anyway, in regards to Patch It Up, I think we have a hidden gem here. I never liked the mix on this record even going back to the 45 (which should have been a 'A' side). Elvis was always buried deep in the mix, and there was just too much of everything else going on. With a new remix and a new background, we could have another ALLC here.