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Cover Art Upcoming Genre CDs

May 24, 2006 | Music
Here are the preliminary covers of the upcoming genre CDs "R&B", "Live" and "Movies". These titles will be available as of August 7th. 2006.
Source:Elvis Australia
thijs77 wrote on May 24, 2006
Elvis R&B very nice nice cover. I can't hardly wait for the tracklisting. After all those years finally a R&B release.
joemin wrote on May 24, 2006
I was pleased with the first 3 titles, and am looking forwra to the next 3. I hope they won't stop at that, there is still scope for many more of this format. I think that once you start collecting sets like this you get hooked, and keep buying. It might be a good idea to do value packs, with say 3 albums in a single sleeve.
Greg Nolan wrote on May 24, 2006
I must admit that the "R&B" set could be decent, especially if it's along the lines of "Reconsider Baby" or other blues or R&B sets that have been issued. Still, we've had *plenty* of movie and live compilations, the former with "Can't Help Falling In Love: The Hollywood Hits" (remastered in '02 and still in stores) and the latter most recently with the 2005 single disc "Live In Las Vegas." On live material alone, "In Person," "On Stage," and MSG '72, "Aloha," '74 Memphis, and "Elvis In Concert" alone show he did more than enough live albums that all stand on their own. Compiling them is silly. Along with "Country, "Rock," and "Inspirational," the genre set is further proof that RCA/Sony/BMG is fully exploiting Elvis' rich catalog in the worst sense of the word, caring little about the original albums as they shamelessly shill "new" product. As I and other concerned fans have said before, it's a waste of the Elvis legacy to chop up his album catalog into so-called "new" albums. Part of the problem with many fans is that they snap up anything that has a new cover on it. RCA/Sony/BMG knows this and we now have the absurdity of these "new" albums when a good many he made in his lifetime are bona-fide classics. You don't see the same thing with other artists of his stature. I really have to wonder how many times people will be suckered into buying music they already own. The only merit *might* be the DSD remastering technology, which anyway should be applied to the original catalog of albums. Only the new (2006) slip-cover version of his first album "Elvis Presley" (it appears to be the '05 Kevan Budd version) with the moniker "original album classics" show that RCA/Sony/BMG might be waking up to our complaints just a little. Don't encourage them by buying anything with a new cover, unless you independently wealthy.
Gladyslove wrote on May 24, 2006
Good photos but an ugly colour on every of this covers. I call it a crap...
RonBaker wrote on May 24, 2006
Movies could be good if it concentrated on good songs that have not been released a zillion times before. It would be a good place to compile the remixed versions of "ALLC", "Rubberneckin'", "I'm Just a Roustabout" and some songs not usually found on compilations: "What a Wonderful Life", "Catching on Fast", "Edge of Reality", "Clean Up Your Own Backyard" and maybe the 'real' stereo version of "Follow That Dream" if it exists. R&B would be good too: "Down in the Alley", "Any Day Now", etc. Kinda like Elvis Sings the Blues (which was a good vinyl album). Elvis "Live" will not be one I buy. I have the Vegas boxed set, TTWII box, Madison Square Garden, etc. A compilation isn't really a good idea. A concert from his last tour...a WHOLE concert would be most welcomed.
JerryNodak wrote on May 24, 2006
I may buy all of them or none of them. I'll reserve judgement until I see the tracklistings.
Greg Nolan wrote on May 24, 2006
I agree that a good compilation of less-familiar movie tracks could be put together. The second two covers seem slapped together. I love that live image but it's been used so often. And how can one get past how many live albums already stand on their own?
thenexte wrote on May 24, 2006
Remember, these will all be DSD remastered for optimum sound quality. If the previous three compilations are any indication of what is to come then we can expect stunning sound quality on these as well leaving all previous versions of these songs in the dust. I hope we are getting many more titles in this series: folk, blues, americana, standards, etc.
JerryNodak wrote on May 25, 2006
Re: The covers. I don't care for r & b. Movies is okay. Really like Live.
MR61 wrote on May 26, 2006
Could somebody tell me what happened to bmgs policy of limiting the Elvis cds collection to 50 I think it was . they keep bring these type of cds out while some of his great orignal albums are deleted ?
PTCJones wrote on May 27, 2006
Here we go again, predictably more of the same. The next series after this may be Elvis Rock 2, Elvis Country 2, etc. Maybe they can release the first series again by swapping the words round and changing the colours.