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Kissin' Cousins Soundtrack On FTD? - Updated

May 16, 2006 | Music
The EPE site had the following update on the Elvis programming on Sirius Radio: "This week's edition of Soundtrack Saturday Night with Bill Rock will feature music from the film "Kissin' Cousins". The reissued/expanded soundtrack album is available on the Follow That Dream Records collectors label as part of their program of reissuing movie soundtracks and classic Elvis albums no longer part of the mainstream catalog."

We have asked Ernst Jorgensen for confirmation on this update.

Update May 16: The reaction of EPE's Todd Morgan:

The reference to the Kissin' Cousins soundtrack's reissue on the FTD label was an error. Elvis Radio routinely features FTD soundtrack reissues and we used our standard text for their Soundtrack Saturday Night programming announcements without thinking that Kissin' Cousins had not been reissued on FTD yet. A case of going too fast during a busy week. We don't know if FTD has a reissue of Kissin' Cousins scheduled at this time.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Renan Augusto wrote on May 16, 2006
I hope they have all the outtakes, especially songs like Tender Feeling, One Boy, Two Little Girls, Catching On Fast, Once Is Enough, There´s Gold In The Mountain. It is a soundtrack that I´m really looking forward.
JerryNodak wrote on May 16, 2006
Renan: I'm not getting my hopes up because I think this will turn out to be a case of faulty info from Sirus / EPE.
Ton Bruins wrote on May 16, 2006
Kissin' Cousins on FTD ? I thougt the FTD label was here for releasing "essential" stuff ? Well,.....no Kissin' Cousins for me. Those **** movie songs....
Steve V wrote on May 16, 2006
As long as this stays within FTD and is not made available to the general public to further muddy the waters. Let the die hards pay 30.00 for this tripe. One Boy Two Little Girls , ugh!
gilesm wrote on May 16, 2006
While I love Elvis and his music, I always think he was at his best when he believed in the material he was recording. Some of these movie soundtracks we know he did not want to record, he did it out of his obligations and sence of duty. For me this spoils the music, which was often below average to start with. To my mind this this is one of those albums that I just do not need.
Sal wrote on May 16, 2006
Ok, so Kissin Cousins wasnt a 'King Creole' or 'Flaming star' etc etc BUT its (soundtrack, er, by the way!) is not tripe or poor for that matter. It did have some good numbers like 'Once is Enough' 'Tender Felling' and i think the fast version of Kissin Cousins is fantastic as is 'Gold in the mountains'. Take the album (please!) of 'It happened at the worlds fair'...oh dear, now that does leave a lot to be desired! That said, it should be on FTD only!
Steve V wrote on May 16, 2006
Sal - it would be nice if we can take the best of all these soundtracks, (Tender Feeling, Happy Ending, Meanest Girl In Town, etc) and make a nice CD with outtakes. At least it would flow with all good music. Unfort, to have them in tact like this just kills the listen. I like the fast Kissin Cousins also (nice uplifting tune), but followed by Smokey Mountain Boy, Barefoot Ballad, etc just kills the listen for me. These songs are plain bad (and embarrasing to Elvis)
Gladyslove wrote on May 17, 2006
Not one of the best movies but we get unreleased material and that´s the goal of FTD. I wonder which concert FTD release in July ?!? Ernst, keep them commin´.
Rob Wanders wrote on May 17, 2006
I fully agree with Steve V. "Smokey mountain boy", "barefoot ballad", grrr.... Take only: "Anyone", "Tender feeling", "Kissin Cousins" and maybe "There's gold in the mountains", and we have enough from this horrible movie,put it together with the better songs from other movies and you will have a reasonable cd. All outtakes ofcourse.
Sean Ryan wrote on May 17, 2006
If there are out-takes of 'Tender Feeling' i will buy it just for that.One of the most beautiful songs that Elvis ever recorded.
sunrecords56 wrote on May 17, 2006
Junk, Junk they keep giving us more Junk than then Col Parker could Hawk .....what about the ALL SHOOK '57 tapes that are out there......thats what we need, if i want JUNK i'll call Dr Nick
JerryNodak wrote on May 18, 2006
I'd much rather have the Kissin' Cousins soundtrack than the All Shook Up '57 tapes. I don't much care for '50s Elvis. Rarely listen.
Gladyslove wrote on May 18, 2006
JerryNodak: Rather Kissin` cousins than All shook up ? Lord, have mercy !!!
Steve V wrote on May 18, 2006
JerryNodak - You said this for a reaction didnt you? If you are serious, it is the reason why we keep getting reissued soundtracks for 30 bucks a pop. Frankly I find EPE's greed unbearable lately. Are they getting ready to release a 2 cd set of Having Fun On Stage With Elvis for 30.00??? Over a year ago I heard about tapes being auctioned in Calif. that had outtakes from All Shook Up sessions, the 1957 Christmas album and some songs from his 2nd LP. Was this just BS or did anyone else hear about these tapes? I havent heard anything since. I posed a question to Ernst on one of the websites and never got an answer.
CD King wrote on May 18, 2006
The FTD label is here for releasing essential stuffs and Kissin Cousin's got some great songs Tender Feeling, Gold In The Mountain, Once Is Enough, Anyone Could Fall In Love, Kissin' Cousins No.1 & 2, etc It will be great if FTD releases alternate takes and outtakes of these great songs. To me they are essential stuffs. And it's about time they (Warner Bros/MGM release the KISSIN COUSINS movie on DVD also.
SendToTodd wrote on May 18, 2006
All you people that are trashing Kissin' Cousins obviously were not around when it was released. It was an ace film, but like many pictures of the time they don't time-travel well. But that said, it is a nice fun movie with a great soundtrack and even today these tunes can fill any fan club disco dance floor. For heavens sake love and appreciate Elvis for what was, what he did, and what he left for us. You can't re-write history. Just enjoy Elvis and his legacy. I for one can't wait for both the DVD and the FTD for KC
lray wrote on May 18, 2006
There are not any outtakes that exist of All Shook Up etc. What they had up for auction was nothing that RCA does not already have. Many tapes were destroyed, on purpose, back in 1959. They do not have outtakes from the Elvis LP (with the exception of Rip It Up and an alternate version of Old Shep) or Elvis' Xmas Album. Ernst has gone over all this before, repeatedly. So if some of you do not like the movie soundtracks, so be it. But as far as going on and on about outtakes that were trashed back in 1959, give it a rest.
RonBaker wrote on May 19, 2006
"Kissin Cousins" is my favorite Elvis movie. Yep...it really is! The soundtrack is great IMO. Especially if the bonus tracks are thrown in. To me, it is one of Elvis' greatest albums as well. The music makes the movie better. "Barefoot Ballad" is hokey, I admit, but it does fit in well in the movie. "Smoky Mountain Boy" is essential to the movie...watch the MGM video tape and see how weird the movie is WITHOUT that song! I love "Catching on Fast" but wish it was longer. Maybe there are longer versions....let's hope! Just had to voice my opinion. I only have the record in mono, so this would be an essential purchase for me.
Steve V wrote on May 19, 2006
SendToTodd - I have been buying Elvis records since 1956 so I was around when KC was released. With each soundtrack album purchased in the 60's my anticipation for the 'real' Elvis was always diminished when I put needle to vinyl. Yes there were some good songs here & there, but to say these albums are good?. Here was the world's greatest singer doing fluff. Just compare any of these soundtracks to King Creole. Is the same enthusiasm there? Only the bonus songs saved them. What Elvis needed was a good studio album after Pot Luck. We had none until 1969! All this while music was growing & peaking from 1964-1968. I'm sure if Elvis was still with us, he would agree these LPs werent up to par. I'm sorry if I offend anyone but most music fans can hear for themselves. By the way, I do think the movies themselves hold up better than the soundtrack LPs so putting them out on DVD I agree is a good idea.
davu wrote on May 19, 2006
I agree with Steve V. It's inferior soundtracts like this that ruins the legacy. What was so great about Elvis was his Rebel Rocker image & the great groundbeaking music he brought to the table in the 50's. The 60's started out promising with the great Elvis Is Back Lp. But then came the awful Movie Soundtracts favored by Col. Tom Parker because MONEY was more important to him than ART. Can one compare Smokey Mountain Boy or Catching On Fast with Reconsider Baby or Fever. You have to look really hard to find decent songs on the Soundtracts other than the occasional Bonus Songs which were sometimes included. The movies as bad as they were when they came out are today even more laughable with the passage of time & a more sophisticated viewing audience. The fans were to blame for buying this dribble back in the 60's & I am sorry to say that the passage of time has not made them any wiser or discriminating with their purchases.
emjel wrote on May 19, 2006
As has been said many times before, nobody is holding a gun to your head to by a new Kissin Cousins release. A lot of people like this type of "happy go lucky" type of music and good luck to them. I'm sure that for all the fans out there who want to listen to yet another version of "I Got A Woman/Amen ending", there will be several releases over the next few years that will cater for this need. I won't be one of them. I'm not so sure that it is the 60's soundtracks that effect Elvis' legacy, after all, it's probably fair to say that the majority of the buying public won't find them in the shops anyway. What does ruin Elvis' legacy in the eye of the public are the idiots who keep dressing up in white jumpsuits and trying to get interviewed on TV.
Rob Wanders wrote on May 20, 2006
Didn't Elvis himself say (somewhere/sometime) "worse than to watch a bad movie is to play in it." So I guess he had the same opinion about songs like "barefood ballad", "Smokey mountain boy" etc. (something like: Worse than listen to a bad song is to know that you yourself sung it) But of course it's not forbidden to like them as it's not forbidden to like these movies.
sunrecords56 wrote on May 20, 2006
the story of tghe 57 outtakes as reported in New york news day was that the exixting tapes were destroyed bu dupicates were made and kept by the sound engineer and that BMG or whoever did not want to PAY.....in otherwords they are Negatives which are as good as originals....and anbybody who was there in the Beginning would appreciate the muisc...not the BUBBLE GUM CRAP for the moviesound tracks...Elvis hated them and also stopped making movies.....This was the Colonels Elvis not the Fans Elvis...after all someone had to keep himself from being deported.
Dan The Man wrote on May 20, 2006
fortunately musical taste isn't judged by someones I.Q. I like 50's Elvis, 60's Elvis and 70's Elvis, can't say which I prefer, but they are all part of his legacy, you can't change that. As a collector I want It all.
RonBaker wrote on May 21, 2006
I cannot believe this debate is still going on! Have you guys even LISTENED to this album lately???? These songs are NOT junk! Other than the movie plot songs: 'Smokey Mountain Boy' and 'Barefoot Ballad', these are really good songs! You guys really need to LISTEN to this music instead of dismissing it. This album, for me, was much more fun to listen to than the "Something for Everybody" album. The "Kissin Cousins" album had a great variety..."Something for Everybody" seemed to ballad laden. Remember...'Jailhouse Rock', 'Hard Headed Woman', 'Don't Ask Me Why', 'Viva Las Vegas', 'King of the Whole Wide World' and many others were also movie songs. The movie songs are not all bad. "Kissin' Cousins" is one of the better movie albums (along with "Spinout" and "King Creole"). Lighten up and enjoy the music. The Legacy does not consist of selected music...it consists of ALL of Elvis' music.
CD King wrote on May 21, 2006
Elvis Presley was and is still the best after all these years mainly because he was so versatile. It is not fair and definately not wise to keep comparing one Elvis movie with another Elvis movie - or compare the songs from Kissin Cousins to those from King Creole. Just enjoy them in their own right.. but even if you don't enjoy or like a certain movie or a certain concert or song, don't just dismiss them as crap or junk. Is it Confucious that says "One man's junk is another man's gem."? To each his own. It's all a matter of taste. You may dislike the Soundtracks just like some who dislike coffee but there are millions who loves and enjoy a good cuppa. We should all be just thankful that the Elvis Catalogue is so vast and there is still so much for us to choose and enjoy. Long Live The KING.
pasa-ryu wrote on May 21, 2006
i think its about time they got their act together and released albums we DO NOT allready own or have in our cd collection as it's not fair we are forced to buy music we already got. i also think it would be a good idea to release "A Legendary Performer" series on the f.t.d. lable with outtakes and unreleased masters,.which has been done on recent soundboard cds; for some reason they have never released all these albums onto cd format as of yet? if the illegal soundboards or import cds can release excellant albums like "legendary performer" 5,6,7,8 then certainly rca can do a better job 'offiicially'? I think that the may 1966 how great thou art sessions should be released on the ftd lable with all the outtakes and work parts, rehearsals, etc;the how great thoa art sessions has been released on a 3 cd set, simply called 'the how great thou art sessions' with lots of studio outtakes and maters. if the import market release such good-quality and with good booklets and pics, then surely ftd and rca can do the same and release the material offficially and in good quality.
Dixieland Rock wrote on May 21, 2006
You have to give Elvis credit. He did put a stop to the silly movie songs. The "Guitar Man" sessions, the 68 Comeback, the 1969 Memphis Sessions was smart moves on Elvis' part. Then he made sure his last 2 films wasn't forgetable. "TTWII" & "Elvis On Tour" are fine films. But I think Elvis movies & his concert tours in the 1970s are simliar in some ways. At first, his movies in the 1950s were much better quality, better storylines. The movie songs were better & could hold up well on radio airplay "Love Me Tender" "Jailhouse Rock" "Hard Headed Woman"...etc. Then in the 1960's, the movies were nearly all the same plot rehashed. Songs like "Smokie Mountain Boy", "Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce" showed that Elvis lost interest in those movies. Then the Concert years are to me the same. The 1969,70, 71 Elvis concerts were like the early movies, done with alot of care. But then in the latter years, he sang alot of the same songs & rushed through his oldies like he didn't care. I have a hard time listening to "Hound Dog" or Teddy Bear" in his 1970's concerts. There was some well delivered concerts songs throughout the 1970s just like there are great movies songs throughout his movie years. But I think both his movies & concerts are simliar in how the Coloniel handled them. Profit over quality.
Steve V wrote on May 21, 2006
Dixieland Rock - You are right on the money! 100 %