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Elvis: Frame By Frame

May 06, 2006 | Book
In the works is a book by Bill Bram, who wrote the text for the JAT publication "Elvis Presley As The One Called Charro". The book "Elvis: Frame By Frame" is a book about the making of Elvis Presley films.

From the author's website:

Hundreds of books have been published since Elvis Presley’s death yet none have seriously documented the making of his films. Elvis spent more than half of his career making films, yet this critical time period has been essentially ignored by most biographers. This book investigates the making of nine of his films, in the words of those that worked on and co-starred in them. The author spared no expense to locate and interview hundreds of people who worked on Elvis's films, including co-stars, movie crew members, dancers, extras and stuntmen. Anecdotes and fascinating behind the scene accounts will be the central focus. A large portion of the book will consist of direct quotations from the interviewees, edited to create an interesting narrative of each film. It is a running commentary on Elvis’s films. In addition the book will contain information obtained directly from the movie files. Decades old questions regarding particular scenes and songs, believed to have been filmed, will be addressed and answered. Readers will find chapters on King Creole, Kid Galahad, Roustabout, Double Trouble, and Live A Little, Love A Little among others. The book concludes with a fascinating chapter on the Elvis movie that should have been: A Star Is Born.

Rare behind the scene movie photographs will be interspersed through out the book, never published, and obtained by the author. In addition, the author scouted and found dozens of locations, in and around Los Angeles, used in Elvis’s films. Elvis: Frame By Frame will be the first book to present a detailed account into the making of Elvis’s films. Most importantly, the book offers a new perspective and understanding of the most fascinating entertainer of our time.

The author has professional representation and is currently seeking a publisher.
Source:Elvis: Frame By Frame
dismas wrote on May 06, 2006
This is very good news, indeed. I've looked forward to a serious book treatment on Elvis's movie career for years. Done up right, this just may be the one. I've always felt that the Elvis movie legacy (more specifically the post-army era) has gotten short shrift throughout the years. While the films are definitely of their era (slick and simplistic "movie star vehicles," typical of '60s Hollywood), they are, for the most part anyway, well-made, enjoyable and entertaining light musicals. And since this was a major segment of Elvis's storied career (a 10-year span placed smack dab in the middle of his 1956-1977 national / international superstar years), it has long cried out for a more serious and in-depth study than it has yet to receive. I, for one, welcome and look forward to a book that will bring new information and fresh insights into the Elvis in Hollywood story.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on May 06, 2006
I know for a fact that this will be a book that serious fans will find extremely interesting. Bill has been working on his film research for years & has unearthed a mass of new information! I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of his labours.
Hans Otto wrote on May 08, 2006
Great news!! Like it, or not; the movie years played a major part in Elvis'life and career. So it is about time that more serious research is done on this field. I, for one, will buy this one!
EspenK wrote on May 08, 2006
Ah - I've been waiting for sometjhing like this. However I wish it covered every movie, not just nine of them. Anyways, still an interesting book, if done well.
Tony D. wrote on May 09, 2006
To Bernard Roughton - could you please get in touch with me? Thanks
newyorknewyork wrote on May 27, 2006
To EspenK, I expect the other films will be covered in books 2 and 3.