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Almost In Love Re-release

April 23, 2006 | Music
SONY / BMG will re-release the Camden album "Almost In Love" on April 25, 2006 (Catalog # 81610). The CD is available for pre-order.

Original track listing:

1. Almost In Love
2. Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)
3. Edge Of Reality
4. My Little Friend
5. A Little Less Conversation
6. Rubberneckin'
7. Clean Up Your Own Back Yard
8. U.S. Male
9. Charro
10. Stay Away Joe (Take 17)

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Gladyslove wrote on April 23, 2006
Yes Sony/BMG, that´s also a good one. I surely gonna buy the Cd. Fantastic.
Martin DJ wrote on April 23, 2006
How about releasing "Burning Love and Hits from his Movies" on cd?
CD King wrote on April 23, 2006
Good move Sony/BMG- it's exciting news for Collectors like me. Looking forward to all the Elvis presley's Camden Vinyl LPs will be issued onto CDs soon. I GOT LUCKY is another nice one. LET'S BE FRIENDS also.
Poffe wrote on April 24, 2006
Are you sincere? I read many positive opinions about these Camden releases on CD... but what's so great about it? I have some Camden LP's that I treasure very much, but to have the songs recompiled on CD seems meaningless. We already have the songs (at least us fans) and the cover is just a miniature replica of the original sleeve. Maybe I'm missing on something. Please, explain what's so great about these releases. (Don't get me wrong though, I'm glad that people buy Elvis music thus showing there's still interest in producing new albums)
Clambake67 wrote on April 24, 2006
I love the movie songs and this album has always been 1 of my favorites!I dont understand the release due to the fact that these songs have already been put on CD many times but thats fine because I like the compilation on this album.Hope that Camden will eventually release all their Elvis albums on CD.
Tony C wrote on April 24, 2006
"Burning Love & Hits From The Movies Vol.2" has been officially released on CD, as has the budget LP "You'll Never Walk Alone". I picked these up quite easily on ebay. "Let's Be Friends" was also recently released on CD, but it was a bootleg. I welcome this release, hopefully the booklet will include an illustration of the beautiful cover on the UK edition. The track listing was very strong for a budget release.
yelserp wrote on April 24, 2006
Poffe - what is so great regarding these issues of 'Flaming Star' and 'Almost In Love' on CD is that they were original albums released in Elvis's lifetime and should be a part of the catalogue. It would be even better if they would release 2 on 1 as in the Double Features movie CD's but I for one am happy with them and look forward to more.
shaneleebrown wrote on April 24, 2006
Isn't Let's Be Friends the only place to find the long version of Mama?
JerryNodak wrote on April 24, 2006
Kilburn Tony: Yes, Burning Love...Hits,,, Vol 2 was officially released eons ago. I bought a first edition copy back then. Bad sound and the first couple seconds of Burning Love was clipped off. I'd like a better copy. Re-release it. Yes, You'll Never Walk Alone was also released eons ago. Bad sound and not the original cover. My copy had a crappy Jailhouse Rock publicity shot. Re-release it. While you're at it BMG, release/re-release the entire Camden catalog. Most weren't widely available in the states. Ah...the Camden albums. What great memories. I don't deal with E-Bay. They are a pain in the ___.
Matt W wrote on April 24, 2006
If I'm not mistaken I'm sure the version of My Little Friend on the original album is a remix. When the strings do the little run down they jump from one channel to another which I always missed on later releases of this track.
leannrimesfreak wrote on April 24, 2006
This is great news, I'm sure am going to pick this one up. I look forward to song/bmg releasing more camden albums on cd's
JerryNodak wrote on April 24, 2006
shaneleebrown: Yes, the Camden album Let's Be Friends is the only official release that includes the long version of Mama. I don't know about bootlegs.
Tony C wrote on April 24, 2006
The bootleg CD of "Let's Be Friends" contained the short version of "Mama". The people behind it sourced the tracks from modern CD releases rather than master from an old LP or cassette, which gave us better sound quality. The were obviously unable to track down a digital version of the longer "Mama" composite master used on the original "Let's Be Friends" LP.
JimmyCool wrote on April 24, 2006
I have to disagree with you all: Mama (long version) is available in Elvis Latino! (BMG 74321 31495 2). I'm surprised with the inclusion of "Stay Away, Joe", Take 17 is the Movie Version, which was released by mistake in the first edition of the "Almost In Love" album and later replaced by "Stay Away"
Mr Scrapbook wrote on April 25, 2006
The long version (2:12) of MAMA was also available officially on a CD titled Elvis Double Dynamite in 1987. RCA Special Products/Pair/RCD-Ariola International. Catalogue Number PDC2-1010
JerryNodak wrote on April 25, 2006
Mr. Scrapbook: You are so right. I'd forgotten about Double Dynamite. I have it on vinyl, but haven't played vinyl in years. I hope that Elvis' entire budget catalogue(Camden/ Pickwick/ Pair) will now finally make it to vinyl. I hope BMG is wise enough to re-release Elvis' Christmas Album (1970 package) for the '06 season. It's sold 9 million copies and would certainly have sold a least 10 million by now if BMG hadn't taken it off the market and then retitled it It's Christmas Time. Which is now double platinum. Those sales should have gone to ECA (1970). Retire It's Christmas Time and bring back ECA(1970). Let's get that diamond award for Elvis.
JerryNodak wrote on April 25, 2006
Of course I meant too say that I hope Elvis' entire budget catalogue makes it to cd.
E.J.F... wrote on April 25, 2006
Frankly I don't know why all the fuss about these budget releases. With a couple of exceptions these releases where a hotch-potch and an insult to Elvis' recording legacy and reflected the absurd policy of RCA/BMG and Col. Parker at the time. "Burning Love And Other Hits From The Movies" surely takes the cake. Coupling a No.1 hit single and it's B-side with "I Love Only One Girl" and "We'll Be Together" on one album is nothing but the work of a monkey! Thank God Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon came along to put some sanity to Elvis' catalogue. If I remember correctly, a few years back BMG decided to limit the Elvis Catalogue to around 50 albums so as to keep his legacy credible. But since Sony took over it seems to want to milk the "never-satisfied" Elvis fans who (sometimes myself included) never seem to tire of buying the same songs over and over again. I will not bother to have these albums. If I want to, for the price of a CD-R I can easily make a replica of every budget album, including the cover, which I can easily scan from my original vinyl LP's. As for the "long version" of Mama, it is just the same verse spliced up again to make it seem longer, just like they did with the first release of "Blue River" on the "Double Trouble" Soundtrack album. With today's home technology I can easily do that to every song Elvis recorded!
Greg Nolan wrote on April 25, 2006
I have to disagree a bit with "EJF." I wouldn't say it's a fuss : it's merely the nostalgia of the fans who are old enough to remember that these albums for all their faults, actually came out during Elvis' lifetime - which is to say, many of us as well, if not you. Why not put them on CD? I've had them on everything from LP to 8-track to cassette and find them fun, for all their faults. (Jerry: do play your vinyl sometimes! And yes, "Double Dynamite" hooked me back then...) EJF, I share your concerns about these Camden reissues - to a degree. To this day, "Burning Love And Other Hits From The Movies" remains a real bummer and one that still manages to bother me. That said, many of these sets did serve a function in clearing out various material and quite a few were listenable and even enjoyable, namely "Let's Be Friends," "Almost In Love," and arguably "Separate Ways" and "Sings Flaming Star..." Ironically, I would argue that Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon have lately become very "Camden-like" in overseeing the release of such totally duplicative releases like "Ultimate Gospel," "50 Greatest Love Songs," "Heart and Soul," "Love, Elvis," the new "genre" sets and too many others. They've creating so many phony "new" albums of late that by comparison, RCA's budget label Camden is coming out looking pretty good. I agree that this may have been Sony's doing to some extent but this has gone on during the Ernst/ Roger era even before Sony merged with BMG. Presumably they have to make peace with "the suits" at Sony/BMG, but lately Ernst's comments about the catalog are cringe-worthy. Finally, you can make all the CD-R's you want but they'll always be half-way "home-made" deals. What you do in the privately is wide-open in this age of "burning" and "file-swapping." Of course, is your option (I will one day make an extended version of some Camdens for myself complete with alternates) but many of us will pick these up purely out of nostalgia for what were actually real releases in his lifetime.
JimmyCool wrote on April 25, 2006
I have to disagree too with EJF, but on a different thing: The long version of "Mama" is actually the same repeated twice, but it features a guitar solo in the middle and different vocals from "The Amigos", and you CAN'T do that at home (at least if you can play the guitar and make good back-up singing, lol)
vegaselvisfan wrote on April 25, 2006
i am quite nostalgic for these camdens. some of my first elvis lp's. i loved them because i had the chance to get my first movie songs. it took me a looong time to buy all the movie soundtracks in the 70s because they just were not in the stores. but camdens eased the desire.:) i play cassette in my car and so i bought all these on cassette. when it's a lovely day and my cassette is playing WONDERFUL WORLD from LALLAL i feel like 14 again. :) but.. i dont think i m gonna buy the cd's. that's why i have the double feature collection. all the movie songs!
joemin wrote on April 27, 2006
I am delighted with these albums and I will be buying them all. I am looking forward to Burning Love and hits from his movies. That was a favourite of mine waaay back. I also hope to see Let's be friends out soon. For the record, I have the first 3 genre albums and I hope they continue that series until every Elvis song is on 1 and only one of these albums (althought Old SHep would probably have to have an album of its own).
Steve V wrote on April 29, 2006
I cant believe there are fans who would actually buy these on CD. Whatever happened to the way BMG was supposed to streamline the catalog down to essential releases? These are surely not essential. They were only marginally essential when first released in the 70's. I always saw the Camden LPs as a quick way to make a buck. Anyway, the catalog is being watered down again just like it was in the old vinyl days. We need a legacy represented here people.
see see rider wrote on April 30, 2006
Man..do i remember these releases. I think I still have all these on cassette, even some on vinyl and a couple on 8-track. The only real great thing about these is basiclly what's already been said and that is, that they were released in Elvis's life time and the nostalgia..other than that, I can't see myself buying them again. The only reason i ever bought them was to gain some songs I didn't have at the time. Don't get me wrong, they surely served there purpose and my tapes and stuff are still in great shape, but to spend the money now on song's I already have....That's the thing.
JerryNodak wrote on April 30, 2006
Steve V: Legacy, shemegacy. His legacy is already written. secure. What's done is done. I'm a customer. Give me the product I want. I want all the Camdens on cd. If you're not interested fine. I and many others want them and we will buy them. Give me product. Product equals choice.
MR61 wrote on April 30, 2006
I for one will buy this cd been saying for years put them all out on a box set would be great. When I was young I could only afford theses budget albums they mean alot of things to different people
Dixieland Rock wrote on May 01, 2006
I always liked this album. I think the album is so under rated. It deserved better treatment than putting it on the "budget" Camden Label when it was first released. With solid songs at the time A Little Less Conversation, U.S, Male, Rubberneckin', A Long Legged Girl & etc, you can't go wrong. But there was so many missed opportunities with so many of Elvis' songs. I wished the Coloniel would have put more focus on strategically marketing Elvis music library in a better way instead of focusing on making a fast buck off of soveineir trinkets. I'm happy to see more of Elvis' original albums out on CD.
leonardboone wrote on May 02, 2006
I will buy this if I can find it. I really loved these albums when they came out.I especially like the cover art.
MR61 wrote on May 05, 2006
Flaming Star is also available just bought it today. burning love , xmas album, youl never walk alone hitrs from movies vol1 are all available ,release the lot in a box set would be great to have them all together also with all the other 70,s budget range eg pictures of elvis sun collection 75 version hits of the 70's arcades 40 greatest put them all on cd so we can change from vinyl to cd and have a complete collection
PTCJones wrote on May 20, 2006
probably most people are aware of this already, but Stay Away IS included at the end not Stay, Away Joe as listed on the cover. They never did get the track listing on this album right.