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Quick Poll Result And New Question

April 15, 2006 | Music
The Follow That Dream label released two new CDs. Last week we asked your opinion on the "Made In Memphis" compilation. From the 146 voters 86% percent thought this CD was a great release, 14 percent had a different opinion.

This week we want to know your opinion on the other April FTD release, the classic "Something For Everybody" 2 CD edition.

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MR61 wrote on April 16, 2006
Another way to make a quick buck. I am sure there is better stuff out there to release eg ,GI BLUES KING CREOLE for two. and from 77 there must be more to release.
Shakingruud wrote on April 17, 2006
Better stuff to release??? My God, these are one of the best 60´s recording done by any artist!! Its hard to satisfy some people!
pasa-ryu wrote on April 17, 2006
one of elvis' best studio sessions,the outtakes look a real treat!-how some so-called elvis fans say their is better release i don't know?..ok,got the original cd and album but will still have to have this new two cd version..afterall,it will be better sound and more takes..all in all a must have .10/10
Mr. Songman wrote on April 19, 2006
This is another excellent FTD. Anyone who thinks differently obviously has no idea what it was like before the FTD label was born. Be thankful that there is such a label and that this material is available to us. Keep on rockin', Ernst!