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July FTD Updates

February 20, 2006 | Music
Ernst Jorgensen confirmed that at this stage the plans for the July 2006 releases are a Las Vegas soundboard recording from January or February 1974 and the "Clambake" soundtrack in the Classical Album series. There is a possibly for an additional Classic Album release.
Source:Ernst Jørgensen
TexasRex wrote on February 20, 2006
CLAMBAKE? Is he kidding?? What about ROUSTABOUT? What about KISSIN' COUSINS? LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE? Anything but CLAMBAKE!!
emjel wrote on February 20, 2006
The reason why there is no "Roustabout" or "Kissin' Cousins" or "Girls Girls Girls" is that all original outtakes cannot be found - yet!
corey3rd wrote on February 20, 2006
Now this will be weird since Tom Rolf, the editor of Clambake told me that the original Clambake recording session was out of pitch and they had to put Elvis' vocals through a harmonizer. Will they put out raw tracks?
RonBaker wrote on February 20, 2006
I agree that "Clambake" is a real stinker of an album...the only virtue in releasing it is the fabulous bonus tracks that were on the original LP. If those are released with the other tracks from those sessions: Guitar Man, Big Boss Man, Mine, Singing Tree, Just Call Me Lonesome, High Heel Sneakers, We Call on Him and You'll Never Walk Alone and their respective outtakes, it could be a GREAT FTD release! Staggering, even!
Dixieland Rock wrote on February 20, 2006
I think it's funny that a movie about a rich guy that races a boat would be called "Clambake".....lol. It's funny that the "Clambake" movie title was built around a party that just happened to be serving clams. It's a good thing they wasn't serving sardines and crackers at that party. This album & movie might have been titled "Sardines & Crackers". But I look forward to the expanded edition of this album. I wish there would be a double CD release of the "King Creole" soundtrack that is if all the outtakes still exist.
SPK wrote on February 20, 2006
Have to add Clambake to the collection. Be happy we are getting another soundtrack. Keep them coming, we want all 31.
oldie56~2 wrote on February 21, 2006
After reading the many posts regarding the new/forthcoming FTD Release from "Clambake", I have learned something. Mainly where these terrific 'other' songs from Clambake originated! I was so uterly turned-off with this movie I never explored the 'other' tracks! Isn't it amazing when we allow ourselves to have such narrow minds what we miss! Horray for us and good going Jorgensen!
Rejane wrote on February 21, 2006
I loved Clambake, possibly cause I loved Elvis w/ Shelly Fabares, but I also liked almost all of the songs, like Who Needs Money, You Don't Know Me, A House that has Everything and the song Clambake actually has an energy that I've never really picked up from the say the song Viva Las Vegas, though good, it's just not darned good for me! But I guess that's how all Elvis fans have their own personal lists of favorite songs from Elvis' movies.
Ton Bruins wrote on February 21, 2006
Oh yes Clambake, can't wait to have that one.....lol...
Lefty wrote on February 21, 2006
The soundboard from February 1974 is promising. Elvis was in great vocal form during that Vegas season. He kept the chatter to a bare bones minimum, some new songs were introduced including Spanish Eyes, and all the songs were given serious treatment. Keep 'em coming FTD!
JerryNodak wrote on February 21, 2006
First, Something For Everybody in April. Now, Clambake has been confirmed in August. It doesn't get any better than that. Thanks, Ernst!! Mama's little baby loves Clambake, Clambake. Mama's little baby loves Clambake, too.
luckyjackson85 wrote on February 21, 2006
Hooray! "Clambake" wasn't my first choice on the next soundtrack to be released but, I sure am glad it is. Besides the song "Confidence" I think the songs in this movie are grand. It about time for a NEW soundtrack with the poor choice of releasing a 2 CD edition of "Loving You" in January 2006. I understand that other soundtracks do not have enough alternative tracks to release a deluxe edition yet. However, I hope that "Kissin' Cousins", "Roustabout", or "Girls! Girls! Girls!" will be ready in time for an October/November 2006 release.
Tony D. wrote on February 21, 2006
For completist purposes, "Clambake" is being released in the 7" sleeve format, although "classic album" is guilding the lilly somewhat. If they DIDN'T release it, many fans would ask why it isn't being released, so you cannot please everyone. There are many more releases to choose from if this is not up to your standards.
Ciscoking wrote on February 21, 2006
Clambake...?? It`s a matter of taste..some may like it. For me...it´s a disc I`ll give one spin a year.
You Dont Know Me wrote on February 21, 2006
I welcome 'Clambake' on FTD release shedule and just like ALL other FTD releases i DO NOT JUDGE ...until i have listened to the release!
hound216 wrote on February 22, 2006
I think it's great that we're getting a soundboard from the winter '74 engagement in Vegas. These concerts are hard to come by even in audience recordings, so I look forward to it.
Jim Hoff wrote on February 22, 2006
Now listen you sceptical guys out there: Elvis isn't all about superb material, I think we all know that. Well, in fact there might only be 5-8 albums out there worth buying. However ..... if you as a true take-it-or-leave-it fan once bought all Elvis' albums on vinyl back in the 60's and 70's, then you of course want to buy them in these new, nice soundimproved packages. It's like collecting stamps or whatever people collect. I think most of us hardcore fans want the full Elvis catalogue on FTD whatever it's Elvis Is Back standards or Girl Happy standard. That's the way it is. So will you please stop complaining about these "bad-film-album" releases. Take it or leave it, and don't tell everybody about it everytime you're not interested. Thank you, thank you very much!
cathyreno wrote on February 22, 2006
love em want em buy em! all I tell u all ALL lol :-)
Tony C wrote on February 22, 2006
Jim, I couldn't agree with you more. So many so-called Elvis fans complain about everything that is released. Someone even recently described the landmark "Elvis Is Back" LP as a boring album with a terrible cover!
shaneleebrown wrote on February 22, 2006
Perhaps the problem is indeed the fact that Clambake comes under the Classic album series - as a classic album is certainly what it isn't! However, on the other hand, I do believe that all of these albums should be released if only for the historical importance of Elvis himself. People don't have to buy them but the bad should be available with the good. As for real classic albums in the Elvis canon, there probably aren't that many that are class from start to finish - not even the 50s albums. However, I would certainly include King Creole, Elvis Is Back, From Elvis In Memphis, How Great Thou Art, Elvis Country, On Stage, That's The Way It Is, Aloha, Memphis 74 (it's nice to have the complete version but the original edited version is,to me, more listenable) and possibly Today, In Person and Promised Land. If FTD insist on calling all of the albums Elvis churned out as classics, then the word means very little and it lowers the artistic value of the true masterpieces that I have mentioned above.
ElvisDayByDay wrote on February 23, 2006
I guess the problem is that the label changed its goals, probably due to the available material. Although the Classic Album series re a good idea, and I love the release as the "definitive" edition of the album, and that's a reason for buying it. But I really wish it would be the real classic albums that got this treatment. Elvis Is Back and the Memphis concert are good examples. Clambake ... no thanks.
benny scott wrote on February 23, 2006
Thank you Ernst for the great job you did in the past and still will do in the future. But you can't please 'em all.So forget about the complainers ! You reached many thousands of satisfied Elvis-fans, and that's the most important thing ! Always El
E.J.F... wrote on February 23, 2006
You got it all wrong Kees and shaneleebrown. Of course "Clambake" is no classic album but the original concept for the DeLuxe 7" format was for the Soundtracks which were no longer available. In fact the first ten or so releases in this format were all soundtracks. The "Classic Album" series only started later with the "Memphis Concert", "Today" and "Elvis Is Back" releases, due no doubt to the lack of material available for the rest of the soundtracks. The next in the "Classic Album" series is "Something For Everybody". "Clambake" is just the next soundtrack. Keep 'em coming Ernst. I prefer these 7" Editions than the regular soundboard concerts, although I buy all that comes out on the FTD label.
JerryNodak wrote on February 23, 2006
EJF: Finally, a voice of reason in this "debate". I can't believe people can get so caught up in semantics. What's the difference what it's called. So, Ernst mis-spoke and said Classic Album series when in all probability he meant Soundtrack series. Sheesh. Give the guy a break and don't get so hot and bothered over nothing. Here's the deal. Clambake is coming in August. You either buy it or you don't. Either way, fine. It's each persons choice.
Dixieland Rock wrote on February 23, 2006
I think it's great that FTD is releasing all these albums in an extended form whether it's "Elvis Is Back", "Clambake". I want to see as many of these albums as possible released in extended version whether Elvis's best albums or not. I think FTD is the perfect place to release these. After they are released, collectors can then chose which one they want to purchase. The main thing for me is that they all be made available. For me, the "Loving You" FTD release will be played more than "Clambake". But I still want both. No one should blame FTD on the material available. FTD has to work with what was left to them by Elvis, RCA & the record producers 30 & 40+ years back. I wish that Elvis would have put his foot down & just refused to cut the bad songs from the start. That would have put an end to the movie song junk. It seemed like Leiber & Stoller gave Elvis his best movie songs. They should have been in charge of all the movie songs period. But anyway, FTD keep them coming.
Lex wrote on February 23, 2006
Since Clambake is a soundtrack with great bonus tracks, I can imagine worse releases in this series. And okay, he could have sung them maybe better, but the movie itself has some nice tracks too...
John4126 wrote on February 23, 2006
Its true that 'Clambake' should not be played in the company of others - it really is that bad. Even the man himself could just about drag himself in to the studio to record this tripe. However, its Elvis and i will buy it not only for the unreleased outtakes but also to support the label. Which has, lets face it given us many fantastic releases. As for the 'classic' tag, clearly its a slip of the tongue on Ernsts part. This release continues the 7" movie series. Ive got the double features 'Clambake' as i type - its hard work!! LOL
Dan The Man wrote on February 23, 2006
What category this release is placed in is of little importance. FTD has for years given us releases that they can be proud of. Depending on taste, some are of course better than others, but we as fans are lucky that they are all there to buy if we want them. Thanks to Ernst and co, keep them coming!
TexasRex wrote on February 25, 2006
Here's an off-the-wall idea for a future FTD -- bring out a CD of the BACKGROUND SCORES from some of Elvis's best movies -- particularly those done by George Stoll (who worked on THE WIZARD OF OZ and MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS): Viva Las Vegas, Girl Happy, and Spinout -- all with terrific, distinctive jazz-rock scores. Just an idea, but a CD I would buy yesterday! How does one email Ernst Jorgensen?
Ton Bruins wrote on March 01, 2006
Lex, the movie has some nice tracks too.....? Tell me which one. lol
TexasRex wrote on March 02, 2006
Dear Ton Bruins: Huh?
Steve V wrote on March 02, 2006
Clambake is not a classic no matter how hard you try & convince people it is. Not one song is sung with feeling (except You Don't Know Me) and I think it contains one of the worst vocals of his career in Hey! Hey! Hey!. The bonus songs are nice but we already have them and with outtakes. Want to pay 29.95 for more of the same? I will skip this one. I love the idea of the background scores. Listen to them when you watch some of the movies. They are really good. Great idea!
Ton Bruins wrote on March 02, 2006
Texas Rex...I don't understand your reply...Huh ???
JerryNodak wrote on March 02, 2006
Ton Bruins: Nice tracks? I think they're all nice. Not great, but nice. I enjoy singing along. I enjoy the whole album. It's forgettable, but fun. A guilty pleasure for me. I can't wait!! Lighten up, Ton. Put a little fun in your life. Bring those '60s soundtracks on, Ernst. So, I can enjoy and Ton can complain endlessly.
Ton Bruins wrote on March 05, 2006
OK JerryNovak. I hope you're enjoy your soundtrack cd's. Remember: I am not complaining; it's just my opinion. complaining is something different. And don't worry I enjoy life very much...! I just find 90% of the movie soundtracks not worth listening to, that's all.