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Heartbreak Hotel Remains #1

January 25, 2006 | Music
For the second week in a row the 50th anniversary re-release of "Heartbreak Hotel" remains #1 on the U.S. Billboard singles sales chart.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises

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byebye wrote on January 25, 2006
The photo on "Christmas Peace" was taken from this single. Brilliant! It´s insane that the best selling single is not no:1 automatically on the MAIN singles chart in the US!
leannrimesfreak wrote on January 25, 2006
how many has Heartbreak hotel sold so far?
get real wrote on January 26, 2006
Jesper ; "It´s insane that the best selling single is not no:1 automatically on the MAIN singles chart in the US!" ? It is not insane at all. Elvis sold 4,200 copies of this single last week, where as the top selling downloads may sell 30,000 a week or more (Gwen Steffani had last years highest seller at 1.2 MILLION downloads, and The Black Eyed Peas sold a total of 3.5 million single downloads in 2005), and then there are the airplays to be considerered. I know there are seperate download charts, just as there are seperate sales charts, but it is very easy to see why Elvis would not be anywhere close to # 1, or # 100, on the main singles charts. The single is # 1 on the sales chart, and we should be thankful for that.
Lex wrote on January 26, 2006
Do you need more than two hands to count the sales this week?
John4126 wrote on January 26, 2006
Billboard has so many charts - it's a joke! As for crowing about this 'success' - well for a format that is clearly dead in the US - it's quite pathetic and sad for BMG to be shouting about it. I know there will be some thumping the air in delight that we have another number one (sic!) - thats a matter for you. And please dont tell me that this is an opportunity for those unfamiliar with Elvis to buy this classic song - it wont be - dont kid yourself - they'll invest in a greatest hits compilation - Lord knows there is enough of 'em!
MauriceColgan wrote on January 26, 2006
Nevertheless youngsters looking for news of their particular favourites on the charts will witness the Return of Elvis Presley. As if he ever went away LOL. Elvis getting a number1 hit is big news here in Irelandtoo. Compilations, by the way have probably introduced Elvis to more people than you think.
Dixieland Rock wrote on January 26, 2006
I personally don't pay much attention to the record & music charts these days. But what I find amazing is how Elvis keeps showing up in them whether or not he tops them or not. I think the reason Elvis has survived, is because his music is timeless recordings. Since "Heartbreak Hotel" was originally released, so many music fads have come and gone. Here it is 50 years later & Elvis's music is still around. The current songs by the singers that are "chart makers" today, I seriously doubt will be back in the charts 50 years later like Elvis is. I give it 5 years and most of these "hits" today will probably be forgotten about or rarely played. And Heartbreak Hotel will continue to endure past todays "hits". It's timeless.
byebye wrote on January 26, 2006
Get real: I was only reffering to the "vast chart chaos" overall in the US. Thankfull??! Physical sales will allways be physical sales and should have a higher status than anything else I think... -Regardless of artist or genre.
get real wrote on January 26, 2006
Jesper, to make the Elvis single # 1 in the main chart would mean giving the "physical sale" of the single about a 20;1 value over a downloaded single. Downloads are physical sales also by the way. I dont see there being any chaos at all in the charts, although i do highly disagree with the extensive use of radio airplay as the main way get to # 1 in the Billboard top 100. This can be over come though if a single does actually sell enough copies: witness the American Idol contestants in the Hot 100. Their chart positions are mostly based on "physical sales." Either way, its good to see Elvis on the top of any chart, even if said chart is somewhat meaningless.
byebye wrote on January 27, 2006
I get your point (Get real.) However..take a look in the billboard mag, and you´ll realize the "caos" with tons of different charts being there. It´s silly! and moves focus from achivement when they separate genres etc. Fact is the status and credibility is weakened by that system in gaining a no:1 single chart position today. Downloads, radioplay SHOULD not count, and maybe people would buy records again. (Being made with upgraded PCM sound quality that you cant dowload.) This is just one guys opioion..
pasa-ryu wrote on January 27, 2006
well done elvis..amazing
ta2k wrote on January 28, 2006
Anyway it`s well done to The King from me,TCB.
John4126 wrote on January 30, 2006
So sales are what 8000? Impressive! As for being time timeless - agreed. But radio plays? I would hazard a guess and say probably negligible.