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It's Elvis' 71st. Birthday

January 08, 2006 | People
Today, January 8, 2006, would have been Elvis Presley's 71st. birthday had he not died August 16, 1977. But there still is enough to celebrate.

2005 was the year celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of Rock and Roll, 2006 is the year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Elvis becoming the King Of Rock and Roll and worldwide icon.

The year kicks of with the re-release of hist first nationwide and worldwide #1 single, "Heartbreak Hotel".

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Ton Bruins wrote on January 08, 2006
Yes, yet again Heartbreak Hotel...that's sad. One for the money two for the real fans. EPE/BMG/RCA...surprise us in 2006 with something with all real fans would say.."wow"..On Tour or Elvis In Concert on DVD for example....we deserve it.
JerryNodak wrote on January 08, 2006
And just how is EPE going to surprise us with "On Tour" on DVD when they DON'T own the rights to the film and Turner et al show no interest in selling. As for "In Concert" on DVD, EPE has stated repeatedly this isn't going to happen anytime soon(if ever). Stop beating a dead horse.
Sean Ryan wrote on January 08, 2006
Maybe if EPE pulled their socks up and got together with turner it would be re-released.how about a 3 dvd boxset of thats the way it is. there is so much footage going around at the moment that EPE could do that like the 68 comeback and aloha
RezRoses wrote on January 09, 2006
Happy Birthday Elvis! I really miss seeing Elvis in the movies and in concert. Because he was only 42 at his death, I will always remember him as the young Elvis he was. His voice just got better and better with time... Happy Birthday Elvis!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on January 09, 2006
Ton Bruins wrote ref to Heartbreak Hotel yet goes on to say how about On Tour or In Concert DVDs same thing really nothing new !
cathyreno wrote on January 09, 2006
Well lads we are probably asking for the impossible after getting gems like the 68 tv special delux and hawaii special etc. Its mind boggling that there is outtakes of elvis on tour out there gathering dust in a vault as we speak. Regarding rereleasing 'heartbreak hotel' no unless they did a funky remix to appeal to everyone its pointless. T c b everyone
Ton Bruins wrote on January 09, 2006
Of course On Tour will be new..there is hours and hours left to make a new, beautiful DVD from On Tour; just like That's The Way It Is-SE. Elvis In Concert could be "new" by putting in other songs into The Special. When the rights from On Tour belong to Turner, then the EPE should buy them back !
ta2k wrote on January 09, 2006
Happy Birthday King,i tried to post yesterday but encountered problems! Regarding Heartbreak Hotel,we all know the significance behind it`s release which is why i don`t think we should complain about it,or want it to be remixed.I`m all for remixes,but this should be left in it`s original form for obvious resons. I too have the outtakes of `On Tour` which are around at the moment,but an official release would obviously be far better. That Michael Jackson bloke is having 18(i think 18) songs consecutively re-released starting in a couple of weeks,i hope they flop big time.I don`t want Elvis` achievements of last year being eclipsed so soon(OR EVER!) I look forward to 2006 being another big year for The King! TCB