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Strung Out Remix Released On Vinyl

December 19, 2005 | Music
Released on green vinyl bootleg single is the "Strung Out" remix which was already available on-line since 2004 and debuted on CD on the bootleg "Memphis Bound". This single features two dance tracks:

Side A: Strung Out King (3:05)
Side B: Elvis Strung Out Remix (2:11)
Source:The Elvis Express
Tony D. wrote on December 19, 2005
Is this kind of release and title really doing El's image any good? This kind of dance "music" is best left in the 1990's where it belongs!
Poffe wrote on December 20, 2005
I think any kind of release featuring remixed versions of Elvis' music is good. I don't say I like all remixed versions, but I believe it's a perfect way to introduce the name "Elvis" to a younger audience. Remember that some kids of today don't listen to anything but house and techno and whatever they call it nowadays.
Tony D. wrote on December 23, 2005
This is not the case. It is a well known fact in the industry that dance is on the way out, with real musicians and guitar bands gaining new ground all the time. In the UK and France, MANY nightclubs have had to close down. I don't think anybody would be weaned onto Elvis with this particular out-moded mix.
RonBaker wrote on December 24, 2005
I haven't heard this release, but would love to own it. Dance music on the way out???? I don't think so...Madonna just hit #1 with "Hung Up" which is just about as disco as it gets.
PTCJones wrote on December 24, 2005
The title is confusing, is this actually Elvis' music remixed or an attempt to riddicule? Unfortunately, some people can't make it on their own without defaming someone.