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FTD January 2006 Details

November 19, 2005 | Music
The Follow That Dream label will release two CDs in January 2006. An 2-disc upgraded version of "Loving You" and as the regular Follow That Dream release a soundboard recording titled "Southern Nights".

The 2-disc upgraded version of "Loving You" has carefully been restored by Kevan Budd. This is a variation of the BMG release from earlier in the year. The FTD label has been able to obtain a handful of movie versions from a brilliant tape source, and on disc 2 you get the opportunity to hear all takes of Elvis recording the title song "Loving You" on February 14, 1957. You will get 15 takes of the main version in binaural as an extra bonus.

"Southern Nights" is a live compilation from the Spring Tours of 1975 and a companion set to "Dixieland Rocks". "Southern Nights" is a soundboard recordings, meaning a recording at shows with semiprofessional equipment. There are several flaws on the original source tapes. "Southern Nights" shows just how vast Elvis’s repertoire was at that time, with 19 songs not featured on "Dixieland Rocks".

A final note from Ernst and Roger:
2006 will be the last year where we will divide evenly between regular releases of “soundboard” material and RCA material. We will be running out of studio outtakes, except for the Classic Albums releases. Research is always going on, but hope of finding the missing studio tapes is small. We have a lot of historical Las Vegas engagements and tours to cover through soundboards, and obviously an enormous number of classic albums to restore.

Thanks for another great year. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ernst and Roger

Track listing "Southern Nights" - 1975 Spring Tours Soundboard Recording:

That´s All Right - It´s Now Or Never - Help Me - Steamroller Blues - Heartbreak Hotel - Release Me - Polk Salad Annie - I´ll Remember You - Little Darlin´ - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Trying To Get To You - You Gave Me A Mountain - Help Me Make It Through The Night - Fairytale - Jambalaya - Big Boss Man - It´s Midnight - Promised Land - Trouble - T-R-O-U-B-L-E - Hawaiian Wedding Song - Blue Suede Shoes - For The Good Times - I Can´t Stop Loving You - I´m Leavin´

Track listing "Loving You":
CD 1 Original Masters:
Mean Woman Blues - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Loving You - Got A Lot O´ Livin´ To Do! - Lonesome Cowboy - Hot Dog - Party - Blueberry Hill - True Love - Don´t Leave Me Now - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - I Need You So -

New Bonus Masters:
One Night - I Beg Of You - All Shook Up - That´s When Your Heartaches Begin - Tell Me Why - Is It So Strange - When It Rains, It Really Pours - One Night (Of Sin) - I Beg Of You (Alternative Take) - Loving You (J-16 End Version) - Party (A-7 Alternate Master) - Loving You (K-93 Main Version) - Loving You (HX-14 Farm Version) - Got A Lot O´ Livin´ To Do! (R-13 Finale) - Mean Woman Blues (BX-97 Version) - Loving You (KX-21 Main Version) - Loving You (HZ-12 Farm Version) - Blueberry Hill Hill (From Acetate) - Got A Lot O´ Livin´ To Do! (D-17 Main Version - From Acetate)

CD 2 - The February 14th. Session:
Loving You (Take 1 - 12; All Mono "Farm Scene" Version Takes) - Loving You (Take 13 - 34; All Mono Main Version Takes) - Loving You (Take 35 - 50) - Loving You (KX Take 1 - 15 Binaural Main Version Takes)
Source:For CD Collectors Only

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Janus wrote on November 19, 2005
Wow it's a great looking cover!! The tracks are very intersting because of the line up and i hope the sound is also great. Lets Rock!
Dan The Man wrote on November 19, 2005
These two releases will be great. Thanks Ernst and co.
Ton Bruins wrote on November 19, 2005
I will not buy Loving You of course... this is a re-re-re release I think. The soundboard will be interesting because of the time (1975 was a great Live year for Elvis) and because of the tracklist, interesting. I am again a little bit disappointed that we once again will not have a soundboard from July 1975. It's time that Ernst inform us about the fact if they have or haven't soundboards from July 1975.
Elvos wrote on November 19, 2005
One off the best covers if not THE best cover on FTD.
Sean Ryan wrote on November 19, 2005
looking forward to the soundboard but why do we need so many takes of loving you.Its not the greatest ballad Elvis did by a mile.Ok, its good to have and all that but why didnt they make all the ftd soundtracks 2 discs? phs was very limited and i would have liked the version of sandcastles which was featured on the album hawaii usa.BMG have paid so much attention to loving you but have neglected the other soundtracks and what has happened to something for everybody ftd release.
Renan Augusto wrote on November 19, 2005
Great! Loving You is good but the soundboard is even more fantastic! Lots of rarities from this 1975 tour. Keep´em coming FTD!
Santa Claus wrote on November 19, 2005
I would like to see a new poll here: Think of another star, beside Elvis. What would you be willing to pay for a semi-professional mono soundboard-tape by that star and a re-re-re-release of material you already have three times in your collection. Would you be willig to pay 9 Euro each for it or 22-35 Euro? Ernst will milk you until there's not a single drop left. It's a shame that I have to pay 23 Euro for another farm-version collection while the bootleggers show me that there is indeed a perfect recording i.e. of the "True Love Travels On A Gravel Road" rehearsals (See "Leg.Performer 7"). Even today the bootleggers seem to be one step ahead.
Sean Ryan wrote on November 19, 2005
i agree santa, i doubt anyone will play over again so many takes of loving you.i only want it for the version of mean woman blues.
Santa Claus wrote on November 20, 2005
Well, it's not the many takes. I'm a collector and friend of complete sessions. It's just the themes he picks. Look at the soundtracks. "Double Trouble" and "Viva Las Vegas" were the only soundtrack of which we not had already the complete session on bootleg. "The "Loving You" Sessions are available for 15+ years now. Every collector who realy wanted to hear them just had to click Ebay and you had them. Now, after we've bough the old stuff again, he confesses that he's running out of takes. This is criminal. Amazon is charging 35,99 Euro for FTD. Some of you don't see that, cheering "Keep em coming Ernst"! Yes Ernst, keep 'em coming. But not that way and not under those circumstances. Right now you are ripping off the fans.
CD King wrote on November 20, 2005
I am excited and really looking forward to the LOVING YOU 7"Format 2 discs Soundtrack. With the release of this, does it means that eventually we will also be getting a 2 Disc 7" Format of KING CREOLE, and also JAILHOUSE ROCK. I am a great fan of the Elvis Movie Soundtracks. Ernst, don't you forget GIRLS!GIRLS!GIRLS! ROUSTABOUT, KISSIN' COUSINS & also SPEEDWAY. All on 2 Discs please..
ElvisDayByDay wrote on November 20, 2005
Why the negative tone? I look forward to listening how Elvis develops into the final version. Indeed, I won't listen to it very often, but to hear Elvis at work in the studio is something I look forward to.
shaneleebrown wrote on November 20, 2005
Santa Claus - you don't have to pay that for it! You can just not buy it!
Lex wrote on November 20, 2005
Mmmm... I understand Santa partly, but it's not up to FTD to keep the bootlegs in mind. In my opinion they do/did that more than enough in the past. So let's just skip it and let the happy few that never heard this before enjoy it :-).
emjel wrote on November 20, 2005
Yes, I have to say that listening to so many takes of Loving You doesn't excite me too much either. Weren't there any other songs on these newly acquired tapes. With regard to CD Kings request for 2 discs on King Creole/Girls Girls Girls etc, you'll be lucky to get even ONE disc, as there are very few outakes available. This is the reason that these soundtracks haven't been done yet.
JerryNodak wrote on November 23, 2005
Endless takes of the Farm Scene version of Loving You. Oh boy. NOT!!
DenMik wrote on November 24, 2005
i always like to listen to complete sessions. So I thank FTD for releasing the Loving you sessions. I hope the didn't change the sound to much. I rather have some distortion then having the music changed. I want to hear the music like Elvis should have heared it.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on November 29, 2005
I hope the next soundboard will be the Asheville night's a double cd with 1 the closing night and 2 a compilation the Asheville concerts. and then the following up is the closing night 12-12-76 las Vegas.and then the next is Elvis in concert `77 the undubbed version and complete. or an opening night Jan/Feb`74...anyone else suggestions.
Cruiser621 wrote on December 01, 2005
Save your money. Sony-BMG have run out of things to release on the FTD label, especially the Loving You album. There are so many different and better outtakes already on CD. What a scam.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on December 02, 2005
It`s a shame how bmg/jorgensen the Elvis fan so underestimate . I`know that there are 2 kinds if Elvis fans.1 who loves the Elvis music and the other is the covers lovers and buy anything with "Elvis" on It. And bmg made ftd`s for the last one . The music lover must still buy bootlegs to get the good stuff.