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Memphis Recording Service Vol. 1

November 08, 2005 | Music
The long awaited project about Elvis’ first two years at the Memphis Recording Service (Sun Records) will be released on November 28, 2005 by the UK based Memphis Recording Service.

The details from the press release:

"The Memphis Recording Service, Vol. 1" will contain a book, a 5.1 DVD audio CD and a vinyl 45 single. There will be a detailed book with exclusive new information, unseen documents and colour photos covering the humble beginnings of Elvis Presley's music career and its effects on the birth of Rock’n’Roll during 1953 -1954.

The 5.1 DVD Audio CD will contain 11 fully restored tracks from 1953-1954. All of them has been remastered using never before released original sources of masters, acetates and tapes to produce high quality sound never before heard. A selection of photographs is used to accompany each song.

Highlights Include: For the first time since 1954 we can hear That’s All Right in its true Sun sound without the fake RCA echo. This track has now finally been re-mastered from the original Sun Mother master straight to 5.1 Audio/ Dolby Digital sound. This original version has never before been re-released on record, CD or any digital disc until now.


1. My Happiness
2. That's When Your Heartaches Begin
3. That's All Right
4. Blue Moon of Kentucky
5. Good Rockin' Tonight
6. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine

First Louisiana Hayride Show 16th October 1954
7. Lucky Strike (Scotty and Bill tune up)
8. That's All Right
9. Blue Moon of Kentucky
10. Milkcow Blues Boogie
11. You're A Heartbreaker

On a 45 rpm vinyl single "That’s All Right".

Processed and pressed for the first time since 1954 from the original Sun master “Mother stamper”. The original Sun 209 45 rpm issue of That's All Right was Elvis Presley’s first commercial record. It was recorded on the 5th July 1954 at the Memphis Recording Service and was released later that month. In late 1955 That's All Right was re-released by RCA Records with an added echo effect on the vocal track. Subsequent re-issues of this song from 1955 to the present day have all contained that same echo effect, not faithful to the first Sun recording. If you have never been fortunate to own the original pressing and hear the sound as it was intended, here it is.

Through acquisition of the Sun’s master “Mother” - the part responsible for pressing the first run of records, we can present That’s All Right back in it’s original format with the same matrix number and three pushmarks. This will give all true Elvis fans an exclusive chance to experience the birth of Rock’n’Roll for themselves.
Source:Elvis Unlimited

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Gabe wrote on November 08, 2005
Who is releasing this? Does anyone know?
RonBaker wrote on November 08, 2005
Personally, I can't wait for this release!!!! It looks fabulous! Hope the 45 is 2 sided...This could be a real treasure for the Elvis fan!!! Maybe they'll find some tapes/discs laying around that could complement the Sun experience ("Satisfied", "Uncle Penn", "Tennessee Saturday Night"--which was supposedly going to be on the Elvis for Everyone album...now it doesn't exist?????
losdemas wrote on November 08, 2005
Gabe: It's released by 'Memphis Recording Service'. They have a Website (the address is obvoius), where you can pre-order for the release date of 28th November. The price is £29.95 + P&P. RonBaker: I couldn't agree more. It looks like a well thought out and beautifully presented package.
toddy wrote on November 09, 2005
It looks great. I love vinyl ! I hope my elvis shop will import it soon in Germany.
byebye wrote on November 11, 2005
Holy Grail! If the mastering from the "mother" is done right... this is as good as it gets! (especially played in stereo PCM).
pasa-ryu wrote on December 27, 2005
great release,gotta get this a.s.a.p.!-hope i dont miss out?,i think its available at my local hmv store for £29.99?.