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Double Features Re-released In The UK

November 02, 2005 | Music
The "Double Feature" soundtrack series has been re-released in the UK. SONY/BMG used the editions that were part of "The Original Elvis Collection" CD box. In total 10 CDs with soundtracks from 23 movies have been re-released.
Source:Todd Slaughter
ttwiise wrote on November 03, 2005
WHY! I thought the reason that FTD were issuing these was because they were not to be in the BMG elvis catalogue
Matt W wrote on November 03, 2005
RonBaker wrote on November 03, 2005
Fantastic news!!! My collection was stolen about 5 years ago and I really want these cd's again! Some of this movie music is quite good. Wish they would find the stereo masters of the "Follow That Dream" ep somewhere.
Renan Augusto wrote on November 04, 2005
Is this is a joke?
Neckywoudje wrote on November 05, 2005
They gotta be kidding, right? What I think? They had to many unsold "The Original Elvis Collection" CD boxes, so they thought...let's sell the stock seperately (as far as the DF goed, i hope) no matter the cover art and the nothing saying CD numbers: 25 in a series of 10.