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Summer Festival Cover Art And Details

September 13, 2005 | Music
Here are the cover art and details on the upcoming Follow That Dream release "Summer Festival" with Elvis' Dinner show from August 11, 1972 recorded live at The Las Vegas Hilton. The CD is due out early October 2005.

Dinner show, August 11, 1972
1) Also Sprach Zarathustra 1:18
2) See See Rider 2:46
3) I Got A Woman 2:15
4) Until It's Time For You To Go 2:36
5) You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 2:02
6) You've Lost That Loving Feeling 4:29
7) Polk Salad Annie 4:58
8) What Now My Love 3:30
9) Fever 2:48
10) Love Me 1:38
11) Blue Suede Shoes 1:04
12) One Night 1:34
13) All Shook Up 0:57
14) (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 1:47
15) Heartbreak Hotel 1:47
16) Hound Dog 2:47
17) Love Me Tender 1:39
18) Suspicious Minds 4:48
19) Introductions 1:15
20) My Way 3:50
21) An American Trilogy 4:27
22) Can't Help Falling In Love - instrumental closing 2:20

Midnight show, August 11, 1972
23) Little Sister / Get Back 2:12
24) Its’ Over 2:30

Midnight show, August 12, 1972
25) Proud Mary 2:36
26) Never Been To Spain 3:46
27) For The Good Times 3:10
28) A Big Hunk O’ Love 2:04
29) Tiger Man – opening only 0:19

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Ton Bruins wrote on September 13, 2005
Good picture. Tiger Man only 19 seconds ? Why take that as a bonus track ?
hound216 wrote on September 13, 2005
...wish I had never bothered to get "Blazing Into The Darkness" because after I buy this new FTD, I'll have it twice! I've heard rumors that "Blazing" is dated wrong, but all you have to do is compare tracklists and you can see that this is the same concert.
Mr. Songman wrote on September 14, 2005
Hopefully, this is not the same show as "Blazing Into The Darkness." Ernst says it's not. Time will tell.
Brignoud wrote on September 14, 2005
Yeah, like Hound216 wrote, the track listing appear as almost the same... but only almost.. since Blazing in to the darkness report Proud Mary in place of I Got a Woman. So let us have more trust in Eernst and his job.
Pedro Nuno wrote on September 14, 2005
Anyway, it's a good tracklist, with, hopefully, good versions since we have a Polk sallad, one night, suspicious and hound dog with resonable times, and performed in a period that Presley still care a little about that musics. TCB.
JK wrote on September 14, 2005
mmm...a top 10 FTD release... for me anyway!
Ton Bruins wrote on September 14, 2005
Sorry to say Pedro Nuno but Elvis wasn't interested in music at that time. He had some difficult privat problems and was fed up about Las Vegas all ready.
ijustcanhelpbelievin wrote on September 14, 2005
I disagree with the 1972 season at Vegas Elvis being bored...It was at this engagement that he announced his 1973 Aloha fom Hawaii concert...I believe he was gearing up for that event,and he was focused on his music,and not so much his troubled life...
ijustcanhelpbelievin wrote on September 14, 2005
Concert Details: Tour Ref: Las Vegas Season 7 Date: August 11 1972 Venue: Hilton Hotel Location: Las Vegas NV Showtime: Dinner (8.15pm) Crowd: 2200 Songs: List Release: Pictures *: Article *: Elvis: Suit : Belt : GROUP ATTIRE: Songs - Tracklistings: 2001 Theme See See Rider I Got A Woman - segued medley with - Amen Proud Mary Until Its Time For You To Go You Dont Have To Say You Love Me Youve Lost That Loving Feeling Polk Salad Annie What Now My Love Love Me Blue Suede Shoes One Night All Shook Up Teddy Bear - segued medley with - Dont Be Cruel Heartbreak Hotel Hound Dog Love Me Tender Suspicious Minds Introductions My Way American Trilogy Cant Help Falling In Love Closing Vamp This appears to be the same as Blazing Into The Darkness,but they omitted Proud Mary and Fever accoring to the above resource...
Ton Bruins wrote on September 14, 2005
I tell you this. He was all ready bored in 1971 for Las Vegas.
ijustcanhelpbelievin wrote on September 15, 2005
to ton bruins- i don't disagree that vegas was no longer a challenge for him...he conquered it in 69,and 70,but he was peaking again in 72. who wouldn't be bored with the same songs 2 nights for 30 days? the review for blazing into the darkness says he was in fine voice,and great spirits, so i am going on that...
Lefty wrote on September 15, 2005
If it is the same show as Blazing, that's fine with me. I have Blazing Into The Darkness, and Elvis is in fine voice and spirits. Elvis jokes around with Charlie Hodge and says at one point, "He can't help it ladies and gentlemen, he's from Alabama." It's pretty funny. Hopefully, the sound on the FTD version will be improved. Blazing is pretty weak for a soundboard recording.
Ton Bruins wrote on September 15, 2005
ijustcanhelpbelievin: of course I would be bored too singing the same old songs night after night. But it's Elvis to blame, isn't it ? He could have sung hundreds of other songs to keep him fresh and to have a challenge but he didn't. Too bad. I have many soundboards now and I listen to them 2 or three times and that's it. Again see see rider, i got a woman, love me, teddy bear...boring. The other day I listened to Blazing Into The Darkness and I couldn't listen that one out. No higlights and a very flat sound. He should have stopped playing Vegas earlier. Special shows to me are for example Desert Storm or Closing Night 73 or Birmingham and Dalllas 76. But in August 72 Elvis wasn't at his best.
ijustcanhelpbelievin wrote on September 16, 2005
ton bruins- i agree elvis was the one who choose to sing the same old songs...man,what was he thinking? i still do disagree about the 72 vegas season however,but you have a right to feel the way you do...i will purchase this ftd,but only after reading reviews on it...glad to hear from you ton...
secondrichard wrote on September 17, 2005
This show is not the same as Blazing Into Darkness. That one had a false date mentioned on the cover, it actually is August 12th Dinner show (compare it to the audience tape available from this date, Elvis is introducing the people from Crown Electric Company). The FTD release is the correct August 11th Dinner Show.