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Tickle Me

July 26, 2005 | Music
A CD in the FTD “original soundtrack series” that we expected at the very end of the series saw the light of day recently.


We don’t have the original EP, so can’t really compare this “art” work with it, but on first sight it looks like BMG only had a wrinkled version too, of which they had to make this one.. The booklet (also with a very strange form of art on the front) itself is fun, with memorabilia and too tiny pictures of Jocelyn Lane.


Although the movie had a pretty strong soundtrack for an Elvis movie and a co-star that was worth looking at, this CD wasn’t the one we expected at this stage of the series. First it is very short, but okay, FTD already promoted EPs to successful CDs, but at least those brought some outtakes we didn’t have officially. Secondly, the soundtrack was strong because only “old” studio recordings were used. So this CD release has nearly nothing new to offer, since most studio outtakes are released by now on the main label (Essential Elvis) or FTD (the Nashville-series).

Still, we have to admit, the CD offers a nice compilation, only disturbed by two radio trailers (why don’t put both of them at the end of the CD?).


Unnecessary may be too strong if we want a complete soundtrack series, but too early is the least we can say.

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CD King wrote on July 28, 2005
For me, "Tickle Me" is one of Elvis' better movie. It's filled with fun, great songs, fights, and first class Elvis entertainment.. etc I hope they put this classic out on DVD soon. Of-course there'rs always those usual prejudiced critics who hate anything to do with the word "Elvis Movie".To heck with them. To me, This FTD 7" Format release is just brilliant. Loved the packaging, great songs & I hope they'll issue the rest of the remaining ones on FTD also, namely KISSIN COUSINS, GIRLS!GIRLS!GIRLS! and ROUSTABOUT. Long Live ELVIS Presley - The King of Hollywood.
dismas wrote on July 28, 2005
I agree CD King! "Tickle Me" was a worthy follow-up to 1965's earlier "Girl Happy," and was nearly as big a box-office hit (in the US, anyway). You've gotta consider Elvis' films in the context of the times: These were (for the most part) happy-go-lucky, innocent, feel-good flicks that were aimed at a specific young/family audience. And for the most part they succeeded as easygoing entertainment. Just go back and check out the generally positive reviews they received at the time of release for proof. I think one of the reasons "Tickle Me" has always been less well regarded was its lack of a true soundtrack album back in the day. It did indeed generate a pair of Top 20 hits in "(Such an) Easy Question" and "I'm Yours," two charting b-sides ("It Feels So Right" and "(It's a) Long Lonely Highway" and a 45rpm ep that outperformed the "Viva Las Vegas" ep of the previous summer. Still, it could have all added up to a killer soundtrack lp, especially by including the previously unreleased singles versions and adding a couple/few never-before-on-LP b-sides to please hardcore fans who already had the "TM" material on previous releases. Material was recycled regularly in those days in the music industry, via Greatest Hits/Best Of packages, etc, so I don't know why a soundtrack lp for this project appears to have been taboo. It certainly would have outpaced the weak "Elvis For Everyone!" LP that was released in its place. It may be forty years after the fact, but I say better late than never!
circleG wrote on July 29, 2005
'Tickle me' is also one of my favourite films if only for the gorgeous girls and scooby-doo story line. i hope it'll be released on DVD soon. That will make a great companion to this cd. on a side note now that this has been released how about 'elvis -for the asking'? the 'lost'album. That would make a fab FTD 7" double cd. Imagine the entire session PLUS outtakes....
Lou A wrote on July 30, 2005
I saw "Tickle Me" during the summer of 1965, and I really enjoyed it.I was an Elvis fan at the time but I didn't buy every single one of his records. I did go out and buy this Ep, and the two singles from the movie. I didn't own Pot Luck, Something For Everybody, or Elvis Is Back. After Tickle Me I began to explore Elvis back catalog and I bought those albums in addition to the other ones I was missing. And I began buying each album and single as they were released. I still buy everything that comes out. I'm happy Tickle Me is finally getting an album release,even if it's forty years later, and I'm looking forward to the DVD.
Renan Augusto wrote on July 31, 2005
Tickle Me is a great film...Funny and Elvis is acting very good in my opinion.. And the soundtrack is also superb even it belongs to other sessions.