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All Shook Up

July 30, 2005 | Music
With this outing from Elvis’ “comeback” in Vegas FTD brings us the third complete (?) show from 1969 (officially).

Cover Art

It’s the easiest task in the world to make a cover for an Elvis 1969 show… just put a picture of him during one of those shows on a piece of paper and you have a marvelous cover. No difference this time, and gladly they decorated the pictures in a tasteful way. The coverpicture was also used on "A Touch Of Platinum volume 2", but this time we get it full color.

Remarkable here is that the cover mentions Millie Kirkham, while Elvis doesn’t introduce her and Tunzi doesn’t mention her in his book either. But then again, Tunzi says Elvis did “What’d I Say” during the midnight show too, and why would Ernst & Co leave it out? Because the total time might exceed the maximum of the CD?


Of course the highlights of this midnight show from August 26 were already released: the famous laughing version of “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” (Elvis Aron Presley and on single various times) and the live-rarities “Rubberneckin’” (exclusive false start) and “This Is The Story” on Collector’s Gold (for the completists: also “Baby What You Want Me To Do” and “Runaway” were on Collector’s Gold). Still it is fantastic to have those songs in their right setting, the complete performance.

The show starts with a frantic version of “Blue Suede Shoes”. The mix is very different from what we are used to. Gladly the rhythm section is very upfront, especially Larry Muhoberac on his piano, the unnecessary orchestra is not very audible, only during the crescendos at the end of the songs. This makes of “Baby What You Want Me To Do” probably the best version we have, but in general the whole show benefits from it.

The first thing in Elvis’ performance that appears is that “Are You Lonesome” is not alone in this show. Elvis is laughing nearly the complete show: in between songs, but also during songs. Although his laugh is very infectious, it is sometimes almost as if he drank too much before getting on stage… especially during the intro of “Hound Dog”. On the other hand it makes the show outstanding from the others, because next to a few song changes it is nearly identical to the other show, including the monologue and jokes.


All together this FTD outing is a very welcome one and shows what a party it must have been to attend an Elvis show in 1969.

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Ton Bruins wrote on July 31, 2005
As you say: the highlights were already released. What more can I say ? Can't understand why they took this date to be honest. Release one that is completely unreleased or am I stupid ? Besides I think the '69 shows are all the same, because Elvis did sing the same old songs night after night, didn't he. A CD that I will play once or twice and that's it. Sorry if I sound like I complain but that is just my opinion. Not an interesting release for me. Elvis sounds great as always in '69 but too much of the same for me.
Lex wrote on July 31, 2005
I have to admit I already played it more than "At The International", I love the mix very much too. And Elvis' mood is indeed infectious.
Doug wrote on July 31, 2005
All Shook Up is great. The mix is difference, I think it's better than In Person mix. Yes, there are some tracks released, but there are other highlits, like blue suede shoes, and baby what you want me to do, maybe the best performances from that season. So, what can we say about the show? This is Elvis!!! A complete concert from 1969 is always welcome in our collections. A lot of new fans liked this sound, it sounds fresh. I will buy all 69 performances, professionally recorded, from FTD and all studio releases, except movie soundtracks. This is my opinion.
circleG wrote on July 31, 2005
does anyone know if 'what'd i say' was actually performed on this date? and if so why on earth was it left out? release all '69 dates i say, oh and while we're at it all aug 70 dates too!
buyep01 wrote on August 01, 2005
Well mr. Ton Bruins I agree with one thing you said the 69 and 70 shows do sound a lot alike and I like some change to. As a matter a fact if you took the new live from vegas the las vegas box set and all shook up and played them back to back on a well known song you couldnt tell the difference given the sound quality was the same and all same jokes same songs over and over. BUT here is the thing ton we dont have Elvis no more the king is gone and I buy every piece of elvis recording I can get my hands on, the recordings we have of him live talking studio outtakes soundboard Audience recording 8mm film VCd well you get the point are as precious as gold to me because as sad as it is we will one day run out of new Elvis material and then there will never be anymore to record look at or make just go thru the same material with no FTd to look forward to, no imports to list well ytou get the point lets be thankful for everypiecen of material we have of him good or bad.
JerryNodak wrote on August 01, 2005
I've got Elvis '69 on The Vegas Box disc 2 and on FTD's Elvis/ International. Now comes All Shook Up with virtually the same track list. Enough already!! Same old. Same old. To top it off this the concert where Elvis laughs his way through one of my all time favorites after cracking one of his lame "jokes". Then I'm sure there's all that other talking between songs. As well as that damn 10 minute monolgue. No thanks. I'll skip this one.
Ton Bruins wrote on August 01, 2005
Chris, don't get me wrong. I am a huge Elvis fan and buy almost every FTD release that comes around. But as I said when you have one good '69 show you have them all. Also the new release "Today": only 6 new outtakes on 2 cd's and FTD even starts to re-release outtakes. As you know the most outtakes on "Today" were already released on "6363 Sunset" or on other releases such as "Today Tomorrow or Forever". That worries me. But of course Elvis is gone now for over 25 years, so new material is hard to expect, I know that. We can't blame the FTD label that Elvis did sing the same old songs night after night for most of the time, I know that also. But after all the FTD label is a great label and I will support them, but I am entitled to give my opinion as I say that most of the soundboards I play only once or twice and that I find it odd that in "All Shook Up" the highlights were released earlier, once again.
You Dont Know Me wrote on August 01, 2005
I have already played this 10 times and really enjoying it.It's enough to cheer anyone up... i mean Elvis is obviously 'Raw' 'Great' and like a Bull Elephant on Heat. Great to hear him enjoying himself just so much! This CD could make even a non-Elvis Fan a FAN! My Fav 1969 live show so far!.
lray wrote on August 01, 2005
CircleG, according to another site, Ernest was contacted and stated that Elvis did not do What'd I Say at either show that night. It makes sense. He wanted to get some other songs on tape since it was their last night to record. I saw Elvis in 69 (Aug. 15 DS) and both SM and WIS were big workouts for Elvis. During the instrumental break Elvis was doing karate kicks and punches. It was really something to see. Elvis was at this best in 69 and my copy of the new CD is on its way to me now. I would gladly buy all 12 of them.
circleG wrote on August 02, 2005
lyle ray, you were there in '69?! too cool man! tell me please, are you saying during WIS that elvis would pefform his Karate moves? did elvis jump into the crowd at anytime as he would during his Aug '70 season and if so during what song?
heartburnmotel wrote on August 02, 2005
A (poor) audience recording of this concert exists. I've heard it and What'd I say was included on this one near the end of the show. So, why it's missing on this FTD release?
newyorknewyork wrote on August 02, 2005
Well I don't care what anyone says I have bought "ALL Shook Up", and I love it. When I play "Rubberneckin" at work everybody asks for the volume to be turned right up, so just for that reason it was worth buying it. Unfortunately I wasn't quit old enough to have seen Elvis at that time live, but at least I've got plenty of years ahead of me (hopefully)to be able to keep on buying and keep on playing Elvis Presley.
lray wrote on August 02, 2005
CircleG it was way too cool! After growing up on Elvis movies I had to go see him (I live in the SF Bay Area). It remains my favorite concert of all time. The best of his shows that I saw, easily. At 17 I needed my parents to get in so we all went. Yes Elvis was doing his kicks, punches, blocks etc. during the WIS instrumental break. the strobe light may have been on, I can't remember for sure. In regards to this new CD I have to go along with Ernest. From what other fans have said some of the audience recordings are imcomplete and pieced together from different shows. Elvis was doing extra songs this night and WIS would have kept him on stage too long.
lray wrote on August 02, 2005
CircleG I did not finish answering your question. No, Elvis never left the stage in 69. Or, I have never heard that he did. For sure not when I saw him. I met the late Denis Sanders in the late 70's and I asked him about Elvis walking through the audience during the filming of the movie TTWII. He told me that before the first time Elvis walked through the audience, Elvis told him to be ready he was going to do something different. So Sanders did not know what was going to happen but of course was thrilled when Elvis took his stroll. I believe that Elvis did it only because of the movie they were making.
Santa Claus wrote on August 03, 2005
heartburnmotel you can not relay on audience recordings from 69. Maybe he sang "What'd I Say". Maybe not. Fact is there are audience shows from 69 in circulation which are completely puzzled together from fragments of other shows. What was supposed missing was added from another show by dumb fans. I imagine some even 'created' their own shows just to have missing dates to trade. I had almost the entire engagement on tape. After listing every song and monoglogue of each show I found only a few REALLY complete unedited shows left. So, don't count on your sources. I really hope Ernst did not edit it out. I couldn't stand another idiot editing everything to create his own shows.
circleG wrote on August 04, 2005
too true santa claus, i was disspointed with the editing out of the Aug 70 show on the TTWII box set. i know it sounds petty but i've seen the scene a million times in the movie just after 'polk salad annie' when elvis take sa glass of champagne from a table and then jumps in the crowd. no reason why it couldn't have been left in on the cd. it didn't spoil the experience but it make me think my cd had skipped a track when listening to it. lyle ray, your accounts are priceless. for years i've wondered what elvis was doing during WIS. it'll make listening to the '69 shows a newer experience now.
Axeman517 wrote on August 07, 2005
Regarding wether or not Elvis performed "What'd I Say" on 8-26-69 MS, I would gather he didn't. Remember he added "Rubberneckin'" and "This Is the Story" which took up roughly the same amount of time "What'd I Say" would have. My theory is that Elvis left it out to keep his show from running long, which the Hotel didn't like.