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Elvis By The Presleys – The DVD

July 03, 2005 | Video
Last (in our review series) but not least is the DVD of “Elvis By The Presleys” about the book and CD we had mixed, but overall positive feelings, so what about the DVD?


The cover is known by know, and everybody has his or her feelings with it. Especially the “Buddy Holly”-glasses were good for quite some remarks on the Internet. The “booklet” of the DVD is hardly to name so. It’s just a fold out with chapter titles and advertisements for recent success releases like 30 #1 Hits, 2nd To None and last year’s DVDs. The discs are just like the CDs, in the style of the before mentioned hit albums, gold and black.


The content is – not surprisingly – more or less the same as that of the book, but this time in interview form, decorated with pictures and some private (8mm) films. What catches the eye most is that Priscilla has nothing natural left. We’d rather get visibly old than artificial like she looks.

The format is still pretty good, honest stories (especially Lisa Marie made a much more positive impression than we expected) and rare footage (although not enough to our taste) mixed into something that will be attractive to both the hard-core fan and the casual buyer. There is not too much nonsense on the discs, and we account a slight form of Alzheimer for those flaws that are present (like Priscilla knowing Elvis from his first album with “Hound Dog” or Jerry Schilling describing how Elvis recorded “Indescribably Blue”).

The extras on disc two are more interesting to a lot of fans, since especially the karate-chapter is some highly anticipated material (it would have been interesting to see what this could have been if Elvis had finished it). Compared to simular releases by others from Elvis' entourage we get more content (especially footage wise) but in the same format.


Our conclusion: we rather have our man singing. This release is a nice addition to this series of releases, but probably not something you will watch too often. It’s time for a book/ CDs/ DVDs-series of “Elvis On Tour” (just to mention another highly anticipated project by the fans).

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cathyreno wrote on July 04, 2005
excellent review! my sentiments exactly, though 8mm footage was fantastic and the karate very interesting, It left me wanting more just being greedy ha ha, over all DVD was better than the book, but there was more stories from Lisa in the book than on DVD. If I had to rate the whole package cd/dvd/book 9/10 T C B
Martin DJ wrote on July 04, 2005
It is very interesting to hear Priscilla's parents discuss Elvis. However, I think it would be more interesting to hear people like James Burton, Ronnie Tutt, engineers, producers and other collaborators discuss Elvis musical legacy, the way he went about recording et cetera. It would also be a good idea to release the Houston 1970 en New York 1972 press conferences in their entirety. And what about the two Aloha press conferences? Not included on the Aloha DVD, but partly included in Elvis by the Presleys, for some reason. And I guess Elvis's lecture on karate went on a bit longer than was shown here. So, how about another four-hour documentary?
Ton Bruins wrote on July 06, 2005
Yes, a good review representing my feelings about this DVD set. Nice to have some minutes more of the Karate footage, but to hear once again the stories of Priscilla and Jerry Schilling is really boring to this ears. The rare footage were cut to a minimum to my taste. No, not very impressive at all. I've watched it once and that's it. Time for ON TOUR !!!!!!
Ton Bruins wrote on July 06, 2005
As a matter of fact, I don't need any DVD's anymore were people talk about Elvis. I just want Elvis on a good, new DVD. So..On Tour with "new" material (there is plenty !) and Elvis In Concert '77. No more old stories about him that are told a thousand times.
Renan Augusto wrote on July 09, 2005
The world is asking for On Tour...Turner can´t you see that????
AcesGirl wrote on August 05, 2005
I enjoyed watching this when it aired on CBS and plan on getting a copy of the dvd sometime soon. I have a copy of Elvis' last concert that was aired in September 1977. I would love to see this released as part of a bonus dvd whenever Elvis on Tour is released onto dvd.
pasa-ryu wrote on November 12, 2005
graet dvd,but disapointed with the "KARATE FOOTAGE"-Only 4 minutes of unseen footage was released!-i was expecting the "new gladiator" 90 minute documentry footage that was actualy filme in 1974??.why graceland decided NOT to release the entire 'karate footage' i do not know??(god knows,its wot the fans wanted,and most of aaal-what 'elvis' wanted.)