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Way Down (2005 Single)

April 16, 2005 | Music
The sixteenth single from the re-issue series is “Way Down”, the last of the "old" singles in this #1 re-issue series. The single hit #1 originally on the Top 40 dated August 13, 1977, three days before Elvis death.


This CD-single comes in the original US cover for the outer sleeve. The inner cover is seventies style too.


”Way Down” is one of the few “rockers” Elvis released in the seventies. Not Elvis’ favorite material, he tended more for the emotional ballads like last weeks single ‘The Wonder Of You”. But the #1 position for “Way Down” shows Elvis could still rock, both in the studio and on the charts. If only he had released a few more rockers like this, “Burning Love" is also a favorite of many both fans and none fans. JD Sumner’s voice trying to blow the speakers going “way down” matches both the song and title. We can appreciate JD’s voice more this way than the tricks Elvis made him do on stage as “the world’s lowest bass singer”.

The bonus track on this single is an alternate take of “Way Down”. It sounds a bit rawer that the master, the piano is more up front and gets more “playing time”, especially to the end of the song.

The flip side ”Pledging My Love” is what we’d call an “up-tempo ballad”, the song matches Elvis’ voice very well.


We are curious to see how this last old single will do in comparison with the last single in this #1 re-issue series, the remix of ‘A Little Less Conversation” which is a favorite of a younger and broader crowd.

For those who don’t care too much about the charts, these detailed reproductions are real gems to collect on either CD-single, vinyl (or both …).

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Eddie White wrote on April 16, 2005
Way Down was not a no.1 hit in the UK until after Elvis's death.
Tony C wrote on April 18, 2005
You're right, Eddie. I don't know why the correct information about when "Way Down" went to number one keeps being ignored. I remember the events concerning this single very well, it being the last released during Elvis' lifetime. I bought it on the day of release and rushed home to hear it, not having heard it on the radio. I absolutely loved it from the first play, although it took a while for the B-side to grow on me. Elvis recording career ended the way it started, rocking!
dailyone wrote on April 19, 2005
not one that i would play everyday but it was a light in the tunnel . with a bit of more and better of this , elvis would have made a comeback .
Riozzi wrote on April 19, 2005
I've said it before and I'll say it again,elvis went out with a great rocker.people say oh his out of breath,my god can't you hear in his voice how much he is enjoying the song.He came in with a rocker and finished with one.that sums the man up,how good was he,the best.
Tony C wrote on April 19, 2005
Throughout the single re-release campaign, I have been fairy uncritical of BMG. Last week, when I bought "The Wonder of You" I was surprised to see the RCA logo upside down on the 10" single, but I thought that at least we will only suffer this for one release as "Way Down" was released with a different company bag. Yesterday, I was looking for the familar blue & orange sleeve in the racks at Virgin, but could only see copies of what I thought were "The Wonder of You" in two places. Upon closer inspection, some of these were "Way Down"! Not only do we have the single in a cover from the wrong era, but the RCA logo is still upside down. It is beyond belief that major errors like this can happen, and an insult to the fans who have supported this series. I had wondered how the sleeve of the 10" "A Little Less Conversation" would be designed, assuming that it would be similar to the 2002 12" single sleeve, but obviously it will be in an early seventies design sleeve with an orange label. Not only that, but the logo will be upside down. This will be to reflect the design of the original release, to quote the record company!
newyorknewyork wrote on April 19, 2005
I thought "Way Down", was fantastic and it's one of the few songs that my husband really likes. I just think that this whole set up regarding the re-release of these number ones has been completely ridiculous. I.ve said it before and I'll say it again, if the powers that be had released the records in the right quantity, then Elvis would be number one with all of the singles, he probably would have been the only person in the top twenty! And I think the big people at the top realised this and could never let it happen. Shame on them all for letting us all down and of course poor Elvis Presley.
emjel wrote on April 19, 2005
Having had 16 weeks of success in getting all the singles (albeit, hard work in the early stages even though an order was placed with HMV in late December), I visited my local HMV today to collect my weekly order only to be told that some doom-brain had accidentally omitted my order with BMG. Although there were many apologies, the basic repsonse was "tough - there's nothing we can do about it now - but we will try and get one for you". And even though their main store in London had them on the shop floor, I was told that they wouldn't be able to go a pick up a copy, and forward it onto my local store. PS Just been informed that a numbered CD has been found and is being sent, but don't hold out much hope for the vinyl. On a slightly seperate issue, there are 7500 numbered vinyls, and 35,000 numbered CDs. Are the charts reflecting both purchases, 'cos working on the basis that TWOY sold 26000, and people are commenting that they cannot believe only 26000 fans bought a copy, shouldn't that read 13,000 fans if each fan is buying both CD and vinyl? Assuming that all vinyls are sold, 'cos you can never find any in the racks, that means that only 18500 CD's were sold, so where are the other 16500 hiding?
Rob Nelson wrote on April 20, 2005
If my memory serves me, Way Down was #1, in the U.K. in September 1977 (?) But, what matters is this was and is a brilliant single. I played this song again and again in 1977.
Tony C wrote on April 20, 2005
Emjel, many of the surplus numbered copies are still on the shelves of most London shops. The applies to all of the titles on CD and still many of them on 10". I visited Blackpool last weekend, and their HMV have stocks of everything, but un-numbered. Newyorknewyork, given the stocks still on the shop floor and the low sales, it is not the quantity of stock that is a problem, it is the lack of support from many fans. I know more fans that have not been buying these releases than have been, and these ones have the most to say when Elvis does not get to number one! Their excuses range from already having the songs to not wanting to line Priscilla's pocket, regardless of the fact that she has no financial interest in BMG.
Tina wrote on April 21, 2005
I love Way Down although it still makes me cry sometimes when I hear it. It reminds me of when they announced that Elvis had died, it was the first song they played on the radio. Even though I was only 10 at the time, I was very much affected by it.
2001 wrote on April 22, 2005
Friday Update. (1) 'Is This The Way To Amarillo?' - Tony Christie Ft.Peter Kay - 26,084 copies sold. (2) 'Way Down' - Elvis - 23,364 copies sold. (3) 'I Like The Way' - Bodyrockers - 10,431 copies sold.
pacer1965 wrote on April 22, 2005
I love Way Down it is one of my favourites.I wish I lived in London because I cant find any of the singles where I live. Anybody would think I was living on the moon
Eann wrote on April 22, 2005
Hey 2001, where are you getting your Friday Up-date figures? Just so that you know, I pre-ordered all of the singles from HMV online back in December, and low and behold, I have all of them (except the vynil of Way Down which has been delayed!) however, it's Friday of "Way Down week" and already HMV have informed me via E-mail that "A Little Less Conversation" has been shipped!. How The hell can they do that? This means that my purchase WON'T count towards next weeks chart. Damn them ! Anyone else had similar problems?
bossanovababy wrote on April 23, 2005
cduk No.2-ach well! TCB