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Elvis Chart Overview 2004

August 27, 2004 | Other
With all the new releases coming out surrounding the 50th Anniversary of Rock And Roll we added another chart overview page to present all the chart information available. We limited the overview to the highest chart position, the weekly updates are added to the news section. If you have new chart information or corrections let us know by mail.
That's All Right
CountryHighest Position
Australia31 Aria Top 50 Singles Chart
Brazil69 Aria Top 50 Singles Chart
Canada5 Canadian Top 50 Singles Chart
India8 Single Chart
Ireland33 Irish Top 50 Singles
Sweden47 Swedish single Top 60 Chart
United Kingdom1 Amazon.UK On-line Singles Chart
1 HMV bestsellers list
1 12 Inch Vinyl Chart
3 Top 40 Singles Chart
United States1 Billboard Sales Chart (Gold Award)
European Chart50 European Top 100 Chart
Global Chart2 United World Singles Sales Chart (Top 40)

Elvis At SUN
CountryHighest Position
Australia69 Aria Album Chart
Canada30 Canadian Album Chart
Sweden47 Swedish Single Top 60 Chart
The Netherlands88 Album Top 100
United Kingdom94 Album Top 100
United States37 Billboard Top Country Albums

Comeback Special DVD
CountryHighest Position
Australia1 (Platinum)
Canada1 (3x Platinum)
Ireland1 Music DVD Chart
Italy6 Music DVD Chart
Norway1 Music DVD Chart
New Zealand4 Music DVD Chart
Spain2 El Corte Ingles Chart
10 National Chart
Sweden1 Swedish DVD Chart
The Netherlands3 Dutch Music DVD Charts
5 Free Record Shop Music DVD Charts
United States3 (2x Platinum) Billboard Top Music Video Sales
United Kingdom1 (2 xPlatinum)

Aloha From Hawaii DVD
CountryHighest Position
Australia1 (Platinum)
Canada2 (2x Platinum)
Italy3 Music DVD Chart
New Zealand6
Norway2 Music DVD Chart
Portugal27 Music DVD Chart
New Zealand6
Spain1 El Corte Ingles Chart
8 National Chart
Sweden1 Swedish DVD Chart
The Netherlands2 National Chart
2 Free Record Shop Music DVD Charts
United Kingdom1 Music DVD Chart
United States5 (Platinum) Billboard Top Music Video Sales

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CapiTrueno wrote on July 17, 2004
In El Corte Inglés chart, Aloha is #1 this week and NBC #2
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on July 11, 2004
Aloha in N0. 2 in the Woolworths UK DVD charts, despite not being released here yet! And NBC is number One!
joemin wrote on August 09, 2004
Copied from the off. Elvis site : Aug 2 '68 and Aloha DVD Sets Are Sales Champions Around the World 7/30/2004 Globally, BMG has shipped 217,000 units of Elvis: ’68 Comeback Special – Deluxe Edition DVD (3-disc set) and 177,000 units of Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii – Deluxe Editon DVD (2-disc set). (That’s a million discs!) Both sets are enjoying outstanding sales, earning gold and platinum status and hitting high spots on the DVD sales charts. Here’s a summary of highest sales chart positions in various countries so far and the gold and platinum status: ’68 Comeback: #1 - Australia (Platinum) #1 - Sweden #1 - Norway #1 - United Kingdom (Platinum) #1 - Canada (3x Platinum) #1 - Ireland #2 - Austria #2 - Belgium #3 - France #3 - Netherlands #3 - United States (2x Platinum) #4 - New Zealand #5 - Germany #6 - Italy #10- Spain Aloha: #1 - Australia (Platinum) #1 - Belgium #1 - Ireland #1 - United Kingdom (Gold) #2 - Germany #2 - France #2 - Norway #2 - Sweden #2 - Netherlands #2 - Canada (2x Platinum) #3 - Italy #5 - United States (Platinum) #6 - New Zealand #8 - Spain #9 - Austria