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Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!

August 18, 2004 | Book
This book by life long fan Sandi Pichon has just been issued by Apex Publishing. Is it a worthy addition to the huge library of “Elvis books”?


The nearly 200 pages are printed on high quality glossy paper. This is especially interesting because of the fair amount of pictures presented in the book. The chapter and paragraph division is clear, which makes the book good to read.


To be honest we were not really interested in the book beforehand. A book about a fan, so what? It’s Elvis that counts… The foreword by Kathy Westmoreland presents the bone cancer story as a fact without any doubt or restraint, reason to stop reading immediately to us. Thumbing through the book searching for pictures we found ourselves reading anecdotes soon, forgetting about the pictures. Especially the concert stories (like the Memphis one) were interesting to read, making us green of jealousy for not having experienced it ourselves.

The pictures of Elvis decorating the book have quite some “unseen ones” among them. Great live shots and nice candids make this book quite interesting.
Unfortunately the book could have used a good proofreader. Quite some irritating mistakes, being it print errors or other faults, give this otherwise nice addition to the bookshelf an unnecessary bad taste. The first concert in Asheville 1975 wasn’t on July 2nd, the tour that never was wouldn’t have started on August 16, the flipside of “My Way” wasn’t “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, to name just a few.


The anecdotes and pictures make the book worthwhile. Unfortunately it misses the finishing touch and could have been a bit better with a little more effort. Still it proofs that not every American fan wears (dark) pink glasses, although the comments on the more critical fans are not really necessary ;-).

You can get your personally signed copy by mailing the author at spichon@charter.net.

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Nemesis wrote on August 18, 2004
This is one of the best books i have read about Elvis i smiled. frowned, was angry, laughed and shed more than one tear. This book was obviously written but a devoted fan and friend of elvis this book is a must.
camtlc60 wrote on August 19, 2004
I haven't read this book as of yet but I totally plan to. The errors and other miss prints were not Ms. Pichon's fault. The editors & publishers of the book are responsible. The final copy has the corrections made. If the reviewers of the book had waited before bashing such a lovely account of Elvis' life they would have seen this. Great Job Sandi & thank you for writting such a touching story about Elvis. Cheryl Mitchell Picayune, MS
suzie wrote on August 19, 2004
I met Sandi in the line up of the candlelight honor guard. She is truly a neat lady & fan. After reading the comments on her book. I am ordering more than one, for gifts. I look froward to reading a true fans memories.Thanks for this ElvisNews.com allowing our views. love & prayers SuZie - ificdEiA
mikecharblack wrote on August 18, 2004
I read slowly digesting the words. I enjoyed the details it made me want to know more about Elvis, and I did laugh and cry,cry because it left me wanting to have more of Elvis,Elvis,Elvis. Sandi Pinchon is more than a devoted fan,she was a trusted friend.
Sharong wrote on August 19, 2004
I love this book!! Sandi really makes you feel like you are there with her. It is thrilling, funny, and sad. The pictures are incredible, especially the ones at Atlanta Hangar One. Any avid Elvis fan should add this to their collection. I purchased this book from Sandi in Memphis during Elvis week. It was a pleasure to meet someone so personable and friendly. Thank you Sandi for helping us relive the memories!!!
btbishop13 wrote on August 19, 2004
To be honest, I half expected the book to be something resembling memoirs of a groupie type fan who was just around for the fun and to say they knew him, but you opened my eyes to the wonderful loving person you are. Thank you for writing such an honest and touching book and helping generations to come see Elvis for the loving and giving person he was and not just an idol. You're a wonderful lady and I'm sure Elvis is looking down right now and smiling at you because of such a magnificent job done in his honor! This is truly the best gift you could have ever given him and I'm proud to call myself your friend! Betty
Bren wrote on August 19, 2004
Thank you Sandi for a great book growing up in England there was a lot we didnt know about Elvis but through your book we now see what a wonderfull man he was. Thank you again Brenda
Jennie wrote on August 21, 2004
This book is a must for a true Elvis fan and most especially for those who were never blessed by seeing him in concert. To those of us who were fortunate enough to see him, this book just brings back all of memories as well as getting an up close and personal view from Sandi. Also, I have to say that am truly honored to call Sandi my friend; and I applaud her for taking the time and effort to write this lovely book to share not only her experiences but also the awesome photographs. Despite the fact that there are a few errors in the book, I do believe that we can look over those and just be awestruck that the book is written by our friend. Besides, I know for a fact how much Sandi proofed read and proofed again and again trying to make sure her book was perfect for us. Because I know her so well, I know beyond a doubt she made every effort to submit the very best possible from her as well as I know it was not she who made the mistakes. After all, it is difficult to have total control with the finishing touch when the publisher is overseas. Lessons learned for her next book!!! So my dear friend Sandi, I am so grateful to you that you chose this fabulous part of your life to share with all of us who were a bit less fortunate by not having the vast memories as you. I applaud you my friend and praise you for sharing your memories in this beautiful book! God bless and I hope it goes into numerous reprints. YOU must have this book!
bikergypsyone wrote on August 19, 2004
Raised on Elvis Elvis Elvis was written from the heart of a fan and friend who knew and loved Elvis.As I read it I felt as if I was there with Sandi sharing all those special times with her, getting to know the real Elvis as she did. I laughed and cried as I read it.I relived those wonderful years of the concerts all over again. Thank you Sandi for giving us the chance to share your memories of the King of rock'n'roll in this specil year. The picturs were fantastic, as for a few errors made by the publishers, thats life in the business. Any true Elvis fan would and should be proud to add this book to their collection, I know I am and like you, Sandi I have been a fan since 1956 and did see him live. Some people want to read a lot of BS and fiction, and that is what a lot of writers of Elvis books write. I have to say it is nice to read the truth from the heart of a fan who loved him for a change.Great job Sandi
PresleysBaby wrote on August 20, 2004
Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! is written straight from the heart of a true fan who knew Elvis both in his prime and in the declining years of his health, - and loved him unconditionally. The book is written in a straight forward, honest style that will capture your attention and your heart. There are many beautiful photos in the book which I'd never seen before, and truly enjoyed. Sandi writes as though she is talking with a dear friend, sharing the intimate story of her life. Her style is refreshing and charming, just as the author is herself. I bought this book in Memphis, and read it this week. It is one I will re-read often, because Sandi's words really touched my heart. Her love and devotion for Elvis shine through on every page of Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!, and her shared memories make you feel as if you were there with her. This is a book which will make you both laugh and cry, while it charms you into loving Elvis even more. If you enjoy reading material about Elvis which is written with love, candor, and total integrity, I highly recommend Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! to you. It will be a wonderful addition to your Elvis library.
EspenK wrote on August 31, 2004
This thread of comments smells like "friends&family support" to me. Too similar content in the comments and too many comments during too short time for a release this insignificant.
Lowri wrote on November 11, 2004
This book is fantastic and like the review said it was easy to read, I had chance to meet sandi pichon recently in porthcawl elvies, and she is a lovely lady who shared lovely memories of elvis, she also signed my copy or raised on elvis elvis elvis