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Ready Teddy

4.4 / 5

Words & Music: Robert Blackwell John Marascalco

Ready set go man go
I got a gal that I love so

I'm rea-dy rea-dy rea-dy teddy
I'm rea-dy rea-dy rea-dy teddy
I'm rea-dy rea-dy rea-dy teddy
Rea-dy rea-dy rea-dy to

Going down to the corner
Pick up my sweetie pie
She's my rock'n'roll baby
She's the apple of my eye, 'cause

Flat top cats and the dungaree dolls
Are headed for the gym to the sock hop ball
The joint is really jumping
The cats are going wild
The music really sends me
I dig that crazy style 'cause

Gonna kick off my shoes
Roll up my faded jeans
Grab my rock'n'roll baby
Pour on the steam
I shuffle to the left
I shuffle to the right
I'm gonna rock'n'roll
Till the early early night 'cause

Recordingdate: 1956/09/03, first released on: Elvis (album)


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Steve V wrote on January 27, 2009
One of the most rockingest songs ever by Elvis. Even on Sullivan he rocked it out. Better than Little Richard and everyone else on this one. Rock & Roll 101 my children.
My boy, my boy wrote on October 03, 2009
Not my favorite song but I can't help being captivated everytime I watch the King performing it on the Ed Sullivan show.
John4126 wrote on October 03, 2009
Just one worded nedded - awesome
Jim Hoff wrote on October 03, 2009
Presley & Blackwell - need we say more?
JerryNodak wrote on October 03, 2009
As with many of Elvis' songs in the fifties I can take it or leave it. Depends on my mood. I do prefer Elvis over Little Richard.
old shep wrote on October 03, 2009
Elvis recorded many cover versions in the early days some better than the originals. This one is definately on a par with the Little Richard recording.
derekd wrote on October 03, 2009
One of Elvis's best 'non singles' releases from the 50's. This is Elvis, THE king of rock 'n roll. During this period Elvis showed the rest how to do it, song / recording wise.
Deano1 wrote on June 18, 2010
Not quite the equal of Elvis' classic 50's tracks, but lightyears better than Little Richard's version. I prefer the performance on Ed Sullivan over the track that appeared on his 2nd LP and I would give the Sullivan performance 4 1/2 stars and the LP version 3 1/2 stars.
bluesboy wrote on June 18, 2010
Elvis' vocal is better than Penniman's, but you just can't beat those New Orleans rhythmsections.
Cruiser621 wrote on September 12, 2012
An absolute classic and one of many highlights from his second album "Elvis" back in 1956. His live version on the TV Show Ed Sullivan was on-par with the recorded version to boot.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 26, 2012
This is such a brilliant, fun, electrifying, catchy, groovy and energetic song and Elvis' rendition of it was sensational. Elvis' rendition of it should definitely be way better known than it actually is.
Gorse wrote on November 12, 2012
Yes a classic rock song given a classic performance, and epitomises the 50's musical revolution.
sugartummy wrote on April 26, 2013
D.J. Fontana kicks ass. It is written by Robert Blackwell, not Otis. Little Richard is great, just not as great as our man. I prefer Scotty's solo above the sax solo on Richard's version. Buddy Holly & Gene Vincent have really poor versions off the song. Their voices are weak.
shawnrw wrote on January 04, 2014
Every bit as good as Little Richard's original but with less of Richard's non-sensible whoo's and garbly gook. Elvis's version is legible, you can actually understand the lyrics. Don't get me wrong Little Richard is great but sometimes his performances were so over the top and so over performed that the songs become gibberish. Elvis knew when to hit the gas pedal and also when to apply the breaks, like a true artist.
bajo wrote on October 31, 2017
I remember picking this one out from one of the EP's my Brothers left behind. One of the first rock'n roll records I ever heard. Loved it and still do. I think this one beats Little R.
atomic powered poste wrote on May 03, 2018
Not quite as good as the little richard version, but still amazing kick ass rock'n'roll. A great recording, great tv-performance on ed sulivan too. 5 stars.
Miknik7077 wrote on August 13, 2020
Sorry but better than the original. Plus that performance on Ed Sullivan IMO is his greatest performance of the 1950's. Showed how badass he was.
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