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Playing for Keeps

4.2 / 5

Words & Music: Stanley Kesler

I'm playin' for keeps
This time it's real
And I want you to know
Exactly how I feel
I'm playin' for keeps
I'm sure this time
And I won't be happy
Until I know you're mine

There have been others
That could love me true
But no one else can thrill me like you do
I'm playin' for keeps
Oh love me too
Oh, don't make me sorry
That I fell in love with you

There have been others
That could love me true
But no one else can thrill me like you do
I'm playin' for keeps
Oh love me too
Oh, don't make me sorry
That I fell in love with you

Recordingdate: 1956/09/01, first released on: single (album)


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MJB63 wrote on June 19, 2009
A great ballad from the early years...fine singing.
Deano1 wrote on March 03, 2010
Another underrated gem in the Elvis' 50's catalog of songs. The flipside of "Too Much", this ballad shows Elvis pouring his heart into the words and delivering it like no one else could. Much better than than most of the ballads that found their way onto his 2nd album and very similar to "Love Me", but a bit less commercial.
Steve V wrote on April 23, 2012
Elvis ballads from the 50's and early 60's were the best of his career. Simple arrangements and well sung, not over the top in either category. This is a prime example.
Great Dane wrote on April 23, 2012
Very good.But i like the 70's ballads better.There is a Elvis for everybody. 4 stars.
dgirl wrote on April 23, 2012
I think the Elvis ballads had more soul to them in the 50's. There is a youthful yearning in his voice in a song such as this and others like Love Me, Don't, Is It So Stange, etc. Just a more natural emotion. I felt the 70's ballads were a bit oversung in comparison and the material overall not as good. 5 stars here.
freedom101 wrote on April 23, 2012
Instant classic!
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 26, 2012
This is such a spectacular song and very underrated and overlooked too.
Gorse wrote on February 09, 2013
I too generally prefer the later ballads other than the 50's classics like Young and Beautiful, Love Me Tender etc. This number is not one of my favourites and was dwarfed by the A side All Shook Up. I never ever skip it but it doesn't do a lot for me.
sugartummy wrote on April 21, 2013
The A-side was Too much as mentioned before and not All shook up. He made great ballads in the fifties, sixties & seventies. This is not one of his best, but still a good one. The double-bass is awsome.
Cruiser621 wrote on May 16, 2017
This, the flip side of "Too Much" as released in 1957, although actually recorded in 1956 during his 2nd album recording sessions is my all-time favorite single.
Miknik7077 wrote on September 11, 2020
I prefer his 70's ballads than his 50's but a solid track nonetheless. I'm sure if he ever did this one live in the 50's, the girls would be swooning.
Gorse2 wrote on May 11, 2022
In my first review I erroneously said this was the 'B' side of All Shook Up as opposed to Too Much, but given that fact have never had this song on any of my playlists. As a double side IMHO one of the weakest global single releases 1956 - 1959, but then again how boring it would be if we all agreed .😊
Steve V wrote on May 11, 2022
Heard it the other day on Elvis radio. Feel the same way as my original post. That sincere 50's voice could do no wrong. Best era
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