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Plantation Rock

3.2 / 5

Words & Music: Bill Giant Bernie Baum Florence Kaye

Now come along with me
We'll do the plantation rock
It's easy as can be
You'll wanna dance round the clock
Well it became a sensation
Rockin' on the plantation
Dancin' in the fields down to each dock
Now do the plantation rock

So come on bend your knees
Twist with ease side to side
Like the swaying trees keep in rhythm
Now have some pep double step
Shake right there like a rockin' chair
And stay with them

Well now you're right at home
Doin' the plantation rock
Just do it as you were shown
You'll wanna dance round the clock

Well just like on the plantation
Folks all over the nation
Started rockin' on each street and block
Gonna do the plantation rock
Do the plantation rock
Do the plantation rock
Do the plantation rock

Recordingdate: 1962/03/28, first released on: Double Features (album)


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dgirl wrote on August 19, 2009
Not a very good song. Not good musically or lyrically. Actually sort of embarassing. Guess thats why it stayed unreleased for so many years.
Pedro Nuno wrote on November 02, 2011
It's not a great song, but I like the guitar. Was first released in the "Legendary Performer Vol IV", from 1984, (and not in the double features as it says) an album that I like very much (it was our first contact with "reconsider baby" and "I’ll remember you" from MSG afternoon performance, and other rare and fine stuff). I've heard that album countless times, since then, and so I know Plantation Rock by heart.
Great Dane wrote on November 02, 2011
I like it, I also like how they put the guitar in the "Viva Elvis" album. 3 1/2 stars
TCB1974 wrote on November 02, 2011
This song is not terrible like Barefoot ballad or Yoga is as yoga does, but it is a boring performance without the usual Elvis magic. The lyrics look silly, "it became a sensation... rockin' on the plantation". Really? Nevertheless, a generous two stars from me.
freedom101 wrote on November 02, 2011
Could've been a hit with different lyrics. Maybe, there's another unreleased version in the vaults somewhere.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 03, 2011
Maybe not a great song, as far as Lyrics go, but the chorus & the rhythm is very catchy and Elvis does his best with it. Its a fun listen !
ElvisSacramento wrote on November 06, 2012
I've always liked this song immensely and it's such a shame that it stayed unreleased for so very many years and it's also such a shame that it wasn't included in the movie "Girls! Girls! Girls!".
Gorse wrote on January 03, 2013
The guitar work lifts this song above tunes like I Don't Wanna Be Tied from the same album GGG. Not brilliant but fairly enjoyable and a number I never skip.
sugartummy wrote on April 21, 2013
There is a version where he sings "now have some pep double step" while laughing. He must have thought the lyrics were silly, as they are. Still a nice slightly rocking song.
Cruiser621 wrote on May 16, 2017
The lyrics are pedestrian at best. A real stinker. Can't believe he put up with this crap.
Miknik7077 wrote on September 14, 2020
Not great lyrics at all. Sung well by Elvis with some good music. But glad it didn't make the cut for the movie.
Milky White Way wrote on May 10, 2022
First heard this when I bought the bootleg Plantation rock. It was edited by extending by a few minutes but was blown away by it. I loved it and was really excited when RCA finally released it on the Legendary Performer series for sound quality reasons. I was gutted to discover how short it really was. Yes it’s a bit lame lyric wise but I enjoy listening to it a lot and prefer it to a few other songs from GGG.
Steve V wrote on May 10, 2022
One word. Bad. Elvis thankfully didnt see the release of this in his lifetime. Sung poorly also. Its obvious he was totally bored as was I as a listener.
GBK42 wrote on August 14, 2022
First off, how this song bad? Second, how does Elvis sound bored? Considering this was in the early-'60s, even on such less-than-great tunes as "Earth Boy," "Song of the Shrimp," and "Walls Have Ears," he was charismatic enough to carry the material and make it worth hearing. As for "Plantation Rock," I like it, a nice little dance shuffle of a number that I find myself humming (and/or singing) along to as I go. I'll rate it four out of five stars. Geez, some folks are merely sheep.
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